31 Summer Dresses So You Have an Outfit Idea For Every Day of the Month

No matter how you cut it, the glamour that comes with a street style moment in a breezy summer dress cannot be denied. That's why I've been scrolling through some of my favorite looks and pinning them to my mood board, just when some parts of the world are starting to open back up. Hopefully these dresses will do for you what they have for me - give you ideas for ways to wear your slips and sneaks (like over a t-shirt!) or inspire you to throw on a long swim caftan with an oversize tote just because. Ahead, I've gathered outfits that really make me stop and take a second to think about how I've been wearing my most treasured wardrobe pieces, if at all. If nothing else, the slideshow ahead may encourage you to reacquaint yourself with a certain section of your closet that you've been avoiding - yep, you know the one.

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