31 (Mostly) Over-$200 Gifts For The Splurge-Worthy People On Your List

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You can probably tell from our numerous holiday gift guides that we’re well versed in the quirky, affordable stuff. What you may not know is that we’ve become increasingly conscious of investing in truly splurge-worthy, quality pieces that’ll stretch our dollars in the long run. So here, we’re rolling out a rather new-ish shopping roundup for us: A guide to unabashedly expensive gifts that clock in (mostly) over $200.

Some of these picks are made to luxuriate your life, other products are simply high-end versions of practical, everyday items. Either way, all of these items were hand-selected because we personally feel like they’re absolutely worth saving up for — or worth gifting the special people in your life who deserve the VIP versions of essentials they not only want but genuinely need in their lives. From a water purification system that’ll last two presidential cycles to a pair of designer loafers that’ll undoubtedly go with everything, here are some of our top-of-list items that will make for unforgettable holiday gift-giving moments.


La Mer The Energize & Replenish Set, $195

The Soigné-Skincare Starter Kit

This luxurious skincare set features a sampling of La Mer’s best products including a lotion, eye cream, serum, and moisturizer — all fueled by the brand’s kelp-rich Miracle Broth, invented by a physicist to heal the appearance of scars. What a way to give the gift of glowing skin this holiday!


Mansur Gavriel Candy Bag, $495 $345

An Everyday Shoulder Bag

It’s the errand-ready handbag that’s sized to fit the right amount of stuff — your commuter essentials, a book, makeup, and more. If you’re going to gift a classic, trend-agnostic bag, this Mansur Gavriel style is a solid choice.


Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner, $449.99 $399.99

The Vacuum You’ll Wanna Be Buried With

Buying a vacuum is a necessary purchase, but not a fun one — unless it’s gifted. And, this Dyson vacuum is a solid choice, guaranteed to deliver powerful suction, hygienic clean-up, and an easy-to-maneuver cordless design. It’s currently ranking 4.6 out of 5 stars with a 92% recommendation rate, with reviewers saying things like “I have not stopped vacuuming because I love it so much” and “Cordless is truly life-changing.”


Berkey Travel-Sized Water Filter With 2 Purifiers, $299

The Cleanest Water You’ll Ever Drink

Speaking from experience (because I recently splurged on one of these top-rated water purifiers myself), I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am with the 1.5 gallon-sized Travel Berkey (the smaller size, which is recommended for a 1-2 person household). Yes, it’s an expensive product, but it’s worth it because it produces the cleanest water I’ve ever tasted (seriously, it even purifies pond and lake water for camping) and it’s something that’ll eventually pay for itself. Plus, the purifiers will last you anywhere from 4-8 years! For a larger household, try the 2.25 gallon-sized Big Berkey.


Smeg 4 Slice Toaster, $229.95

A Bread Lover’s Dream

Okay, it’s a toaster. And yes, that’s all it does. But, have you seen such a sweet-lookin’ appliance? For the price you pay, it promises to sizzle bread to the most perfect, desired-crisp finish. Writes one reviewer, “It’s so beautiful and cooks perfectly and even. I had the typical cheap toaster before this and I’m so glad I upgraded.”


Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence, $225

A Face-Radiating Formula

Vintner’s Daughter is a famously expensive skincare brand, but for good reason — people who use the products swear it has transformed their faces. This particular product has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with skincare converters saying, “It’s not immediate but after about a week of using it every night, I noticed my skin cleared up, became more even-toned, and in general just glowed. I switched to using it morning and night and saw even more of a difference. I also use the Vintner’s Daughter essence, but the serum is the real game-changer. I’ve never been a bigger fan of a face product. It is absolutely worth the splurge!!” The elixir owes its power to the brand’s signature Phyto Radiance Infusion, which infuses whole plants into an aqueous solution through a two-week fermentation, drawing out nutrients like vitamin C, B vitamins, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, and superfoods.


Shinola Black Alligator Strap For Apple Watch, $255

Psych — It’s An Apple Watch!

Shinola offers a whole collection of beautiful leather straps that are compatible with the Apple Watch, making the gadget look and feel more luxurious for day-to-day wear.


Rimowa Original Cabin, $1,150

The Most Iconic Aluminum Suitcase

Even with all the “disruptive” travel brands in the world today, there’s still only one luggage company that can boast “icon” status, and it’s Rimowa, the German travel-goods maker founded in 1898. This premium aluminum suitcase with the trademark grooves will make any traveler feel like a first-class flyer. (For a cheaper similar option, check out Away’s aluminum collection.)


Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream with TFC8 Face Moisturizer, $265

The Rich-Feeling “Rich” Face Cream

This Augustinus Bader moisturizer currently has a 4.4 rating and 437 reviews from rabid fans who have experienced its hydrating powers. Writes one enthused customer, “My favorite moisturizer! I was using La Mer but a girl at the store recommended this one so I gave it a try! My skin is smooth and no breakouts! I started with a small amount only at night and now wear it day and night. Literally leaves me glowing! I know everyone’s skin is different, for me this cream is amazing and totally worth it!”


Bearaby Tree Napper, $279

A Blanket That Carries The Weight

There’s no feeling like dozing under a weighted blanket, a practice that’s believed (but not scientifically proven) to release calming hormones and deliver better sleep. While Bearaby offers several styles (including one made of organic cotton), the cool-to-the-touch Tencel version has a near-perfect 4.8 out of 5 rating and 1,981 reviews. Writes one customer: “I love it! So elegant and in a word, luxurious. Hard to believe something so beautiful has therapeutic value. Best night’s sleep for months. The airflow was good — not overly hot — just cozy. Major relief from tension and anxiety.” Get it in 15, 20, or 25 pounds in an array of colors.


Loewe Puzzle Color-block Leather Cardholder, $275

A Designer Card Holder

A small, wallet-ish accessory from a high-end designer is always a classy, crowd-pleasing move. Loewe’s recognizable “puzzle” motif lends itself beautifully to a petite accessory that will elevate any pocket-scape, and the textured leather fabrication will wear in gorgeously over time.


TUSHY Ace Electric Bidet Seat, $599

Congrats On Your Squeaky-Clean Hole

May you and your loved ones enjoy the feeling of clean water rinsing away any bathroom “messes” with a bidet (rather than smearing and wiping with waste-building toilet paper). All you need for installation is a nearby electrical outlet. Believe the hype: our beauty and wellness writer Karina Hoshikawa gave the Tushy an IRL try last year. “It’s the difference between hand-rinsing a very dirty dish without soap or a sponge vs. using your dishwasher’s extreme-clean power cycle,” she wrote of the TP upgrade. For a slightly cheaper bidet, we also recommend the Omigo Luxury Bidet.


Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven, $350 $299.95

The Dutch Oven That’ll Outlive You

Often billed as the last (and only) pot you’ll ever need, this Le Creuset pot is a foolproof gift for anyone who loves to cook. It has a 4.9 out of 5 stars all around, with reviewers raving about its “heritage” status: “Heirloom quality, you will pass your Le Creuset down generation to generation. My family swears by this brand, particularly the enameled cast iron cookware. It just bakes better. It retains moisture, enhances flavor, and makes whatever you are cooking better. Easy to clean. This is an investment but on sale, it’s a little easier to afford — you won’t buy other pots. And the oval Dutch oven is a favorite. Use it for everything (holidays, large meals) you cannot find better cookware.”


Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover Set, $325

A Deluxe Linen Duvet Set

At the time of writing, 210 reviewers are vouching for this luxe linen duvet set (which includes two pillowcases), giving it a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars. What sets this apart from other linen bedding is the very material: breathable, OEKO-TEX®-certified 100% European flax that’s also been pre-washed for immediate softness. “The linen sheets and duvet are a dream to sleep in. The quality of the linen is by far the best I’ve seen and I’ve been sleeping in linen sheets for over 10 years,” writes Marco, a cultiver.com reviewer.


Theragun Wellness Essentials Bundle, $707

The Muscle Relaxation Kit

Sure, gifting Theragun’s deep muscle treatment, the Elite, is a knockout gift on its own, but for the truly knotted-up loved one, a splurge on the entire bundle is a wonderful call. This kit includes the beloved Theragun, a roller, mat, and sleep tincture.


Cold Picnic The Aviary, Early Spring Rug, $540

A Rug That Pulls It All Together

The husband-and-wife team Cold Picnic makes truly outstanding, design-happy home goods, including blankets, bathmats, wallpaper, throw pillows, and more. Their rugs, however, are the real showstoppers — and this new style that evokes feelings of early spring is bound to make any room bloom.


Gucci Harald Horsebit Platform Loafer, $1,100

The Gucci Loafer, But Chunky

If you’re going to invest in a loafer, you may as well make it … well, Gucci. Plus, there’s a style for everybody including the thinner-soled, the mule, the mens’ version, and, of course, the chunky loafer which was one of this year’s most popular shoe trends. Just imagine all the places these loafers will go!


Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Air Purifier, $219.99

A Non-Eyesore Of An Air Purifier

Air purifiers are one of those household items that will truly elevate your standard of living, but they can be clunky, ugly, and space-invading. That’s where this Winix air purifier comes in. It removes pollutants, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and various allergens from getting into your lungs, all while looking kind of cute. One reviewer writes, “This is our fourth Winix air cleaner. Our original lasted about 12 years before dying, and we now have three new models in our house. For us, the WiFi setup and operation is seamless, and the app on my iPhone works perfectly for all three devices. I like the fact that the unit goes to “sleep” mode when the lights are off, so you don’t need to remember to turn it down or set a schedule.”


Lettuce Grow The Farmstand, $348+

Be An Urban Farmer

What if you can grow your own edible garden inside your city apartment? It can happen with Lettuce Grow, with your choice of an indoor or outdoor kit (the brand will walk you through what is doable with your available light source). Over 670 (leafy) reviewers are eating their own grown good with one green-thumbed customer saying, “This is way easier than the ground garden I grew up with. It looks super cool on the back porch. No weeding required. We will have some of the leafy greens tonight with our dinner. It’s fun watching the seedlings mature. It’s similar to having a pet.”


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, $435

The Robot Facial

Those who have taken the plunge on this three-minute-a-day LED face mask swear by it. Writes one blemish-free customer, “I was surprised to see some major wrinkles and dark spots on my forehead disappear. I used to get Botox every 6 months and now I don’t need it. Yes, this is expensive but I believe it’s worth it. I use it twice a day and then follow with a serum. I also saw a YouTube video that Paris Hilton brings this when she travels!”


Mejuri Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace, $285

A Versatile Gold Chain

A “wear anywhere” piece of everyday jewelry must be delicate, simple, and elegant — and this versatile paperclip chain checks all the boxes. Best of all, it’s both charming on its own and lends itself well to a whole layered look. This ranks at 4.8 out of 5 stars with one of the 370 reviews saying, “Love the simplicity of this chain necklace and that I can adjust it easily to my desired length and make it look suitable with my outfit. I’ve got many compliments since I got it and super happy that I’ve got it with the matching bracelet.”


Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3, $499

Bring The Steam Room Anywhere

This sauna blanket does it all: detoxifies, relaxes, heats, sweats, and gets you glowing up in no time. Over 1,578 reviewers have given this product 5 stars with one gift-giver writing, “I bought this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. He told me it was the best gift I’ve given/will ever give him. He uses it’s almost every day and loves it. He feels great after each session. I’ve used it myself and can confirm it’s an amazing product and it works so well!” Just a heads up: Taller folks over six feet may find this blanket too short.


Kindle Oasis With Adjustable Warm Light (8GB, no ads), $269.99

An Advanced E-Reader

Bookworms will especially love the Kindle Oasis, which is a pricey but appropriately advanced e-reader from Amazon. With a 4.6 out of 5 rating and nearly 18K reviews, it’s clear the investment is well worth it. Says one longtime Kindle user: “[The] adjustable color temperature screen is the greatest advance in Kindles since self-illuminating screens were introduced on the first Paperwhite — period, full-stop. And, at least for this reader, there’s no going back after trying it out. It’s that good, and that much of a game changer.”


Fable Crate, $595

A Dog Crate for a Design Snob

Chances are, your furry friend hangs out in an unsightly steel crate that resembles a cage. This Scandi-style bentwood pup den is a major upgrade — it’s so stylish that it can do small-space double-duty as a side table, and a nifty mechanism enables the door to slide completely out of site when the box is open for a cleaner, less clunky look.


Vitamix 7500, $529.95 $479.95

The Ultimate Liquifier

The thing about a supremely nice blender is that it’s not only great for cooking and entertaining — for some, it’s nothing short of life-saving. Not only does Vitamix’s 7500 model have a mark of 4.7 out of 5 stars, but reviewers also sing its praises for how it’s improved their quality of life: “I have very serious health issues and my doctors wanted to put a tube in my stomach. I did a lot of research and am pretty savvy about nutrition. I purchased the Vitamix 7500, filled my freezer with healthy fruit/vegetables and my pantry with super food powders, chia seeds, [and] coconut oil. Stopped dairy replaced with unsweetened almond milk. The difference in my GI tract is a miracle! The seeds are completely pureed as is everything else. It is so to easy to digest despite being amazingly high in fiber. You can make the most incredibly nutritious smoothies!! VERY easy to clean!! No gastroenterologist knew how to regulate my GI tract. Vitamix did!!! THANK YOU!!!” These chef-beloved blenders are renowned for their commercial-grade purée-ing power and incredible longevity, thanks to the brand’s sophisticated motors that have been engineered to perfection over 70 years.


Jenni Kayne Cashmere Fisherman Sweater, $395

The Only Cashmere Sweater In The World

As a person who owns a Jenni Kayne cashmere sweater, I can attest that this best-selling knit is the only thing I ever want to wear. It’s as soft as PJs, but made to withstand any chill — honestly, it’s so cozy that I often end up getting sweaty in it. If you’re looking for an open-front style, the brand’s (equally best-selling) Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan is a serious must-add to any wardrobe. Cashmere gets its legendary softness from its ultra-narrow fibers, but the material still manages to insulate better than wool — and adjusts to your body temperature for ultimate comfort.


Samsung 60″ Class Q60A Series QLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV, $799.99

A Huge TV (Because You Deserve It)

Netflix-and-chillers are obsessed with this 60″ TV, which also happens to be a first-time size for Samsung. “I absolutely love this TV!! The picture is beautiful and it was easy to set up. I love how thin it is. I’m happy that the apps Apple TV and Spectrum are on it. The only thing it doesn’t do is allow Apple TV fitness to show on the screen. For that to work I have to actually plug in my Apple TV box. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend,” writes Emilia, bestbuy.com reviewer. And, that’s not the only praise: This TV has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, ranked from 143 solid reviews.


Gucci G-Timeless Quartz Silver Dial Two-tone Ladies Watch, $886.34

A Supremely Chic Luxury Watch

Gifting a luxury watch is always timely. This one from Gucci is not only exquisite, but it’s also playful with a watch face featuring a golden feline and cute, time-telling shapes. For an even fancier option, consider a timepiece from Cartier.


MIRROR Pro Set, $1,795 $1,295

The Sleek At-Home Workout System

It’s everything you need to get in the best shape of your life — right at home! This set comes with all the essential elements needed for cardio, yoga, personal training, and more, including a heart rate monitor, workout gear, weights, a towel, and standard warranty.


Garrett Leight Wilson, $360

The Tortoiseshell Eyeglass Frames

If you’ve recently felt lifted by the Beatles documentary on Disney+, perhaps you’ll feel partial to these round metal frames which Garrett Leight says is “inspired by music legend John Lennon.” And, as an owner of two pairs of Wilson glasses, I can attest that these look great on almost every face — there’s just something about the round lenses and classic tortoiseshell finish that strikes the perfect balance of modern and vintage. More interested in a sunglass version? Garrett Leight’s got that, too.


Windmill Smart Home Air Conditioner, $425 $395

An Actually Good-Looking Air Conditioner

If you’ve got loved ones living in stickier, humid climates all-year round, gifting this “smart” AC is going to be a game-changer. Our lifestyle writer Alexandra Polk reviewed it firsthand and wrote about her favorite Windmill feature, The Windmill Air app: “With a single *boop* to my phone, I can turn my AC on from anywhere in my apartment (or even before I get home) so I don’t walk into a humid swamp. I can put it on a schedule, connect it to Alexa or a Google Assistant, and just be in complete control of my AC whenever I want.”


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