31 Low-Rise Baggy Jeans That Offer a Comfortable Entry Point to the Y2K Trend

You'll never be tempted to buy form-fitting, high-waisted denim again.

Like many staple textiles, denim has experienced its fair share of fads since its popularization more than a century ago, and one silhouette seems set to dominate 2023: low-rise baggy jeans. (See Coachella street style for recent proof.)

Last year, TikTok briefly deemed skinny jeans obsolete (although that bandwagon quickly crashed) as Gen Zers and millennials alike shifted to prioritizing practical, less restrictive pieces in their wardrobes. And when it comes to the low-rise resurgence, we know what you're thinking: another uncomfortable Y2K trend back to haunt you? Not necessarily: This time around, there are a slew of iterations that solve for the issues we all encountered back in the 2000s.

"Low-rise denim really has a misconception that it's for one particular body type," says Elena Bonvicini, the founder and designer behind beloved Los Angeles' label EB Denim. "Because you think of the 2000s and [its] skinny culture that was recognized with a very particular skin-tight low-rise jean." But in 2023, function and comfort trump impractical fashion, at least for the day-to-day, and Bonvicini argues that low-rise silhouettes can work for everyone.

"It just depends on how you style it," she says. If coverage is a concern, she suggests pairing them with a sweater or sweatshirt: "No one would even know if they're low." You can also get the low-rise baggy look with a mid- or even high-rise pair that's simply sized up for a slouchier feel that sits comfortably at the hips. "The way the jeans sit, you feel way more mobile," Bonvicini notes.

It may take some adjusting, but if you agree that there is no slower torture than a pinching waistband, then take it from me — once a high-rise loyalist: You'll never be tempted to buy a form-fitting, high-waisted jean again once you experience the freedom of a roomy, low-sitting fly.

And judging by recent runway collections (notably Diesel, Bottega Veneta and Blumarine) and trending street style brands, this throwback silhouette won't be disappearing anytime soon. Shop low-rise baggy jeans in a range of washes, prices and brands now, below.

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