31 Photos I Found This Month That — Between You And Me — I Feel Like I NOT Supposed To See

1.This person who looked out the window of their ELEVENTH FLOOR APARTMENT and saw this note:

Handwritten note on ground with text "I can see you" and a smiley face
u/deensuk / Reddit / Via reddit.com

2.The parent whose kids (who are six and four, in case you were wondering) painted this...exorcism?? artistic rendition of the Salem Witch Trials?? demon summoning??:

Abstract painting with textural brushstrokes that is dark, has a cross, and looks menacing
u/Severe_Cranberry5657 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

3.This person, who asked their delivery driver a very chill, casual question and got a very not chill, not casual response:

driver says he was born ready, live to die, die to live

4.The poor soul who opened the curtain in their hotel room and was greeted by a row of disembodied heads staring back at them:

Odd arrangement of mannequin heads in a window beneath windows with abstract design
u/Nationaltwenty / Reddit / Via reddit.com

5.This...THING someone put on a restaurant's bathroom ceiling that would certainly make you feel like you're gonna piss your pants if you didn't have to already:

Figure in white protective suit and mask pressed against a translucent surface from below
u/yarbed / Reddit / Via reddit.com

6.This person who was craving a delicious piece of pineapple, cut it open...and it started bleeding??? New fear unlocked!!

Pineapple with a cut section with blood on it
u/Kiu16 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

7.This person who obviously slayed a giant, surgically removed its eye, and now keeps it in this handy pot in their backyard until they need it for a spell:

top view into a pot looks like a huge eyeball
u/Double-Artichoke6010 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

8.This grave topped with a literal cage that I can only assume is because a) a vampire, b) a zombie, or c) a combination ZOMBIE VAMPIRE is buried underneath it:

Iron grave cage on grassy surface with headstones and church in background

9.This fun little flyer that's definitely gonna be the catalyst for some kind of coin-based-cult one day:

The image contains a humorous concept suggesting coins have human souls, with odd rules for how souls are assigned to pennies or quarters
u/banned6th / Reddit / Via reddit.com

10.This plate of cat food that was left out so long, it started growing its very own cat. No one tells you about this very crucial step of the cat distribution system, and it's a shame!!

A fluffy black object resembling an animal  on top of a food bowl
u/Double-Artichoke6010 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

11.This customer who got a once-in-a-lifetime freebie after being lucky (or...unlucky?) enough to place this company's first-ever order:

A hand holds a card and bag from Orka with a strand of hair, thanking customers for their support, with two signatures
u/IVMVI / Reddit / Via reddit.com

12.These hornets who built perhaps the most menacing lair — I mean, nest, they possibly could've. Like, personally? I would burn the whole house down <3

Wasp nest looks like a creepy face mask
u/Steak-n-Cigars / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13.The driver who found 15 or so inmate uniforms abandoned on the side of the road, which, like, definitely means there was some kind of a jailbreak, right?

u/p1son / Reddit / Via reddit.com

14.Poor Alex, who ordered Taco Bell for pick-up and got a super fun ~buy one, get a death threat for free!~ deal:

Receipt from Taco Bell for an order dated 2/04/2044, partially obstructed and held in place by a straw wrapper
u/darthblazer67 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

15.This sign that is such a rollercoaster to read, I had to read it, like, three times to fully process it:

Signboard at Mill Pond detailing its history and acquisition by the Easton Conservation Commission

16.This person, who is living in an alternate universe where Judge Judy is Satan and the show is literally filmed in hell:

judge judy on the screen with red lighting
Anonymous / Reddit / Via reddit.com

17.This seemingly paper-thin building that looks like it'd tip over with a slight breeze:

Skyscraper towers over traditional brick buildings against a dusk sky
u/TheHopeOfItAll_ / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.This person who stepped outside for some peace and quiet and quickly learned they were not, in fact, alone:

at night, there's a large kangaroo in the distance
u/ArtofAngels / Reddit / Via reddit.com

19.The poor tenant who woke up and found that this menacing note had been slid under their door:

Handwritten note stating drama should end after February 8th with emphasis on stopping the drama

20.This cursed, haunted, and perhaps possessed lemon that proves once and for all that lemons are the mean, evil siblings of oranges:

A lemon on a tree branch is rotting and sliced and looks like a menacing face
u/reganmcneal / Reddit / Via reddit.com

21.This thing (???) that is apparently a plant and not a Legend of Zelda-esque monster, though I'm not fully convinced:

Elaborate artwork of an eye integrated into tree bark, creating an illusion of a camouflaged animal

22.This person who seemingly changed their mind about this order in the first place, but is definitely not gonna open the door now:

the total of the item ordered and then the person sending a text with the address by mistake seeming like they were going to send someone to collect the money
u/TheDownvoteCity / Reddit / Via reddit.com

23.This soggy laundry that was left out for so damn long, it became it's own little ecosystem and started growing mushies:

Two mushrooms growing through a pile of damp clothes
u/Bombasticczar / Reddit / Via reddit.com

24.This town street that has the same energy as when the background doesn't fully render in a video game:

Nighttime view of a deserted street lined with closed shopfronts
u/Lazy-Spray3426 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

25.This dried dish soap looks suspiciously like a sample of an alien's brain:

Glass bowl on a counter with a blue sponge sitting in water
u/squirrelbefriender / Reddit / Via reddit.com

26.The person who bought this pretty purple hair clip and didn't realize they were about to start a whole new trend. Pressed flower hair clips? Out! Pressed fly hair clips?? IN!

hair clip with a fly inside the glaze coating
u/tittybopper12 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

27.This church that has these handy-dandy coffin sizer samplers outside, in case you're bored one Sunday and want to pre-plan your own funeral!

Five ancient stone stocks of varying sizes against a brick wall, possibly historic punishment devices
u/BigL3704 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

28.This weird ass "cup of coffee" that you cannot convince me isn't filled with, like, alien eggs or something:

A close-up view of a cup filled with bubbly coffee, showcasing the intricate patterns formed by the bubbles
u/MattLovesMusik / Reddit / Via reddit.com

29.This photo of the catacombs under the Basílica and Convent of San Francisco in Lima, Peru, which houses the bones of those who were rich enough 600 years ago to pay for their remains to be buried directly under the basilica — aka where they believed they were closest to god:

Ancient well filled with skeletal remains and artifacts, viewed from above
u/LowerBoomBoom / Reddit / Via reddit.com

30.This creepy ass tree that definitely has to be haunted, right?

Bare tree with multiple shoes hanging from its branches, set against a foggy backdrop
u/aarkwilde / Reddit / Via reddit.com

31.And finally, this person who snapped a photo of a particularly dark and foggy night on their walk home...only to notice that someone was waiting at the end of the street for them:

A foggy street at night with streetlights visible and cars parked on the side
u/Not-thesame / Reddit / Via reddit.com

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