A 30-Day Challenge (& A Very Powerful Vibrator) Gave Me An Orgasm So Satisfying I Nearly Passed Out

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If you’re like me, the transition into fall is a whirlwind. Between heading back to school and the holidays’ steady approach, my schedule seems to fill up fast. And that can be stressful. When life suddenly takes a turn for the busy, things can become exhausting and overwhelming. Which is why when I heard about VUSH‘s 30-day masturbation challenge, I was immediately game. The sexual wellness is also sweetening the pot with its “I Come First” campaign: If you sign up for the challenge with code DAISY50, you can VUSH’s clitoral vibrator, Empress 2, for 50% off. Challenge. Accepted.

Besides providing you with a deeply discounted new toy, VUSH also has tips for making the most out of your month. The folks behind the challenge promise that participating in it is specifically meant to dispel concerns about lack of time or feeling guilty for making time for pleasure. In fact, their findings saw increased productivity, lowered stress and better sleep after a month of regular masturbation. Benefits also include improved mood, better digestion, stronger pelvic floor, and increased circulation. With so much to gain and only my busy schedule to contend with, I decided to rearrange my month and take VUSH up on the vibrator recommendation. Enter: The Empress 2.

Empress 2, $160 $80

The Empress 2 is adorable. I could see immediately why VUSH would recommend it for a pleasure challenge. Everything about the clitoral suction vibrator screamed fun, from its bubble gum pink color to its matching silk travel bag to its easy-to-hold ergonomic handle and adorable suction mouth. On top of just looking like a good time, the toy boasts discreet whisper-quiet suction at five different intensities and claims to mimic the flutter of a tongue combined with suction, in order to accurately replicate the sensations of oral sex. The website description also warned me that after my play session I’d want to give the toy a standing ovation… if I could still stand. Anticipation raised (and really, trying to really live up to the challenge), I set aside an hour of my day to take a bath. I wanted to make my time for self-pleasure, well—actually pleasurable.

With my usual schedule, I typically fit my play time either right before bed when I’m nearly half-asleep or first thing upon waking up when I’m (you guessed it), still half-asleep. But feeling encouraged by VUSH’s campaign, I went all in on reaping the full pleasure of my “me time.” I carved out a full hour of my afternoon to pour myself a scented epsom salt bath. With my highly-curated sexy playlist queued and my current favorite romance novel up on my kindle to reread some of the steamier mood-setting scenes, (extra shout out to Emily Henry’s Book Lovers for that library scene!), I stepped into my perfectly-set bath time scene and got to work.

You’ll want to give yourself a standing ovation afterwards — if you can still stand.

vush Empress 2 product description

It turned out that all my preparation was for naught, though, because as soon as I turned on the adorable pink gadget and had it between my legs, I was done for. With most clitoral suction vibes, there’s a bit of a learning curve, how to angle it, how much pressure to push against it, how to move your hand so the vacuum seal stays sealed. That was not the case with the Empress 2. This thing intuitively knew exactly where to latch and seal and got to sucking immediately. I barely had time to mentally catch up before the tiny sucker had me in its vice grip, splashing around and erupting into a full-body orgasm that was so strong and long that it had me seeing black spots. My body stayed taut and twitching for as long as it’s ever been able to with a suction vibrator, which usually become too painful to last very long. The Empress was, however, a complete queen in a royal league all its own. My one word of caution is that it doesn’t have the ability to lower the suction levels, and as I tried to unlatch, I ended up cycling through the highest suction levels, pushing my orgasm to new (slightly painful) heights. Honestly, it was so much that I had to lie down as soon as I exited the bath, for fear of passing out from the intense combo of overstimulation and overheating.

As I sprawled onto my bed, legs still wobbling and breath coming in heavy pants as I tried to cool back down, I looked at the clock and realized I hadn’t needed anywhere near the full hour I’d allotted for my self-pleasure. In fact, from start to finish, the whole thing took less than 15 minutes, alleviating any kind of residual guilt I was starting to feel from taking such a luxurious mid-day bath. That’s because, as VUSH wanted to show me, there’s nothing guilt-inducing about self-pleasure. I am excited for this movement to go even more viral and help remove the taboo that still weirdly clouds the conversation about female masturbation. Plus, now that I know the Empress 2 can get me there (and then some!) in less than a few minutes, I look forward to reaping all the other benefits that come with a month of daily masturbation. Do yourself a favor and join the challenge today. Just don’t forget to sign up with code DAISY50 to get your own top-tier clitoral suction vibrator for 50% off. Self-pleasure is yours for the taking, so go ahead and take it.

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