The 30 Best Fall Wreaths to Level Up your Front Door

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It’s almost fall and you know what that means: Cue up the pumpkin spice lattes and fall activities. Ah yes, the number one season of the year is upon us (sorry, summer lovers, but we’re *over* this unbearable heat), and we can almost feel the crisp autumnal breeze rustling the leaves. And, if you’re anything like us, you’re already thinking about your front door’s aesthetic.

Because last year’s holiday season was a bit, uh, underwhelming, we’re looking to take our fall decor to the next level. Wreaths are a seasonal staple, and with so many to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which one’s best for your style. From boho ombre wreaths at Anthropologie to minimalist and rustic wreaths from West Elm, the possibilities are endless — not to mention how chic a classic eucalyptus wreath can be. Plus, this year we’re not stopping the styling with our front doors (psst you can hang ‘em inside!). That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 30 fall wreaths, plus where they’ll look best in your house for 2021.

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1. Tansy Wreath

Best for: Cheerful Hutches or Cupboards

When we hear ‘autumn,’ we often envision amber cornfields and swirling golden leaves. This wreath, made of air-dried tansy, is hand-assembled in Washington state from locally grown botanicals for a truly authentic fall feel. We recommend bringing the beauty inside by mounting this wreath onto your dining room hutch or cupboards (because it’s too pretty to leave outside).

Buy it ($70)

2. Capiz Wreath

Best for: Sophisticated Statement Mantles

Looking for something that says ‘urban sophisticate’? This one’s for you. Handcrafted with frosted capiz shells and golden highlights, this pearlescent metal wreath is the perfect statement piece. Hang this hand-painted piece above your mantle for some contrast and sophistication against that wood-burning fire.

Buy it ($140)

3. Coastal Wreath

Best for: Coastal Curb Appeal

Coastal farmhouse is hot right now, and if you’re looking to bring the trend into your seasonal decor, this is *the* way to do it. Embellished with dried eucalyptus, pampas, bunny tails and thistle, this brass framed wreath features coastal colors with a seasonal twist. Hang it on your front door, and we guarantee “oohs” and “ahhs” from your neighbors.

Buy it ($69)

4. Ombre Wreath

Best for: Rainbow Centerpieces

This au courant ombre wreath takes holiday cheer to a whole new level. Made from dried and preserved flax, we love how these jewel-toned colors come together to create a bright and cheery aesthetic with plenty of plumage. Lay the wreath flat on your kitchen or dining room table and surround it with candles for a truly unique centerpiece.

Buy it ($98)

5. Earthy Wreath

Best for: Natural Porch Decor

Looking to boost your curb appeal? Right now, the hottest exterior paint trends to follow are soft neutrals and nature-inspired tones. And this wreath totally follows suit. Constructed on a 14-inch wood hoop, this wreath is adorned with mini pumpkins, wine-colored eucalyptus, oat grass, dried sweet Annie and dark navy fruit pods to bring all of nature’s colors together into one design. Hang this anywhere on your porch— either on your front door or between two rocking chairs to give your exterior a trendy facelift.

Buy it ($89)

6. Pops of Pink Wreath

Best for: Romantic Walls

If the traditional autumn color palette feels a little too... muted for your tastes, we’ve got a solution. Made from a mix of dried canary grass, wild oats, flax and legumes, this pink-hued wreath is arranged by hand, and it’s straight-up adorable. Its diameter is 21 inches long, which is just the right size to hang on a blank white wall as a touch of romantic autumn artwork.

Buy it ($68)

7. Raffia Wreath

Best for: Boho Entryways

Looking for something to match your boho aesthetic? Look no further. This sunburst wreath is handmade from raffia and wood beads to give a raw, free-spirited feel. Hang it over your entryway console with some beaded decor below for the ultimate autumn-boho-vibe.

Buy it ($85)

8. Bunny Tail Wreath

Best for: Kitchen Window Color

There’s nothing quite like watching the colorful leaves change from outside your kitchen window. So if you’re looking to recreate that feeling inside, we recommend hanging this striking piece from the window above your kitchen sink. Made from a mix of pampas and bunny tails on a gold metal hoop, this colorful wreath is designed with natural and pink phalaris, white ruscus, broom, lavender and more for a truly mixed bag of botanical color.

Buy it ($55)

9. Pumpkin Wreath

Best for: Boho Front Yard Fences

Fall would be nothing with pumpkin carving and jack-o-lanterns, but let’s face it: they don’t exactly go with our design aesthetic. This pumpkin adorned piece isn’t your typical orange and black fall wreath — it’s better. Constructed with pampas grass, lambs ear, and off-white velvet pumpkins, this wood-beaded wreath is the perfect addition to your existing pieces. Hang it from your front yard (or backyard) fence to keep up your home’s boho vibe without sacrificing the fall spirit.

Buy it ($79)

10. Minimalist Wreath

Best for: Contemporary Windows

Does the whole “fall decoration” thing cramp your style? Not to worry, this minimalist wreath takes all the hoopla out of seasonal decor and brings us back to the basics. Designed by Pauline Stanley Studio, this gold-plated ring features just preserved eucalyptus, wire and twine for a truly minimalist design. Hang it from your Japandi-style windows, and we promise you won’t feel like you’ve been ambushed by autumn festivity.

Buy it ($38)

11. Billy Button Wreath

Best for: Brightening Laundry Rooms

Looking to boost more than your laundry’s mixed colors? Go with this Billy Button wreath. Featuring a base with eucalyptus and olive leaves, this wreath is garnished with yellow Billy Buttons and strawflowers, white globe amaranth and statice for a diverse array of textures. Hang it above a window or over the dryer in your laundry room, and you’ll have something to brighten the doldrums of all that washing and folding.

Buy it ($100)

12. Thistle Wreath

Best for: Rustic Archways

We love Spanish-style archways (psst: check out this Ikea archway hack), and if you’re lucky enough to have them in your house, this is the piece to take your rustic decor up a notch. Made from wild thistles and birch tips, this gold-framed wreath is perfect for hanging above archways or suspending from rustic farmhouse beams.

Buy it ($48)

13. Safflower Wreath

Best for: Golden Hallways

OK, we get it: Fall is all about seasonal cheer. But this one really is what fall is all about. Fun, festive and bright — this wreath features an assortment of sage, bay leaves and marjoram (fresh herbal scent included). Hang it from your dark or dull hallways to liven up the place with some deliciously scented, bright decor.

Buy it ($120)

14. Iron Wreath

Best for: Bohemian Balconies

Apartment dwellers, this one goes out to you. This wreath features delicately pressed floral petals in a gilded coating and is hand-crafted from durable iron with a weathered finish. Hang this beauty from your balcony railing, and we promise you’ll have the trendiest seasonal decor in the building.

Buy it ($118)

15. Marigold Wreath

Best for: Farmhouse Garage Doors

Everyone loves marigolds because they bring the feeling of joy by raising our blood pressure and pulse, according to Psych Digest. This irresistibly cheery wreath is made on a family farm and features an assortment of yarrow, white statice and of course, marigolds. Welcome your guests to the new season by hanging one or two of these babies on your garage door(s).

Buy it ($68)

16. Wheat Wreath

Best for: Lucky Mailboxes

Did you know that a wheat wreath is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune? We’ll take it. Hang this starburst dried wheat wreath from your mailbox to ensure your mailman only delivers “good news,” at least until Christmas.

Buy it ($79)

17. Eucalyptus Wreath

Best for: Lush Green Beams

Speaking of Christmas, this one is a holiday staple that can never steer you in the wrong direction. This lush wreath is handcrafted by artisans who select branches of seeded eucalyptus and wooly bush to create a beautiful ring of greenery for each piece. Tie this to a ribbon and dangle it from a beam to create a lavish forest feel and bring the outdoors in.

Buy it ($89)

18. Heart Wreath

Best for: Festive Playrooms

Can we leave this wreath up until Valentine’s Day? (Asking for a friend). This one features a delicate heart shape with brightly painted flowers in an iron-burnished finish for a naturally aged look. Hang this one from an easel in your kids’ playroom or suspend it from the ceiling to bring some fall festivity into nap time.

Buy it ($118)

19. Gold Magnolia Wreath

Best for: Luxury Tabletops

Thinking of throwing a housewarming this fall? This is the luxe wreath you *need* if you’re creating a festively elegant tablescape. Made with realistic gold magnolia leaves, this 30-inch wreath is the perfect statement piece to complement your table. Lay it flat in the center of your dining table and garnish it with a few scented candles to give your guests one more thing to talk about on the car ride home.

Buy it ($300)

20. Hydrangea Wreath

Best for: Blooming Backyard Fences

If you’ve always wanted a garden in your backyard, but you don’t have the space for one (or a green thumb), we’ve gotcha covered. Perfect for the black thumb, this faux hydrangea and anemone wreath can be hung from the railing of your backyard fence or suspended from your patio’s ceiling for fall florals without the hassle.

Buy it ($249)

21. Harvest Wreath

Best for: Golden Doors

If this wreath doesn’t scream hayrides and apple cider, we don’t know what will. Its grapevine frame features faux autumn foliage, including pumpkins, pears, florals and corn husk accents (and you don’t have to worry about any of it going bad!). Hang this on your door(s) around the house, so every day feels like pumpkin picking and apple bobbing.

Buy it ($149)

22. Lavender Wreath

Best for: Soothing Bathrooms

We’re all looking for ways to create a calm and soothing environment within our homes, and this wreath has us taking a deep exhale just from the picture. It features dried lavender from France, green eucalyptus and neutral shades of air-dried mullein and sorghum for a truly serene feel. Hang it from your bathroom mirror or behind the door to take your lavender bubble baths to the next level.

Buy it ($75)

23. Lemon Wreath

Best for: Sunny Kitchen Tables

Made from air-dried salal leaves, mahogany pods, elephant ears, shola flowers, Meyer lemons and oranges, this sunny wreath brings light and cheer to any space. Each one is hand-assembled at a family-owned company in California, and it can be the perfect addition to a kitchen table. Just lay it flat and pair it with a hurricane or some candles to use it as a centerpiece.

Buy it ($100)

24. Neutral Wreath

Best for: Modern Mantles

Ever wonder what a Thanksgiving in Paris would be like? You’re lookin’ at it. Supported by a split-twig frame, this chic pampas grass wreath is the perfect way to add some whimsy and modern refinement above your cozy fireplace mantle.

Buy it ($60)

25. Artichoke Wreath

Best for: Warm and Toasty Living Rooms

This glowy wreath is designed with air-dried artichokes and nestled on a bed of preserved maple leaves in a rich apricot color. Hang it from your mantle above the fireplace, or suspend it over a window in your living room for a warm and cozy feel.

Buy it ($29)

26. Peony Wreath

Best for: Feminine Entryways

How to keep a pumpkin wreath from looking, well, country bumpkin? Add peonies and blush florals. This delicate piece can give your entryway some balance when hung over a mirror or mounted on an uninterrupted wall.

Buy it ($129)

27. Indian Summer Wreath

Best for: Front Door Festivities

Nothing says “we’ve got the best treats on the block” than a candy-colored wreath on the front door that’s both chic and fun. Made from artificial dye tree and thistles, this seasonal piece will be sure to exude warmth and joy to trick or treaters (or, well, anyone walking by).

Buy it ($45)

28. Citrus Wreath

Best for: Quiet Sunny Corners

When it comes to livening up a space, adding oranges is a foolproof way to bring in some cheery color. Crafted from mandarin oranges and magnolia leaves, hang this wreath over a console or mount it to a wall in a quiet corner of the house to add a pop of cheerful color.

Buy it ($229)

29. Neutral Wreath

Best for: Understated Holiday Headboards

Crafted from vines, plastic and polyester, this lightweight neutral boho wreath is “no muss, no fuss,” addition to your seasonal decor. Hang it over your headboard from a white ribbon or mount it on a blank bedroom wall to give your space a festive-yet-understated boho feel.

$41 at Amazon

30. Bittersweet Wreath

Best for: Traditional Front Doors

Made entirely of faux sweet-bitter, this is a great, long-lasting option that you can reuse for seasons to come. Give your front door a traditional fall with this orange and red-tinted wreath, and add some festive pumpkins and corn husks below for a completed look.

Buy it ($73)

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