35 Baby Names That Stand For New Beginnings and Fresh Hope

Everyone loves a chance at a clean slate. There's something especially rewarding about taking time to rest, reset, and start anew. And while we have New Year's Day to signify an entire, tangible day of creating a fresh start, it's also important to remember it's never too late or too early to start fresh no matter what day of the year it is - including when it comes to expecting a baby. Babies are one of the best - and cutest - representations of a new beginning. You're bringing new human life into the world, which rightfully equates to the definition of a new beginning. Though it is an exciting time, it can also be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you're trying to find a name fitting of your perfect fresh start. If you're struggling to land on a name for your baby, why not choose one that signifies the beautiful hope this baby represents? From different ways to say "hope" or "life" to names meaning "new dawn" or "new beginning," there's no shortage of beautiful baby names that pack a meaningful punch. Read our list below for 35 baby names that stand for new beginnings and fresh hopes.

Names Meaning New Beginning

  • Aadi: Hindi - "Beginning."

  • Ashur: Indian - "Beginning."

  • Genesis - "Origin."

  • Inizio: Italian - "Beginning."

  • Kiah: Indian - "New beginning."

  • Naveen: Indian - "New."

  • Neo: Latin - "New."

  • Nova: Latin - "New."

  • Ordell: Latin - "Beginning."

Names Meaning New Hope

  • Arman: Persian - "Hope."

  • Asha: Indian - "Hope."

  • Charise: French - "Hopeful."

  • Hope

  • Kit: Greek - "Hopeful."

Names Meaning New Dawn

  • Altan: Turkish - "Dawn."

  • Arun: Hindi - "Dawn."

  • Aurora: Latin - "Dawn."

  • Ayelet: Hebrew - "Dawn."

  • Dawn

  • Oriana: Latin - "Dawn."

  • Zora: Serbo-Croatian - "Dawn."

Names Meaning Life

  • Alba: Spanish - "New life."

  • Anastasia: Russian - "New life."

  • Evie: Hebrew - "Life."

  • Renee: French - "Reborn."

  • Zoe: Greek - "Life."

Names Meaning Fresh

  • Amaryllis: Greek - "Fresh."

  • Arata: Japanese - "Fresh" and "New."

  • Irvin: Gaelic - "Fresh."

  • Nasima: Arabic - "Fresh air."

  • Raanan: Hebrew - "Fresh."

Names Meaning Youth

  • Ewan: Scottish - "Youth."

  • Julian: Spanish - "Youth."

Names Meaning New Moon

  • Mika: Japanese - "New moon."

  • Neoma: Greek - "New moon."