The Best 'Decade-Defying' Ways To Style Flat & ‘Lifeless’ Hair For A More Thicker & Fuller Appearance

This article has been updated since its initial publish date to include more expert insight. 

If your goal is to emphasize your best features and bring a youthful exuberance to your next haircut, we’ve got you covered! We checked in with professional hair stylists and experts for three classic, timeless, celeb-fave and elegant haircuts that won’t look dated for anyone over 40. These include a shaggy bob with sideswept bangs, an asymmetrical bob and a layered bob with curtain bangs. All three are perfect to revamp your look for fall, and are certainly trendy on social media.

Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites, Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles, Cindy Marcus, professional hair stylist and editor-in-chief of Latest Hairstyles. and Jean Will, hair expert and co-founder of NiaWigs Inc.







1. Shaggy Bob With Sideswept Bangs

A shag is an "amazing cut that is well-recognized for being versatile," Rivera says. A quintessential shaggy cut, as seen here on Taylor Swift, offers "nice variations for both longer and shorter hair," Rivera points out. She notes that the choice to "add a bang," and especially a voluminous, side-swept fringe can "add a fresh surprise to this look," Rivera suggests.

For gals with longer hair, she says that "an added choice is to shorten the hair up a bit to the collarbone or above" to create some texture, and adding subtle layers to soften. Will recommends adding wispy fringe to this ‘do for not only a more youthful look overall, but also to hide any thinning or hair loss at the crown.

"This hairstyle is perfect for women over 40," she says, stressing that it will help "hide their forehead [and any signs of wrinkling or natural aging] to look younger." It is suitable for women who have "thick hair, as well as thin," she adds.

2. Asymmetrical Bob

This type of bob is great for those of us who not only want dramatic and bold volume, but also want to keep more length, Rivera notes. "A textured asymmetrical lob is another terrific choice for fine hair," she explains, as this style is "so hip that it’s perfect for making our ladies in their prime look super chic."

By removing a bit of length from the hair, this asymmetrical look on Rosamund Pike adds to "movement and creates a youthful appeal." Texturizing the hair even more creates an opportunity to "remove some of the damaged ends and weight, which bring more life to the hair as well," Rivera continues.

This voluminous 'do, Abdullah says, "can make your hair look thicker as the bottom of a blunt cut looks full, regardless." She adds that "the deep part is added to create more volume on the top of the head by pushing more hair to one side of your head." This is also "great for hiding thinning on top," she explains.

3. Layered Bob With Curtain Bangs

This cut is longer than your typical bob, but not quite mid-length, and it can really add volume to thin hair with curtain bangs added in, Rivera says. "A bob with a lot of texture is always a great look,” Rivera says.

“The texture," she goes on, allows for a "lot of movement and it can be worn fuller than a blunt, flat bob, which results in softening the features.” Selena Gomez's wavy, subtle layering and center-parted fringe also promote symmetry and naturally make the hair look thicker, Abdullah notes.

This type of fringe, she concludes, “flatters just about any face at any age,” and especially finer or thinner locks as it "makes your hair appear thicker and is a great way to add volume to thinning hair." The style also works "well for women who want to hide thinning hair in the front," she advises.

Curtain bangs are a classic look for anyone with fine hair as they instantly promote symmetry in the face as well as volume, Abdullah recommends.

4. Middle-Parted, Wavy Lob

This style heads into ‘lob’ [long bob] territory, Marcus says, as it may not exactly be chin-length or past the collarbone either. If you’re accustomed to having longer hair and wish to try out a shorter length, she notes.

Margot Robbie’s ‘do might be the perfect transitional and experimental cut for you. “This longer-styled, layered lob is still a popular look,” she says, as it “creates texture and can be worn smooth and sleek or curled.” Marcus adds that this center-parted wavy lob in particular is great for anyone with fine hair, as they can “wear this look as a more smooth and polished style to enhance volume.”