3-year-old declares hilarious reason for why he can’t eat his noddles: ‘I don’t eat noodles!’

The journey to manhood is often plagued with noodles. At least, that’s the case for this three-year-old little boy, as shown in a hilarious TikTok that his mother, who goes by the username @littlebigcuz, shared.

The clip opens with a shot of the adorable little boy sitting at the kitchen table about to have dinner with his family while a tasty-looking bowl of spaghetti sits in front of him.

“Boys don’t eat that,” the little boy exclaims, gesturing towards the noodles across the table. “Why?” his mom asks from behind the camera, sounding surprised by her son’s announcement.

With a comical amount of intensity, the toddler insistently turns and looks at his mother with eyes wide open and professes, “I don’t eat noodles! I’m a grown man!” The child punctuates each word by placing his hand over his heart, establishing how seriously he takes this matter.

Viewers were losing it over the video of the toddler delivering his firm conviction that grown men have matured past noodles.

“At this point, it’s obvious he’s lived ten different lives before this one,” joked one user.

“Grown man got his shirt inside out,” one TikToker mentioned with a series of laughing emojis.

“That is their grandpa reincarnated back to the world,” hypothesized one viewer.

“The confidence is assertive despite the contradictory evidence,” one TikToker commented.
While adults are getting to know their inner child, this child is getting in touch with his inner middle-aged man.

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