These 3 GIFs Show You How to Give Yourself a Quick & Easy Korean Beauty Facial Massage

Rachael Ray Show Staff
These 3 GIFs Show You How to Give Yourself a Quick & Easy Korean Beauty Facial Massage

If you take one look at Korea's leading lady in beauty and Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho’s skin, you'll instantly want to know her secrets.

(It’s just so, SO smooth.)

That’s why we had to invite her on our show and have her spill her tricks of the Korean beauty trade.

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The easiest one to steal? A Korean facial massage!

(Trust us, it’s easier than it sounds.)

Learn how to incorporate the massage into your daily beauty routine with these THREE simple steps.

Step 1:
Make a fist. Place your index finger and knuckles right next to your nose and massage upward.


"During the oil cleansing step -- when your skin is very slippery and you won’t tug and pull at your skin -- I like to incorporate the facial massage during that time," Charlotte explains.

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Step 2:
Move your knuckles up along the bridge of your nose, across the forehead and around the face.


"[This] actually helps flesh out those toxins," Charlotte says.

Step 3:
To lessen puffiness around the eyes, use the pads of your fingers to gently tap the area under your eyes.


Watch Charlotte lead our studio audience in the steps in the video above!

Plus, can't get enough of Korean beauty secrets? Find out what SNAIL SLIME is in the video below (Spoiler: Rach tries it!).

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