2nd Grade teacher shares complaints made by students via ‘Tattle Tub’

By way of what she’s dubbed a “Tattle Tub,” Sofia Alyssa Baker (@_missbteach) has given her students the option to submit a “Tattle Form” should they feel the need to speak up about something that involves another student.

At the start of the video, Sofia is seen holding a stack of tattles.

“Here are some of the tattles I got from my second graders on our first day of using a tattle tub,” she said.

“She keeped showing off because her markers are sented,” read one complaint, which can likely be translated to “she kept showing off because her markers are scented.”

Another submission read, “Saying butcheecs butcheecs butcheecs,” which, hilariously, translates to “saying butt cheeks, butt cheeks, butt cheeks.”

“She blam me that I put name tag in my desk,” revealed another student, which may be interpreted as “she blamed me for putting her name tag in my desk.”

A different student complained about their classmate being bossy. “Bossing me around evrey day,” read their submission.

One student shared a physical altercation they had. “She kikt me 2 tims,” which translates to “she kicked me two times.”

Sofia’s creative video has certainly reached a wide audience on TikTok, garnering 11.7 million views, 1.2 million likes and more than 10,600 comments.

One viewer seemed impressed with the Tattle Tub’s effectiveness.

“I’m getting a tattle tub for my husband and I,” joked @liittleeniightmaarees.

Another viewer commended Sofia’s innovative teaching.

“This is awesome! You are not only teaching them to resolve problems with others by talking to them, it also gives you an idea of what is happening,” commented @kelley0306.

Sofia seems to be one of many inventive teachers sharing the ways they’ve chosen to handle tattle tales.

In late November 2022, a first grade teacher took to TikTok to show the “Tattle Monster” she made for her students, which yielded similar results.

Thanks to creative educators like Sofia, more students are getting the chance to express themselves in healthy and productive ways.

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