29 Unfortunate Work Fails That I'm 99.9% Sure Will Give You Secondhand Embarrassment

1.This person, who accidentally put a personal task on their work calendar (only to find out everyone in their company could see it!!!):

Tweet: "You have a blocker called 'get a chicken,' is that something you could move to join us?
@madebymagnolia / Via Twitter: @madebymagnolia

2.This nervous new worker, who went to their first day at their very first office job, only to realize at the end of the day they had this stuck on their butt ALL DAY:

Sticker found after being stuck on someone's butt all day
@u/PBandJews / Via reddit.com

3.This pure, pure person, who came into the office dressed up as a banana for Halloween (when no one else got into the holiday spirit):

Person wearing a banana costume
@u/Srob87 / Via reddit.com

4.This person, whose hair got caught IN A FAX MACHINE, most likely giving them an undesirable hair cut (to say the least):

Hair caught in fax machine

5.This person, who wasn't smooth at all and unfortunately blew it when they tried to flirt with their coworker:

6.This driver, who accidentally locked their keys in their truck on their very last stop of the day...and more than two hours away from the nearest spare key:

Keys locked in truck
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7.This person, who clearly forgot to add an accurate weather forecast at their news job and totally blew it:

Sign that reads: "EDIT THIS TEXT"
@u/truculentdentis / Via reddit.com

8.This kind boss, who had the best intentions and set up a water dispenser for his employees, but it leaked EVERYWHERE:

Water leaked all over office floor
@u/Mairess99 / Via reddit.com

9.This person, who sadly dropped their favorite office mug on the floor before drinking their coffee (really setting the tone for the message on the mug):

Chipped mug
@u/NobodyCARESGarrett / Via reddit.com

10.This person, who put all awkward people to shame by writing a truly embarrassing note for their pregnant coworker:

Tweet that reads: "My coworker is pregnant and they passed a card around and I didn't know what to write so I just put HAVE A GOOD BABY TANYA"
@online_shawn / Via Twitter: @online_shawn

11.This person, who forgot they were supposed to work from home, and bought boxes and boxes and BOXES of donuts for their coworkers:

Pile of boxes of donuts
@u/Peencub / Via reddit.com

12.And this boss, who was kind enough to buy their employees donuts only to have ANTS GET AT THE BOX before everyone else in the office 😖😖😖:

Ants on top of donut box
@u/Tranquil_Thunderfly / Via reddit.com

13.This person, who unfortunately spilled paint all over themselves at their Home Depot gig, and most likely had to go allllll the way home to get changed:

Woman with paint spilled all over her
@u/needmorexanax / Via reddit.com

14.This person, who tried really hard not to drop the ball (pun intended), but accidentally made packages fly all over the place in a warehouse:

Packages all over the floor
@u/Racingislyf / Via reddit.com

15.This person, who forgot to set a schedule for their employees and...well, no one showed up because of it:

16.This person, who was in the middle of an important customer service call when their FREAKING TOOTH RANDOMLY FELL OUT:

Loose tooth on desk
@u/TresLechesPancakes / Via reddit.com

17.This person, who neglected their go-to work from home Zoom etiquette and accidentally showed all of their coworkers they were (relatably) laying in bed (instead of paying 100% attention to what was going on):

Person on Zoom call laying in bed
@u/Scaulbylausis / Via reddit.com

18.This unlucky person, who commuted all the way to work only to realize they'd missed the memo that it was a work-from-home day:

One employee in an empty office
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19.This person, who broke their only pair of glasses the second they started their work day, and couldn't get any work done because they couldn't see what they were doing:

Broken glasses on desk
@u/brambleburry1002 / Via reddit.com

20.This person, whose coworker revealed the truth and nothing but the truth during a screen-sharing Zoom meeting:

21.This confused employee, whose boss gave them a humongous set of keys for restaurants, bakeries, and gas stations, but NONE OF THEM WERE LABELED 😑:

A humongous stack of keys unlabeled
@u/Hairy-Drama / Via reddit.com

22.This person, who only had ONE JOB when their boss Brian left their company, and misspelled their name on a farewell cake (most likely leaving an embarrassing last impression):

Cake that reads: "We will miss you Brain"
@u/NickBrown007 / Via reddit.com

23.This worker, who was so STOKED his office was providing food from his favorite expensive Mexican restaurant, but then did this with it:

Food spilled everywhere
@u/lapistola / Via reddit.com

24.This person, who truly meant well and typed up a "for hire" sign, only to embarrass themselves with their last requirement, which reads: "Line cooks: Cook people":

Sign that reads: "Line cooks: Cook people!"
@u/MrVoldemort / Via reddit.com

25.This unfortunate person, who printed and posted a sign that 100% left customers confused:

Sign that reads, "OPEN 24/7 DAYS OPEN NIGHTS TOO"
@u/Poppunknerd182 / Via reddit.com

26.This person, who insisted they didn't need a garbage can to protect the drinks in their office from spilling, and yet HERE WE ARE:

Spilled juice everywhere
@u/Ckiecrumb / Via reddit.com

27.This poor, poor soul, who dropped a billion plates just before working an important function (like, I can't imagine what I'd do in this situation???):

A bunch of plates broken on the floor
@u/saibugs / Via reddit.com

28.This person, who accidentally fell back in their desk chair in front of all of their coworkers, and broke it in the process:

Worker falling back in chair
@u/ZEROmk1 / Via reddit.com

29.And this person, who forgot to turn their office's coffee pot off on Friday and returned on Monday to find this, unfortunately ruining their coworkers' mornings:

Dirty coffee pot
@u/TurniptheLed / Via reddit.com