I Promise You Won't Be Able To Unsee These Awkward Movie And TV Mistakes Once I Point Them Out To You

1.In Wednesday, the position of Garrett's dead body is different in different scenes.

circles around the body in different scene in different positions
Netflix / u/pizzatimein24h / Reddit / Via reddit.com

2.In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, you can see a mic clearly on Agent Ross' collar as he's driving.

arrow pointing to the mic under the shirt collar
Marvel / u/SeriousCypher / Reddit / Via reddit.com

3.In Amsterdam, Ed Begley Jr. holds a sheet to his butt to cover himself, despite playing a corpse.

Begley as a corpse holding the sheet against his body
20th Century Studios / u/MasterPike36 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

4.In Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Miles' car is missing a back piece in a flashback. It's missing the same piece when it falls through the roof near the end of the film, despite having it earlier that night.

circle around the part thats missing in a different scene
Netflix / u/theFettster / Reddit / Via reddit.com

5.In this Inventing Anna scene, one of the photographers has the lens cap on his camera.

circle around the camera
Netflix / u/BlurMyFace / Reddit / Via reddit.com

6.You can see part of the camera — and the person operating it — in the mirror in this Tenet scene.

closeup of the side mirror
Warner Bros. Pictures / u/simonbart34 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

7.In New Girl, there's a scene where a minor character is speaking, then the camera cuts to Jess listening...except that same minor character is in the background.

arrow pointing to the same character in the background
Fox / u/cactusboy32 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

8.In the Season 3 finale of Stranger Things, you can pretty clearly tell that it's Mike's stunt double in one shot, and not Mike. Check out the dude's massively hairy legs.

closeup of the stunt double
Netflix / u/Maj0rThreat / Reddit / Via reddit.com

9.You can also pretty clearly tell it's a stunt double instead of Gloria Hendry in this Live and Let Die scene. It's actually a white man in blackface, according to Hendry herself.

the stunt double and an insert of gloria
United Artists / Everett Collection / u/SpaceMyopia / Reddit / Via reddit.com

10.In Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, Vader's light saber is coming out of the wrong handle — like, he's clearly holding the handle in the other hand.

arrow pointing to the lightsaber handle disconnected from the lightsaber
Lucasfilm / u/ZKaz25 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

11.In Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum accidentally knocks over a prop that clearly says "art department" on it.

barrel knocked over that says art dept
20th Century Fox / u/33JimmieLee33 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

12.In one scene from The Last of the Mohicans, you can see crew members in baseball hats.

circle around the crowd
20th Century Fox / Morgan Creek International / Warner Bros. / u/beerboybeltsbrews / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13.In one Goonies scene, Mikey calls Brandon "Josh." That's the name of the actor who plays Brandon — Josh Brolin.

the subtitles on the screen showing that he is being called josh
Warner Bros. Pictures / u/Ferris63 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

14.You can actually spot Karl in the background of a Die Hard scene — just after he's been strangled by John.

karl in the background
u/ChrisGrizz / Reddit / Via reddit.com

15.In an example akin to Kelly Rowland using Excel to send a text in the "Dilemma" music video, in School of Rock, an audience member "texts" someone simply using a blank document.

closeup of the phone screen with document 03 written in the corner
Paramount Pictures / u/Rajakz / Reddit / Via reddit.com

16.The Rock goes between having a goatee and not having a goatee multiple times in Fast and Furious 6, even in scenes that take place close together.

the different scenes and hair
Universal Pictures /u/RokuAang625 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

17.The same happens to Nicolas Cage in Con Air — in fact, within the same scene:

the two different facial hair
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / u/thebreak22 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.In an accidentally terrifying example, you can see the actor inside one of the turtles' suits in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles scene.

closeup of the scene
New Line Cinema / u/SlipTheSlime / Via reddit.com

19.In a different scene, you can spot a crew member hiding.

arrow pointing to the hiding member
New Line Cinema / u/Jason0278 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

20.In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, there is clearly a cameraman in one of the shots.

circle around the cameraman
u/AmirIsmail2004 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

21.There's a part in Zombieland: Double Tap where you can see the cameraman's finger on the screen.

arrow. pointing to the finger
u/QwertyQwertz123 / Sony Pictures Releasing / Via reddit.com

22.In the Breaking Bad pilot, you can clearly see the mic on Walt's back.

the mic showing through the shirt
AMC / u/mbrankle / Reddit / Via reddit.com

23.You can briefly see a camera dolly next to Queenan's body in this scene from The Departed.

corner of the dolly
Warner Bros. Pictures / u/swagy_swagerson / Reddit / Via reddit.com

24.Jack held his phone upside-down in one Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan scene.

the phone upside down
Amazon Prime / u/PANDA_1O / Reddit / Via reddit.com

25.Haley did the same thing on Modern Family.

the upside down phone
ABC / u/TheGodAnubis / Reddit / Via reddit.com

26.And in this scene from The Boys, you can pretty clearly tell Maeve's not on the phone — that's her home screen.

the scene
Amazon / u/kasoe / Reddit / Via reddit.com

27.You can spot the mic in this Boy Meets World scene.

arrow pointing to the mic
ABC / u/markers920 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

28.It's much clearer in the video, but in this scene from Tombstone, you can see that it's only raining on Wyatt.

wyatt standing in the middle of the street
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Cinergi Productions / byu/JungleJesse / Reddit / Via reddit.com

29.And finally, in the title screen for Christmas Twister, the title is literally spelled wrong.

christams twister
Cinedigm / u/Ok-Hat9079 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

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