23 Horrifying Underwater Photos That'll Make You Say, "I'm Gonna Pretend I Didn't See That"

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You may have heard of thalassophobia, aka the fear of deep bodies of water.

Perhaps you've also heard of megalophobia, which is the intense fear of large objects.

Well, thanks to my obsession with terrifying subReddits, I've discovered a phobia that seems to combine both of these. It's called submechanophobia, and it's the fear of partially or fully submerged man-made objects. If the following 29 photos cause you extreme discomfort, there's a chance you have it.

1. This fish blood pipe:

2. This smiling shark statue:

3. This wreckage from the Titanic:

Magite Historic / Alamy Stock Photo

4. This birds-eye view of a car with a skeleton in it at the bottom of a pond:

5. This abandoned shipping container:

6. This morbid sign:

7. This creepy oil rig:

8. This lurking U-boat:

9. This enormous engine:

10. This leering relic:

11. This sunken plane:

12. This one,  too:

13. This flooded autopsy theater:

14. This surreal dolphin enclosure:

15. This weird water-filled stairwell:

16. These submerged mine shafts:

17. This subway reef:

18. This enormous gear:

Credit: Rotary Action Group for Peace

19. This horrifying model of Jason:

20. This trace of former life:

21. This reactor:

22. This deep, deep, launch pad:

23.And finally, these nightmare gnomes:

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H/T: r/submechanophobia