28 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Food Lovers

From an avid home chef to a food-obsessed friend who's always trying the newest hot spots, you're sure to find something to please every kind of culinary whiz in our finely curated gift guide.

For the ultimate in decadence, Charbonnel et Walker's chocolate champagne truffles--a rich, tasty delight, in and of themselves--arrive in a beautiful pastel pink box with gold lettering on top. If your Valentine prefers baking and measuring over sauteing and searing, they'll appreciate the effort you put into designing a custom cookie cutter: You can select an image, text, or shape that is meaningful to the two of you, complete with custom embossing or raised edges.

For the significant other who is slightly fanatical about that perfect cup of coffee, try a delicious twist on the hard-working classic: Merlot Coffee. Aged to perfection in oak wine barrels, they'll have trouble deciding what time of day this brew would be most appropriate. Why not both morning and evening?

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And, if your chosen one is more of a tea drinker, why not surprise her with an assortment of custom made heart-shaped sugar cubes? They are so pretty she may just have trouble deciding whether to use them or display them in a candy dish.