28 Musicians Who Made Iconic Guest-Star Appearances On TV Shows

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1.Kanye West played himself on Entourage.

Kanye greeting Turtle

Watch Kanye West on Entourage here:

2.Britney Spears played Abby, the receptionist at Stella Zinman's dermatology clinic, on How I Met Your Mother.

Abby crying on the phone because a patient is being rude to her

Watch Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother here:

3.Taylor Swift played Elaine, Shivrang’s former lover, on New Girl.

Shivrang leaving Cece at the alter for Taylor Swift's character Elaine

Watch Taylor Swift on New Girl here:

4.David Bowie played himself on Extras.

David Bowie writing a rude song about Ricky Gervais

Watch David Bowie on Extras here:

5.Lady Gaga played the Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel and Scáthach on American Horror Story: Roanoke.

Lady Gaga as the Countess sending a man away from a table

Watch Lady Gaga on American Horror Story here:

6.Ed Sheeran played a Lannister soldier on Game of Thrones.

Ed Sheeran singing with Lannister soldiers when Arya Stark approaches them

Watch Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones here:

7.Prince played himself on New Girl.

Jess and Nick freaking out upon meeting Prince

Watch Prince on New Girl here:

8.Adele played herself on Ugly Betty.

Adele surprising Betty for her photo shoot

Watch Adele on Ugly Betty here:

9.Justin Bieber played serial bomber Jason McCann on CSI.

Justin Bieber getting shot in the chest on CSI

Watch Justin Bieber on CSI here:

10.Jon Bon Jovi played Seth, a romantic interest Carrie meets in the waiting room at her therapist's office, on Sex and the City.

Jon Bon Jovi introducing himself to Carrie Bradshaw as "Seth"

Watch Jon Bon Jovi on Sex and the City here:

11.Jennifer Lopez played herself on Will & Grace.

Jennifer Lopez running into Karen in a Vegas bathroom

Watch Jennifer Lopez on Will & Grace here:

12.One Direction played themselves on iCarly.

One Direction seeing "What Makes You Beautiful" on "iCarly"

Watch One Direction on iCarly here:

13.Cyndi Lauper played Avalon Harmonia, Angela's psychic, on Bones.

Cyndi Lauper singing "At Last" at Booth and Brennan's wedding

Watch Cyndi Lauper on Bones here:

14.Bruno Mars played himself on Jane the Virgin.

Bruno Mars singing at Jane and Michael's wedding
The CW

Watch Bruno Mars on Jane the Virgin here:

15.Carole King played Sophie Bloom, the owner of Stars Hollow's music store, Sophie's Music, on Gilmore Girls.

Carole King working as music a shop owner and accepting Kirk's résumé
The WB

Watch Carole King on Gilmore Girls here:

16.Nick Jonas played sociopathic hacker Ian Wright on Hawaii Five-0.

Nick Jonas being interrogated on "Hawaii Five-0"

Watch Nick Jonas on Hawaii Five-0 here:

17.Katy Perry played Zoey's not-so-smart cousin, Honey, on How I Met Your Mother.

Honey saying she gets emails from Michelle and Barack Obama

Watch Katy Perry on How I Met Your Mother here:

18.Pete Wentz played himself on One Tree Hill.

Pete saying he will miss Peyton as he departs for a tour
The CW

Watch Pete Wentz on One Tree Hill here:

19.Kelly Clarkson played Kelly, an up-and-coming weather woman from Oklahoma, on Reba.

Kelly Clarkson talking about egg salad with Reba
The CW

Watch Kelly Clarkson on Reba here:

20.Death Cab for Cutie played themselves on The O.C.

Summer complaining that Seth is missing his favorite band perform as Death Cab for Cutie plays a live show at the bar
Fox / HBO Max

Watch Death Cab for Cutie on The O.C. here:

21.Backstreet Boys played themselves on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Backstreet Boys drinking a talent potion and bursting into song

Watch Backstreet Boys on Sabrina the Teenage Witch here:

22.Nicole Scherzinger played Jessica Glitter, Robin's costar on the '90s Canadian kids show Space Teens, on How I Met Your Mother.

Nicole guest-starring as a cohost on a 90s TV show alongside Robin Sparkles

Watch Nicole Scherzinger on How I Met Your Mother here:

23.Sigur Rós played in King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell's wedding band on Game of Thrones.

King Joffrey throwing coins at Sigur Rós, who were performing at his wedding

Watch Sigur Rós on Game of Thrones here:

24.Curt Smith played himself on Psych.

Shawn being surprised to find Curt Smith doing an acoustic performance in a man's backyard

Watch Curt Smith on Psych here:

25.Elvis Costello played Ben, a loud folk singer taking over Café Nervosa, on Frasier.

Ben enlisting Niles for help with a song he's performing at the coffee shop

Watch Elvis Costello on Frasier here:

26.Usher played the magical Love Doctor on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Usher telling Sabrina to tell her problems to the Love Doctor

Watch Usher on Sabrina the Teenage Witch here:

27.Ray Charles played Sammy, Grandma Yetta's love interest, on The Nanny.

Ray Charles as Sammy telling Fran how much he loves her voice

Watch Ray Charles on The Nanny here:

28.And finally, Donny Osmond played himself on Friends.

Donny Osmond hosting "Pyramid" and Joey passing on his turn because he doesn't know anything about the legislature

Watch Donny Osmond on Friends here: