28 Legitimately Shocking Fast Facts About Fast Food That Will Whet Your Appetite Or Make You A Little Nauseated

1.KFC had a sibling restaurant called "Kentucky Roast Beef 'n' Ham" in the '60s, but they closed within a few years after being unable to become profitable.

KRB signs
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2.McDonald's had a "Hula Burger" consisting of a slice of grilled pineapple and cheese, and tested it one day head-to-head with another new item — the Filet-O-Fish, which sold 350 sandwiches to only SIX Hula Burgers.

Person holding the Hula Burger
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3.Cinnabon places ovens near the front of the store and sometimes heats sheets of brown sugar and cinnamon just to keep the aroma of cinnamon rolls filling the air to draw in customers.

Buns on a baking sheet
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4.Arby's got its name from founders Leroy and Forrest Raffel. Raffel Brothers = RBs = Arby's.

Arby's sign
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5.Dunkin' serves only freshly brewed coffee, discarding it if it's not used within 18 minutes.

Masked worker holding a Dunkin' iced coffee
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6.IHOP adds small amounts of pancake batter to its eggs when making an omelet.

Pancakes and an omelet
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7.McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are 100% chicken breast meat, but each nugget adds up only to about 45% chicken because it's given two coats of batter, seasoning, and oil.

Chicken McNuggets and fries
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8.McDonald's Chicken McNuggets come in only four shapes: the ball, the bell, the boot, and the bow tie.

McNuggets cooking
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9.Taco Bell had a "seafood salad" back in 1986, and it contained shrimp, crab, and whitefish in a tortilla bowl.

Seafood salad tortilla bowl
Taco Bell

10.A chocolate Wendy's Frosty is actually part chocolate, part vanilla, as Wendy's founder Dave Thomas worried that a full chocolate flavor might take over the taste when paired with other food instead of complementing it.

Frostys in red cups
Eugene Gologursky

11.McDonald's created bubble gum–flavored broccoli in an effort to convince kids to be healthier, but the idea quickly failed.

Broccoli in a McDonald's container
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12.Carl's Jr. had a sibling Mexican restaurant called Taco de Carlos that did not take off — all 17 locations were sold off in the '80s.

A Carl's Jr. restaurant
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13.When a new Chick-fil-A restaurant opens, the first 100 customers are given free meals for a year (one a week, 52 total), consisting of a chicken sandwich, medium waffle potato fries, and a medium drink.

A Chick-fil-A restaurant sign
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14.Costco's food court sells so much pizza that they're technically one of the largest pizza chains in America.

Pizza on a table
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15.There's one McDonald's that has a turquoise arch instead of the traditional yellow, and it's in Sedona, Arizona, because city officials thought the classic gold would clash with the surrounding desert's natural red rocks.

Turquoise arches
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16.The most profitable Panda Express is in Hawaii, racking up $4 million a year.

Panda Express dishes
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17.Panda Express has a Japanese spinoff restaurant called Hibachi San that serves sushi.

Hibachi San restaurant at a mall
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18.Jason Mraz has an avocado farm and is a supplier for Chipotle.

Jason in a hat at a microphone
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19.EACH of Chipotle's restaurants (more than 2,000) goes through more than 44,000 POUNDS of avocado every year.

Person putting guacamole onto a plate with beans and salsa
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20.Taco Bell restaurants flopped in Mexico twice (1992 and 2007), in large part because they were pricier than taco carts and their inauthentic, Americanized menu didn't appeal to locals.

Tacos and burritos with sauce packets
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21.In 2003, Red Lobster's "Endless Crab" promotion ran at 679 restaurants over a span of several months and put them $3.3 million down from the previous year's first-quarter profits.

Crab legs on a plate
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22.Shake Shack got its name from an amusement park attraction spotted in Grease's "You're the One That I Want" dance scene.

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta dancing together in the movie between a "Shake Shack" sign doorway
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23.The Cheesecake Factory's menu has 250 items and is around 6,000 words.

An open page of a big menu
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24.McDonald's paid Justin Timberlake $6 million to sing the "I'm Lovin' It" jingle.

25.The McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" jingle itself was written by rapper Pusha T.

Pusha T
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26.Burger King once tried a slightly more upscale dinner situation called Burger King Table Service. It featured BK Dinner Baskets (chicken, steak, sandwich, or Whopper) between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m., which came with side options of fries or a baked potato and coleslaw or a side salad, along with a basket of popcorn while you waited for your meal.

27.White Castle is the first fast-food chain in the United States, opening in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas.

A White Castle restaurant
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28.And finally, there's something called the "fajita effect" at Chili's, during which cooks will began prepping for multiple fajita orders after the first fajita order because the smell and sizzling prompts more people to request it.

A fajita plate
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