27 Underrated Movie Scenes That Are So Good, They May Be The Best Ever

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which lesser-loved movie scenes are actually perfect. Here are the genius results.

🚨 Spoilers ahead, people! 🚨

1.In Now You See Me 2, when the magicians pulled off that hidden card trick without getting caught, and each movement got more intricate, cool, and visually stunning.

The Four Horsemen successfully hiding the card from the guards

"It's absolutely mesmerizing to watch, and you can't help but question how they pulled off this whole scene."



Here's the full scene:

2.In Juno, when Juno's father comforted her after giving birth, and she then had a really sweet, subtle moment with Paulie.

Juna in the hospital bed after giving birth

"The scene after she has the baby is pure perfection. As she lies in the hospital bed, her dad softly gives her a pep talk about how she'll be there again one day, but on her own terms. Then her lover, Paulie, comes in. He has a moment with the father, the dad leaves, and Paulie just silently gets into bed with Juno and holds her as she cries. There’s hardly any dialogue, but the music is so emotional, and the acting from all three is superb. You feel every emotion. It brings me to tears every time I watch it."


Fox Searchlight Pictures

Here's the full scene:

3.In Booksmart, when Amy followed Ryan into the pool, and everything that followed was equal parts innocent, beautiful, authentic, nostalgic, exciting, playful, and heartbreaking.

Amy jumping into the pool and playfully searching for Ryan

"The entire movie is so good, but this scene is something else, especially with the soundtrack in the background. You feel exactly how happy Amy is when she's going into the water, and it's almost ethereal. Then it's all taken away from you when, well, *it's* revealed. You need to watch this movie."


United Artists Releasing

Here's the full scene:

4.In Someone Great, when Jenny wrote that tearful love letter about her relationship with Nate and talked about how thankful she was for the experience.

Jenny crying as she writes her goodbye letter on the subway in "Someone Great"

"I cry EVERY TIME at this ending monologue. This is truly an amazing movie, and not enough people appreciate or know about it."



Here's the full scene:

5.In Cloud Atlas, when Hae-Joo asked Sonmi-451 about life and death, and her beautiful monologue was overlaid with images of her past self being reunited with his.

Sonmi-451 talking to Hae-Joo Chang about what she thinks heaven is

"Cloud Atlas as a whole is so fantastic. It was genius to have the same actors play different characters throughout history because it really drove home the themes of both reincarnation and that time is simultaneous. The most underrated scene has to be at the end when Sonmi-451 talks about how she will always love Hae-Joo. The scene proves that love and death are timeless and transcendent. It's brilliant and leaves me weeping like a baby every single time."


Warner Bros. Pictures

Here's the full scene:

6.In Crazy, Stupid, Love., when Jacob and Hannah started revealing childhood secrets in bed together, and Jacob felt comfortable enough to open up for the first time in his life.

Hannah and Jacob lying in bed together

"I just love this bedroom scene between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's characters. It's a super-intimate moment that feels completely natural and real (partly due to some improvising from the actors, including a Lauren Bacall impression from Emma Stone), but it ends on a really touching and personal level. It's clear that Jacob has extreme hesitations when it comes to love and commitment, but he feels so comfortable with Hannah in this moment that he lets his guard down – possibly for the first time with anyone – and opens up about his personal life. It's a really sweet moment that's often overlooked when people talk about 'great movie scenes,' but I think it captures the early stages of love and relationships super well."


Warner Bros. Pictures

Here's the full scene:

7.In That Thing You Do!, when everyone in the band heard their song on the radio for the very first time and couldn't control their excitement.

Everyone screaming and jumping with joy in the appliance store

"I get goosebumps and a big, goofy grin on my face every single time I see this scene. It's just pure joy."


20th Century Fox

Here's the full scene:

8.In Amélie, when Amélie helped a man who's blind cross the street, and she explained every tiny thing she saw in detail, resulting in a magical sensory overload.

Amélie describing the statue, florist, and bakery window tot he man who's blind as his face glows in awe

"While walking, they passed by several everyday, meaningless things, but she described them with such purpose and vigor that she helped to paint an auditory picture for the man. She left him at the metro, and he looked at the sky, dumbfounded. I thought it was really sweet."


UGC-Fox Distribution

Here's the full scene:

9.In Precious, when Precious talked about her trauma and said she didn't deserve anyone's love, but Ms. Rain reassured her that she's worthy of everything.

Mrs. Rain talking to Precious in her classroom

"When she writes 'Why me?' in her notebook and says she's HIV-positive...Gabourey Sidibe's breakdown was so powerful that I lost it. That scene still gives me chills."



Here's the full scene:

10.In Crazy Rich Asians, when Rachel and Eleanor battled for Nick's love in an intense game of mahjong, and Rachel explained why she purposely gave up the winning hand.

Rachel folding the winning hand against Eleanor in mahjong

"Once you realize the symbolism with the mahjong tiles, this scene gets 100 times better. For starters, Eleanor sat in the dealer's seat, which is also called the East seat (representing Asia), and Rachel sat in the West seat (representing America). As for the game, as I followed Rachel's tiles, I kept wondering why she didn't declare an early win. Then she drove home her point about turning down Nick's proposal, thus LETTING Eleanor win both in the game and in real life. It's such a cool scene with so many layers."

shaunab4 and adriennec4a

Warner Bros. Pictures

Here's the full scene:

11.In Ex Machina, when Ava locked Caleb inside the fortress and then escaped in hopes of finally experiencing life as a real human.

Ava escaping the fortress and trapping Caleb in "Ex Machina"

"It's just so brilliant to me. I feel like the movie as a whole is never talked about, but this particular scene really stands out to me. Everything had built up to this one moment, so much so that I considered the possibility that everyone at one point was a machine. The writing and direction were so fantastic, and it sent chills down my spine."



Here's the full scene:

12.In Blindspotting, when Collin confronted the officer and rapped his soliloquy about the relationship between Black people and police in America.

The final scene of "Blindspotting" when Collin talks about the difference between him and the cop

"This film didn’t receive the attention it deserved. Daveed Diggs delivered a stunning performance, and in this underrated scene his rap is so cutthroat and empowering. The whole thing is incredibly relevant to our current social climate, as he targets the injustice of systemic racism and his personal breaking point to tolerate it. A total must-see."


Summit Entertainment

This particular scene isn't available as an embed, but you can watch it on YouTube here.

13.In The Apartment, when Fran handed Baxter her broken mirror, unknowingly signifying to him that she was the woman who was having the affair with his boss.

Fran and Baxter talking in his office

"The last scene of the movie is absolutely perfect, but this one is especially good, too. Fran hands Baxter her broken mirror, and he suddenly realizes just where he's seen it before. This is the moment when things REALLY start to unravel."


United Artists

Here's the full scene:

14.In Short Term 12, when Jayden read Grace her story about the shark and the octopus, and they both started crying because they knew the underlying message.

Jayden reading her story to Grace in "Short Term 12"

"This scene rips me apart every time I watch it. You can feel the grief and pain, and Grace's character tries so desperately to figure out what's really going on with Jayden."



Here's the full scene:

15.In Do the Right Thing, when several characters of different backgrounds and ethnicities spoke directly to the camera and spewed racist remarks, literally confronting racism head on.

Four characters of different races talking to the camera in the movie

"It's cinematically perfect and shows how high racial tension in the area is outside of just Black vs. white. It's aged so beautifully, it's still relevant today, and I love Samuel L. Jackson's interjection as he wheels right up to the camera and shouts, 'Hold up! Time out! Y'all, take a chill! You need to cool that sh*t out, and that's the double truth,' before the scene cuts out."

—Izzy Manzo, Facebook

Universal Pictures

Here's the full scene:

16.In Ratatouille, when Ego read his glowing review of the restaurant, and he realized that great art can come from anyone.

Remy at the restaurant

"It's my favorite scene from my favorite animated movie. For some reason, it's stuck with me ever since I saw it years ago. The scene is so powerful and existential, yet it often goes unnoticed."


Disney / Pixar

Here's the full scene:

17.In 1917, when Will ran for his life through the rubbled town while under fire, and everything was pure chaos.

Will running through the town while flames and gunshots surround him

"This is the scene that takes place immediately after George MacKay's character gets knocked out. While he's trying to escape the abandoned village, gunshots and bombs shift the light and shadow around him. The tension is high, the cinematography is excellent, and the soundtrack by Thomas Newman is chilling. They all help to make this scene visually gorgeous."


DreamWorks Pictures

Here's the full scene:

18.In Hearts Beat Loud, when Sam was determined to learn how to ride a bike after being discouraged for years because her mom died in a biking accident.

Rose teaching Sam how to ride a bike in "Hearts Beat Loud"

"I really loved how subtle this scene was in showing how important family was. Family and stepping outside of your comfort zone are SUCH strong themes throughout the movie, and this scene is the perfect mashup of the two. Sam learns to ride a bike years after her mom died in a bike accident, and it's even more heartwarming to watch as her dad's guitar playing underscores this huge moment."


Burn Later Productions

Here's the full scene:

19.In Mulan, when the Emperor bowed to Mulan because she saved everyone from the Huns, and in the background all of China started to bow for her too.

The Emperor bowing for Mulan

"I get chills when the Emperor bows, and then you can see everyone in China bowing too. The whole scene is so powerful and emotional, especially when the Emperor gives her the sword and says, 'And this...so the world will know what you have done for China.'"



Here's the full scene:

20.In Zodiac, when Robert realized that he was alone in the basement with the suspected killer, and he had to escape but couldn't let on that he knew too much.

Robert trying to escape Vaughn's house in "Zodiac"

"This is one of the most chilling movie scenes ever. Every part of you wants to scream at Jake Gyllenhaal's character to run away, instead of going into that dark, lonely basement with the suspected Zodiac Killer. Every time I watch this scene, I'm on the edge of my seat, my body gets all sweaty, and I also get goosebumps. It's so, so, so good and underrated."


Paramount Pictures

Here's the full scene:

21.In The Hunger Games, when the timer counted down to zero, the bloodbath officially began, and everything was silent, except for a faint ringing in Katniss's ears.

All of the tributes running and killing each other at the start of The Games in "The Hunger Games"

"Having no sound in this scene makes it that much more emotional. The teens are brutally killing each other, and it's pure chaos and primal confusion. The fact that you can’t hear anything going on just makes it a lot more sad and hard to watch."



Here's the full scene:

22.In 20th Century Women, when the final montage revealed exactly what happened to each character, and it simultaneously broke your heart and filled it with endless love.

Dorothea smiling with friends and riding in a plane at the end of "20th Century Women"

"This entire film is so underrated, but this particular scene may be one of my favorite endings of any movie. I remember crying because I felt so much love and hope and heartbreak. It made me feel nostalgic for something I had never even experienced. Learning about each character's fate was delightful and devastating. It was weirdly reassuring. What a rare quality for a movie scene."



Here's the full scene:

23.In The Lady Eve, when Jean tried seducing Charles in her cabin because she wanted to trick him into marrying her.

Barbara Stanwyck caressing Henry Fonda's head and hair on a chair

"Barbara Stanwyck seduces an obviously hot and bothered Henry Fonda on a luxury ocean liner in The Lady Eve. Fonda's eyes are closed the entire time in this particular scene, and you just watch this man begin to sweat in real time as Stanwyck devilishly plays with his hair. It's as potent as that damn perfume she's apparently wearing. Their onscreen chemistry is a masterclass."


Paramount Pictures

Here's the full scene:

24.In Queen & Slim, when Queen and Slim slowly danced together at the juke joint and opened up about what they truly wanted in life.

Queen and Slim talking about their greatest desires in the bar and in the car

"They're both on the run, and even though all eyes are on them, it's as if they're the only two people in the crowded room. The whole scene is so simple and beautiful and romantic."


Universal Pictures

Here's the full scene:

25.In My Own Private Idaho, when Mikey confessed his love to Scott at the campfire, but Scott couldn't return the favor.

The two chatting at the campfire

"The scene is just so small but powerful. Mikey has so much love to give and just wants to be loved back. The whole thing is so intimate and controlled yet freeing."


Fine Line Features

Here's the full scene:

26.In Whiplash, when Fletcher tried to ruin Andrew's career by giving him the wrong music for the concert, so Andrew went off-book and played the ultimate drum solo, winning over both Fletcher and the audience.

Andrew playing the drums at on stage

"This final scene in Whiplash is so underrated. Everyone always talks about the scene when J.K. Simmons screams at Miles Teller's character in the classroom, but, man, this last scene when he overrides J.K.'s 'betrayal' and plays 'Caravan' is truly amazing."


Sony Pictures Classics

Here's the full scene:

27.And in Love, Simon, when Simon had a heart-to-heart conversation with his mom after coming out as gay, and she said she'll always love him.

Simon and his mom, talking in the living room

"Jennifer Garner's speech about acceptance to her son in Love, Simon is just so fantastic. It's an absolutely incredible scene, and I cry like a freaking baby when I watch it."


20th Century Fox

Here's the full scene:

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