27 Tweets About Steve Harrington, Because He Better Not Die In This "Stranger Things" Finale

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The Stranger Things Season 4 two-episode finale drops Friday, and y'all...I am NOT ready.

ESPECIALLY because star Noah Schnapp has teased that a character is going to die in the finale. Some have speculated whether it might be Joyce....

...or Robin...

...but it seems like most people are REALLY worried it'll be fan-favorite character Steve Harrington.

Like...I don't know if I'll even be able to watch the show anymore.

Here are 27 tweets about Steve Harrington that prove he is the best Stranger Things character and nothing bad should ever befall him.

1.He needs to stay alive for his hair alone.

2.I can't imagine watching Stranger Things and him not being on it.

3.Like...just look at him.

4.I don't even care when his beautiful face looks like Rocky after a fight.

5.I need more resolution to Steve and Eddie both acting as older brother figures to Dustin!!!

6.Steve is the LGBTQ ally we all need.

7.This 100% happened.

8.He's also the babysitter we all need.

9.And the parent we all need, tbh.

10.He loves ALL his children.

11....Even the sarcastic assholes.

12.ESPECIALLY the sarcastic assholes, actually.

13.He will defend them to the death (which is what I'm afraid of).

14.Do NOT manifest this.

15.We need more people like Steve in the world.


17.He is the definition of a himbo.

18.And I don't understand how people aren't begging to date him.

19.Dude is an 11 at LEAST.

20.He's the stuff of Taylor Swift songs (except Steve Harrington would NOT miss your bday).

21.He's gone through the best arc.

22.Like, name a better arc. I'll wait.

23.If Steve dies, we miss out on his incredible friendship with Robin.

24.Which means Robin better not die either!!!!!

25.Just leaving this here...and say that completely unrelatedly...Eddie Munson also must not die....

26.In conclusion, if Steve dies...

27....this will be my reaction.

Who do YOU think is going to die in the Stranger Things two-part finale? Let us know in the comments below!