27 Things '90s Kids Did That Really Feel Like Just Yesterday, But Are Actually Closer To 30 Years Ago

1.Putting a Nickelodeon orange VHS tape into the VCR and feeling excited 'cause you knew you were in for a treat:

A Rugrats VHS tape

2.Taking sniffs of the Disney VHS clam shell cases because it had an addictive oh-so-plasticky smell:

Disney VHS tapes
Noderog / Getty Images

3.And taking sniffs of your SNES and SN64 game cartridges after you played with them because they had a warm, slightly burning plasticky smell:

Nintendo games in a pile
Robtek / Getty Images

4.Also fighting with your sibling(s) and friends over who got to be player 1 and who had to be player 2:

A person playing video games
Luza Studios / Getty Images

5.Having the entire Forrest Gump soundtrack memorized — including the "Forrest Gump Suite" — because your parents played it over and over so much:

The "Forrest Gump" soundtrack

6.Thinking that one day you'd decorate your house with all the expensive artworks and homewares that they sold at the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

Picture of Tweety Bird
Evan Agostini / Getty Images

7.Thinking you were cool AF if you wore a No Fear T-shirt to school or being envious of the kids who wore them:

A "No Fear" T-shirt
u/downadarkallie / Via reddit.com

8.And thinking you were cool AF if you brought a Lunchables to school or being envious of the kids who did:

a Lunchables
Ralf-finn Hestoft / Corbis via Getty Images

9.Wanting to have a Kid Cuisine for dinner because you thought it was the most "gourmet" thing you could eat:

Kid Cuisine
Nostalgia Cat / Via youtube.com

10.Getting your news from Linda Ellerbee:

Linda Ellerbee
[deleted]/ Paramount Networks / Via reddit.com

11.Thinking there was no better vacation souvenir than getting a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt from the city you visited:

A Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt

12.Playing with Mad Libs whenever you were on long trips or bored on flights:

Mad Libs

13.Getting prism ~cool~ stickers from the vending machine at the supermarket:

A Bart Simpson sticker

14.Treating those McDonald's Hercules plates like they were your fine china:

Hercules plates

15.And drinking out of these Looney Tunes cups that always smelled like mildew and were hella hard to wash the inside of:

Looney Tunes cups

16.The excitement you felt any time you got a new Goosebumps book and the anticipation to get through it as quick as you could:

Goosebumps books

17.Feeling super special whenever your teacher awarded you with a much-coveted Weepul:

Donghoward / Via reddit.com

18.Getting one of these popsicles from the ice cream truck and always ending up eating a bit of wet cardboard that it came wrapped in:

Push pops
DioMioMan2 / Via reddit.com

19.Destroying your fingertips checking the battery life on the Duracell PowerCheck batteries:

A Duracell battery
tenpoundtatertot/ Duracell / Via reddit.com

20.And always getting fooled — even if you had already seen it before — by those fake-out Energizer Bunny commercials. The ones where he would interrupt a "commercial" because he keeps "going and going":

The Energizer bunny
Ian Wallace/Energizer / Via youtube.com

21.Playing with the rubber stamps your parents had for decorating cards and for the return address:

rubber stamp

22.And wanting to play with the country cottage bunny stuffed animal (that felt like it was stuffed with concrete) but that was STRICTLY decoration at your friend's or family member's house:

a stuffed bunny

23.Struggling and almost slicing your hand whenever you had to open one of these Disney Read-Along Book and Tapes:

A Disney read-along tape

24.The satisfying feeling you got running your fingers through a freshly opened pack of Gak:

Gak toys
Retropond/ Mattel / Via youtube.com

25.Having TGIF as your number one Friday night plans:

Closeup of Sabrina and Salem
George Lange / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images, James Sorensen / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

26.Straining your eyes to see the hidden 3D image in the Magic Eye books and getting frustrated if you didn't see it:

"Magic Eye" books

27.And lastly, the weird and eerie feeling you would get any time you had to go to your school at night:

A dark school hallway
u/DualCay0te / Via reddit.com