27 Real-Life "Unsolved Mysteries" That — Point Blank — Have No Explanation

WARNING: This article contains mentions of injury, death, and suicide. Please proceed with caution. 

1."I used to get migraines after my son was born. I would have auras that looked like people-shaped shadows just on the periphery. The migraines eventually stopped, and so did the shadows. Fast-forward four years, and we were living in a new house. I started seeing the shadows again and worried about the migraines coming back. However, the migraines never came, and the shadows weren’t random people shapes like before. It looked liked someone peeking around corners or into doorways. When I looked directly, though, it would be gone. I essentially ignored it until one morning, my now-4-year-old son started grumbling. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, 'I hate that peeking guy! He always peeks around corners, and it bugs me!' I had never told anyone about the shadows I was seeing. Turns out he saw them, too."


2."When my son was around 4, my father came to visit. Every time my dad came, something weird would happen. This time he stayed with us at our house. The first night, I woke up around 3 a.m. I went in my son's room to check on him, and I heard music. He had a plastic pinwheel that played 'It's a Small World' when it spun. The song was playing, but the pinwheel wasn’t spinning. I chalked it up to a glitch with the toy. The next night when I checked on my son, I heard this weird sound. I saw my son’s remote control car seemingly suspended in air above his toy chest, with the wheels spinning. It wasn’t moving, just hovering there. I freaked out and left the room. My son was dead asleep the whole time. My dad left that day, and the weird activity stopped. I finally got the courage a few days later to inspect the car...there were no batteries in it."

A child's toy



3."One night when I was at home with my husband, I wanted to watch TV, and he wanted to play games on the computer. That was fine with me, so I found a movie on TV and watched the whole thing by myself. It was a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist ending. I liked it so much that I told my husband about it and said he should watch it, too. I looked for it the next day, but couldn’t find it. A couple of months later while at the theater, we saw a trailer for the Little Red Riding Hood movie I'd watched. My husband said it looked good and that we should go see it. I was so confused and amazed, because it was the same movie I watched on regular TV. I usually have a terrible memory with movies, but I can remember this one clearly. The actors, the story, the twist ending, everything. I see it pop up from time to time and still remember watching it at home, on my couch, with my husband in the other room on the computer, months before even a trailer came out."


4."When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I visited my grandmother with my sister in Arlington, Virginia, close to Washington, DC. We had been walking into a wooded area just outside of the apartment complex where my grandmother lived, where we met a young girl. We played at her house for a couple of hours, and then left to go back home. The next morning, I got up early, before anyone else was up, to go back and see if I could find the house where the little girl lived so we could play together again. I made a peanut butter sandwich to eat for breakfast, and took off to find her. The last thing that I remember was walking into the wooded area near her house. This was probably around 9 or 10 in the morning. At that point, I lost hours of time. I suddenly woke up on a sidewalk in town, with ants crawling all over me from the peanut butter sandwich, which laid uneaten beside me."

"Of course, I was disoriented and scared. I screamed and cried until a nice lady came out of her house to take me in and clean me up. She called the police, who came and talked to me to see if they could find out where I lived. I didn't know how to get there because I was so young — I could only try to describe the place to them. They must have figured out where to take me, and we got into the police car to leave. I remembered the woods that they drove through, but I don't remember anything about how I got from that place to town. There had to be about five hours of missing time from when I started into the woods and when I woke up on the sidewalk, screaming. It was like I was plopped down from the woods into the city. This was in the late '50s, and I am 70 years old now. In all of this time, I still have no memory of what happened during those lost hours, or how I got on that sidewalk!"


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5."I used to be a big Bon Jovi fan when I was a teen. Keep the Faith was my favorite album of theirs, and I listened to it all the time. I'd play the CD during the day in my mini system (we're talking late '90s here), and then I'd listen to it my discman when I went to bed so as not to disturb my parents. One evening, I took the CD out of the CD player and put it in my discman as usual. In the morning, I took it back out to put in my CD player...but when I opened the player, the album was already in there. Yet, it was also in my hand. To this day, I've no idea how this happened, and I still have both copies. I theorized at the time that maybe two had been stuck together and after years of owning it, they finally came apart. This theory was soon debunked when I discovered that stacked together they were too thick to fit in the CD player. This is one of those weird mysteries that will always baffle me."


6."In July of 2020, I had a dream that I was squatting on the floor, holding up a flashlight, and picking through my destroyed items. In my dream, I don’t know what happened, but my home was destroyed, and I was trying to salvage some items. A coworker was with me and was laughing about it, and I told her it wasn’t funny. When I woke up from the dream, I didn’t think anything of it. It was really nothing, I basically forgot about it. Fast-forward, and a month later, I had just been allowed back into my condo after a fire had ripped through my building, destroying my suite and everything I owned in early August. I was lucky it was water damage, so I could salvage jewelry and whatnot. So there I was, squatting in my walk-in closet with a flashlight (no electricity). All of a sudden, I realized that this was the same scene from my dream that I had dreamt about six weeks earlier."

"And the coworker? I’ll call her Jane. A few days after my fire, I knew that her and some other coworkers had gone away to a friend’s cabin (a pre-planned trip). I got together with one of the other coworkers in September. I’ll call her Sandy. She told me how bad they had felt for me and that it was the topic of conversation when they were at the cabin. I told her about the dream and that 'Jane' was laughing at my predicament in it. Sandy’s face went white, and she looked shocked. Her face told me everything. I didn’t even have to ask if Jane had been laughing and probably making wise cracks at what I was going through that weekend — I knew."


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7."As a college student, I worked my university's anthropology museum, cataloging the Native American collection for compliance with the NAGPRA law. Basically, my job was trying to identify anything that had been stolen from the Tribes or robbed from graves, and returning it to the rightful owners. One day, I was going through the accession cards in a filing cabinet in the back of the storage room where the collection was kept. I KNOW I saw someone walk into the room and walk toward me. I assumed it was the supervising professor, so I started talking to him and telling him which cards I had found that needed to be looked into further. No response. I peeked around the shelves toward the door and nobody there."

"Another time, I was in the artifact room with the supervising professor. We were joking about a mannequin that was dressed in an old seal-skin suit — he was sitting slumped in the corner, and we were both a bit bothered by how real he looked. Prof said he was going to hide him in a back storage closet, as he was walking by the chair where the mannequin was sitting. I kid you not, that mannequin suddenly slumped further down in the chair, causing the legs to slide out further and trip the Professor. I had to laugh (I was used to the ghosts by then, and they didn’t seem malevolent). I said, 'He just told you what he thinks about being put in the closet!'"


8."About 10 years ago, we lived in a small village in Oxfordshire after returning from a year in Spain. We moved into the small terraced railway cottage, just the two of us. We had been together a couple of years, and my new wife had a small but very heavy and expensive mirror. She was adamant that it needed a hefty fixing in our new place, so I installed a heavy-duty rawlbolt, which went about four inches into the wall with a large bolt on the outside. It was very secure with a thick, jagged hanger and — being so heavy — it took a great deal of effort to move the mirror up enough to remove it from where it hung."

"Our parents had both died several years earlier. On my wife’s mother's birthday, whilst we sat in the room watching TV, the mirror suddenly fell from the wall and landed on the mantelpiece, leaving a large dent in the shelf. We thought the rawlbolt had failed, but it was still perfectly solid in place. So surely, the hanger on the mirror must be broken off? No, it was still totally intact. There is no explanation for this, as the whole mirror would have to lift up around an inch to come off, and it was so top-heavy that it should have fallen to the floor and smashed. We always said that her mother must have done it on her birthday to get our attention. For clarity, there were no trains passing, and they were too far away (a quarter of a mile) anyway to cause any vibrations that could've moved something so big. We can’t explain this one at all."


Someone holding an old mirror
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9."I used to be a teacher at an old boarding school — third through sixth form — that was full of its own history and scandals. Immediately upon arrival, something felt very off, and I had a constant nagging feeling of needing to escape. My room on campus was in the attic of the oldest building. It was two floors, and my dog was terrified of the second floor — he would never step foot past the top stair. Normally, she never left my side, but she would cry and whine from the stairs, so I slept on my couch in the lower level for a year. At random times, she would jump up, growl, and raise her hackles while hiding in a corner or in front of me. She never stopped crying every time I left and would cry all day long."

"But it got weirder. The front door to the room was so heavy, it would automatically swing shut on its own. One day as I was leaving, I was holding the door open to with one hand and patting my dog's head with the other. Suddenly, she started to growl. The door was ripped from my hand so hard, it bent two of my nails back and hung there for a second before slamming shut on my face. I heard my dog freaking out inside, but I couldn't get my door back open. The maintenance man came later that day and said the lock was broken. I hadn't even locked my door.

Later, while sitting on the couch, my dog jumped up from behind me and came around to look at me with her head cocked to the side. As I was asking what she was looking at, I felt and heard a cold stream of air blow right into my ear. No windows or doors were open. The room didn't have AC or central air. On top of that, hand prints were left on my TV that were much too large to be mine, and the same handprints would be on my arms after I'd slept at night. Three knives went missing from my knife block. The worst thing was how angry and bitter I got as time went on, like I wasn't myself. I lasted the school year then left teaching altogether."


10."At the beginning of my third pregnancy, I was talking to my husband about it, and I said something like, 'I just can’t wait to see the babies.' My husband said, 'Hold on, did you say "babies?"' I hadn’t said it on purpose, but I realized in that moment that I was certain that we were having twins. There was no evidence. There are no twins in my family. But was absolutely certain of it. I said, 'Yeah, we’re going to have twins.' He laughed and said, 'I guess I’ll start looking for a minivan, then.' Two weeks later, I went to my first ultrasound, and I could barely pay attention to anything the tech was saying because I was too busy waiting for her to find the second baby. When she finished measuring the baby and moved on, I thought, 'Well, I guess I was wrong,' and then she said, 'Wait, what’s this?' There was a second heartbeat. I went home and told my husband to buy the minivan."

Screenshot from "The Shining"


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11."Many years ago, I had a roommate who was considering getting a tattoo. We sat together and looked through some of my art books looking for inspiration. I remember considering what I would get if I were to get a tattoo. I decided that I would want an eye, tattooed specifically on my abdomen. I never did get that, or any other tattoo. Ten years later, I answered the phone one day, and the person on the line called me by name. I didn't know the person at all and said so. They responded, 'We met a few months ago at the tattoo convention. You have a tattoo of an eye on your abdomen.'"


12."My father always talked about pennies from heaven. He believed loved ones who’ve passed away send pennies to let you know they’re there with you. My father passed away quickly from cancer, and my mother was devastated. A few months later, on what would’ve been their 48th anniversary, I took her to lunch. As we got to the restaurant, there was a pile of pennies right at the front door. It was dozens of pennies. Mom burst into tears. He was there. After lunch, we went to a drugstore. When Mom got out of the car; there was another pile of pennies next to the car door. Dad sure made his presence was known. I wouldn’t believe it was true if I didn’t witness it firsthand."

A hand holding some pennies
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13."One evening about 10 years ago, I was sitting with my friends at the kitchen table in my parents' house. It was an old house, with its foundations running back to the 1250s. It burned down a couple of times in history, and as it stands now, it dates to about the 1780s. Anyway, we were home alone and just having a nice time, talking. All of a sudden, I heard my sister's voice coming from the direction of the front door saying, 'Hi! I'm home!' Thinking it'd be nice if I greeted her, I got up and walked to the front door. Except, there was no one there, and it was locked. I walked around downstairs and upstairs, thinking she might have gone to her room immediately, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I went back to my friends, saying, 'I must have imagined it.' They all got quiet, because they heard it, too. We decided it was just weird and left it at that."

"A couple of weeks later, I was again home alone and decided to check if all the doors were locked. We had a burglar get into our house a couple years before due to us forgetting to lock a door, so we've been extra careful ever since. When I checked the back door, it was unlocked, so I locked it. Right as I did that, I heard a voice from behind me saying, 'Well done!' I freaked out, turned around, and I didn't see anyone. I sat in a corner of the living room with every light on until my parents got home. It made me convinced there was something else in that house. The strange thing is...the voice didn't sound evil or malicious. It sounded caring and kind, weirdly enough. So after a while, we just sort of accepted there was a mom-like figure in the house looking out for us, and it was strangely comforting."


14."Before my parents had me and my siblings, they lived in a really old American Civil War Era house in Sparta, Tennessee. They were restoring the house — an owner before them had removed the wraparound porch on the second floor, and they were rebuilding it. When it was done, they heard a man pacing in boots with spurs on that porch all night, and every night after that. There were also instances of doors opening and shutting, lights turning off and on (you could see the switch move), and so on. They experienced many paranormal happenings in that home, but the one that takes the cake was when my aunt (my mother’s sister) and uncle went to stay with them."

"They had just finished doing the dishes and — in an old house like that — you had to put a wash tub in the sink to do the dishes. My dad had just finished cleaning the wash tub out when he saw a couple of plates he missed. He said something to my mom, grumbling about having to pull the wash tub out again. I’ve seen pictures, it looks really heavy. Then, with all four of them in the room, the washtub levitated up into the air and moved all the way across the room and into the sink, like someone had picked it up and moved it. Then, something opened the drawer where they kept the sponges, pulled out a sponge, closed the drawer, turned on the sink, and began to wash the plates. It was wild.

I went to this house recently as I was passing through the area, and the house had just been sold for the 30th time in the 25 years since my parents lived there."


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15."This happened one morning in 2019. Our house was small, about 1,200 sq. ft. I had walked from the bedroom to the kitchen several times that morning (which was only five or six steps away), as had my husband. Our baby wasn't walking yet. My husband left to take our son to daycare and, as I walked once more from the bedroom to the kitchen, I stepped in a big dollop of raspberry jam in the middle of the floor. The only open container of jam in the fridge was not raspberry. We had not opened the jam in a few days, anyway. No one had a filled donut or PBJ sandwich or even toast that morning. I had legitimately walked through that tiny spot of floor space, like, 12 times that morning and never saw any jam on the floor. No one else had a key to our house, and we were alone in the house that morning. Where did the jam come from, and WTH?"


16."When I was about 5 years old, we lived in a two-family house that my mom rented. There weren’t many houses on the street, and our house was the only house on our side of the road. The way the house was set up, you had to walk into me and my little brother's bedroom to a flight of stairs that would lead to a loft bedroom where my mom slept. The only way to access her bedroom was through ours. One night, I was laying awake in bed, facing the door to the living room from my bedroom. I saw what I thought was my mom walk by me. This thing looked just like her! So much so that I actually said, 'Good night mommy, love you.' There was no response, and 'she' just went past my bed and up the stairs to my mom's bedroom."

"A minute or so later, I had to use the bathroom, so I got out of bed and opened the door to the living room...only to see my mom and the guy she was dating sitting on the floor. They were up against the couch with a blanket on them, watching TV. Like I said, there was no other way out of my mom’s bedroom except for the stairs through my bedroom. Even if my mom had jumped out of her bedroom window, she wouldn’t have had time to get in the position I saw her sitting in when I opened my bedroom door. Still freaks me out to this day."


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17."When I was 7, my older brother was 17. He had received a Saint Christopher medallion on a chain from his girlfriend that he never took off. One day, he had gone to the river with some friends to go tubing. When he got home, he was standing in our living room talking to my dad, and was very upset. Apparently, the chain on his medallion had broken, and he saw it slip down and fall into the water. He and his friends had searched for a long time in the shallow water to no avail. They were talking in front of our dining room table, which had foldable leaves that were pushed up against the wall when not in use. It was one of my favorite places to play, and I was underneath the table while they were talking, sitting on the floor in roughly the 10 square feet of space underneath it. I peeked out from under the table and confidently said, 'I'll find it for you!' and started looking around."

"They both laughed as I searched the entire area, then started looking again. The third time I looked, there it was, lying right where I had looked twice before, on the floor. We had very short carpet, and the floor was clear the first two times I had looked, but the third time, it was there. My brother and father were amazed. My father said he must have dropped it there, and my brother said again that he had seen it fall in the water at the river 15 miles away. He had no idea how it had wound up under the table, completely dry. This was the first time — but not the last — where I found a lost object that had no business being where I 'found' it."


18."In a horrible Chicago snow blizzard, I had no choice but to run an errand on the way home from work. When I returned to my car, I dropped my car keys — which had a small but fairly heavy black stone carved head on them — in the snow. I looked all over, and despite the fact that I should have seen the black on the snow, I just couldn't find them. I had to call my dad to bring the extra key he had. We both searched again and finally gave up. In the spring, I put away my winter coat and pulled out my lightweight spring coat, which I had not worn since the previous spring. I put it on one morning and drove to work. After parking, I was walking to the building, and I put my hand in my pocket only to discover my keys with the carved stone head! This stopped me dead in my tracks, and many years later, I still can't think of a plausible explanation."

Keys on a car seat


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19."I’ve always believed in angels, and this story is my proof. I was home alone when I received a call that my husband’s mother had passed away. Knowing his plane was about to depart for a long-distance business trip, I frantically called the airline to see if I could reach him. My call was immediately picked up on the first ring by a man named Douglas who told me (by name) not to worry and to hold on. By some miracle, he reached the crew just before takeoff, told my husband the sad news, and the captain turned this huge, commercial plane around so he could disembark. Now here's the strange part of the story. After the funeral, we called the airport to express our sincere thanks to Douglas for his help. This required several attempts, disconnects, and overall frustration before reaching a human. No one had ever heard of Douglas, not even the main office."

"This got us asking questions we'd been too stressed to think about at the time. Like, who had the power to stop a plane and have it turn around when it was already on the runway? And, come to think of it, how did he know my first name when I never mentioned it? Douglas, my angel, that's who."


20."When I was a teen, my parents would occasionally take business trips to locations that were several hours away by car. They would always pop into my room around 4 or 5 in the morning to say they were leaving and ask if I needed anything before they go. I invariably wished them a safe trip and rolled over to return to sleep, and their trips were always uneventful. One morning, however, I awoke crying hysterically and begged them to be careful. I had a horrible premonition of danger, but no idea of what or why."

"They were uneasy, as this behavior was utterly out of character for me. About two hours into their trip, they were driving up a mountain when they saw a car pulled over with the hood raised. My dad was always one to stop to help anyone in distress and normally would have pulled in behind the broken down vehicle. Because of my premonition, they were more wary and decided to pass the car and pull off about 20 yards ahead. My mother scooted over behind the wheel while Dad walked back to see if he could help the young woman standing by the car.

Just as he was nearing the disabled vehicle, two men came running up out of the undergrowth beside the road, one carrying a tire iron, the other a club. They came running at my dad. He turned and sprinted back toward our car, the armed men chasing. My mother had been watching and had the car started and driver’s door open by the time he got there. They barely escaped without harm, but they told me that it was only my premonition that saved them."


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21."When my (now ex) husband and I first got married, we were really young and didn’t have much. We had to live with his mom and grandma for a while until we figured things out. Right when we moved in, I knew something wasn’t right about that house. I would see things out of the corner of my eye, like dark shadows running around. One day, I was sitting in the garage reading (his grandma was a heavy smoker and the house reeked, so the garage was the only place where I could get away from the stench). Behind where I was seated, there was a storage area that had doors. I heard a whisper coming from the storage room that said, 'Hey, what are you reading?' I thought my ex was in there and was trying to scare me. I stood up and flung open the doors, only to find no one there."

"I ran back into the house and hid in my room for the rest of the day until my mother-in-law came home. I told her what happened, and she just looked down and started to cry. I asked her what the heck was going on, and she told me that her best friend in high school committed suicide in that very garage, and sometimes he would show up, especially when he thinks someone would hear him. I obviously never read in the garage again, but I would say hi to him anytime I was in the garage until my ex and I were finally able to move out.

I think that house had more than one spirit lurking around, because that wasn’t my only encounter there. Another time, I was walking from my room to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and I saw someone walking into the laundry room, which was next to the bathroom. I assumed it was my mother-in-law (she was a night owl and was always up doing things really late) and continued to the bathroom. Before I got there, I remembered I had clothes in the dryer, so I went into the laundry room to take them out of her way. But, the laundry room was empty.

There is no way she could have left without me seeing her. I knocked on her bedroom door to ask if she had been in there, and she groggily answered like I had woken her up. I asked if she had been in the laundry room just now, and she insisted that had she been asleep for the last hour. My ex was working, so it wasn’t him. His grandma lived on a different level of the house and never came down because she needed a walker to move around, so it wasn’t her. I know I saw someone. I was never more happy to move out of a house and into a crappy apartment more in my life."


22."This happened just after my husband and I got married. He was still vaping, and he used a pair of BLUE scissors to re-wick his vape, and left them out on my bedside table. Before I went to sleep that evening, I saw it and got this eerie feeling that I should put them away, in fear of someone using it to stab one of us. Feeling completely stupid because we lived in a safe area of town, I kept the feeling of fear to myself. I mean, what are the chances of someone breaking in, walking to our room, and taking the pair of scissors off my bedside table just to stab us with it? Anyway, I put them away, never telling my husband of my thought process. Later that evening, I was awoken by my husband crouching over me, in a defensive manner. I asked him about it, and he said he saw someone trying to stab me. I told him it was just a dream, and we went back to sleep."

"Months later, I asked him about it, and what the object was that I was being 'stabbed with,' and he mentioned the BLUE SCISSORS? I never told him or anyone of my fear that night up until that moment. And I never figured how he could've seen that the same night I got that feeling of fear."


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23."Me and my friend David drove from Philly to Bennington, Vermont every August to work at an art workshop. I had previously told him about the 'unusual' events I had experienced during my life. During the two weeks of the workshop, I saw orbs and heard voices and footfalls in the dorm building I was staying in...but David was not with me when they occurred. So, we finished the workshop, loaded up my truck, and started the drive home. It was hot, in the upper 90s and humid, and we had the windows rolled down because I didn’t have A.C. We were on Route 7 south, north of Albany, New York, driving at 60 mph just sweating and laughing about the supernatural events he missed at the college. The conversation had just hit a lull, when the loudest sneeze I ever heard came from the empty space between us in my tiny Ford Ranger."

"David and I looked at each other, and he said, 'You heard that?' to which I nodded yes. He then said, 'This stuff happens to you a lot?' I nodded again. At this point, we both started laughing so hard we had to pull off the road — just to be safe."

—Cheryl, Philadelphia, PA

24."My dad's father, or grampy, died years before I was born, so I never met him. I also didn't see a lot of photos of him growing up, I think because there was some tension between my dad and grampy. Late one night when I was a teenager, I was watching TV with my dad. I got up to go to the kitchen and get a snack during commercials. The kitchen was really just one side of this really large, open room which extends into a sitting room. I only had the kitchen light on at the time, so the sitting area was dimly lit by the kitchen light. As I was making my snack, I heard my dad walk into the room, so I lifted my gaze from the cutting board. However, when I looked up, he wasn't there. In the dimly lit sitting room, I saw someone sitting on a couch in the dark."

"It wasn't exactly a person, it was more like I was looking at tiny, dancing, colorful lights in the shape of a person. I couldn't make out a face or any distinguishing features, just that it looked like a person. But, I could tell it was a man somehow, and this man was sitting in a very distinct way. He was rested up against the back of the couch with his arms outstretched and resting over the tops of the cushions, and he sat with one leg crossed over his knee. As I was looking at this, I just got this gut feeling that it was my grampy. I never met him, but I somehow just knew it was him. I don't know how long I stood there looking at this figure, but eventually, I got freaked out and left the kitchen to go back to the TV room. I completely forgot my snack and just left it behind.

I sat down on the couch across from my dad in the TV room, trying to make sense of what I just saw. After a minute I said, 'Dad, is there a particular way that grampy used to sit on the couch?' Dad chuckled and responded, 'Yes, actually. We had a couch that didn't really have a back to it, so we just put these big cushions up against the wall. He used to always fall asleep watching TV with his arms stretched out and resting on the cushions and his legs crossed, like this—'And then he proceeded to do the EXACT position I had seen this figure in the sitting room do. Like I said, I hadn't seen many pictures of grampy growing up, and I never saw any of him doing that, so I have no idea how I would have known that. My dad asked why, and I just mumbled back, 'No reason.' My dad would sometimes get spooked by supernatural stuff, and I didn't know if he would have wanted to hear that his daughter might have just seen his dead father in the kitchen. So, I kept it to myself.

A decade later, I was in my late 20s and living in another part of the country. One Christmas, I flew home, and my dad picked me up at the airport. My dad and I got to chatting on the drive home. Somehow or other, the topic of supernatural things came up, and I finally told my dad the story of what I saw in the sitting room 10 years earlier. When I finished the story, I looked over at my dad in the driver's seat. He was pale and had a look of disbelief on his face as he was looking ahead at the road. He said, 'About a week ago, your mom had a meeting with her coworkers at the house. One of them claims to be a medium, and as soon as this lady walked through the door, she looked straight at me and said, 'Your father likes to come visit here sometimes, and your daughter has seen him.''"


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25."When I was in my late 20s, I lived downtown in a big city and relied heavily on public transit. I took it at least twice a day, every day to and from work. Naturally, I bought a monthly transit pass (typical plastic type, same size as a credit card). Since I used public transit so often, I was always very aware of where my pass was. I was constantly checking for it in my purse or pocket to be sure it was with me. Well one day, it just vanished. I searched EVERYWHERE for it; every inch of my tiny apartment, every bag, purse, jackets, pants, anything that had a pocket. It was nowhere to be found. I remember being really annoyed because this meant I had to scrounge up change for the fare every day. This went on for about a week."

"Then one day, I was standing on the subway platform, wearing my jacket that I had been wearing consistently for weeks as it was fall. All of a sudden, the transit pass slowly slipped out of the sleeve of my jacket, resting in my left hand. I just stared at it. I had been wearing that jacket all week, moving my arms freely, waking, running, taking it on and off. How would it have not fallen out before? The lining of the jacket was sewn evenly and was flush with the material it connected to, so there was no hidden fabric for the card to slip into. When it did appear, it slid out slowly and smoothly from my sleeve, into my hand, kind of like how a bank machine would return your card from the slot. It was so weird. I still don't know what to make of it."


26."When I was a kid, my family moved to a newly built home in New Jersey. The entire neighborhood was newly built on old farmland long since abandoned. When I was 11 and my sister was 9, our paternal grandfather passed away. Shortly thereafter, my sister and I decided to play in the 'extra' bedroom upstairs, which served as the 'junk' room at that time. We found a Ouija board and began playing with it, and eventually started asking Pop-Pop some innocent questions, like 'What’s your middle name?' and 'What date was your birthday?' I already knew the answers and wanted to see if I was unconsciously influencing the board to provide the correct response, so I said, 'Please give us a sign that you’re really here.'"

"We waited for a minute or so, looking around the room, and suddenly, I saw, right by my elbow, an old rubber beverage coaster. That particular coaster was inextricably linked in my mind with Pop-Pop, because he’d use it to hold his beer when he visited us. The table had been COMPLETELY BARE, except for the Ouija board just a moment before!  That was his answer!

On another occasion, my sister and I were playing an old radio that had belonged to Pop-Pop. It was powered by electricity and worked very well, considering how old it was. While we were playing with a few toys and listening to the radio, we heard our mom call us to come downstairs for dinner. My sister turned off the radio, and we got up to leave...but the radio continued to play. We stopped and tried the 'off' knob again, but the music kept playing. We both tried every button and knob, but nothing worked, so I pulled the radio’s plug out of the electric socket, and it STILL kept playing! After standing there for a minute or two, we ran downstairs to ask my dad to come look at it. By the time he got upstairs, the radio had stopped playing. We never did figure it out, but my sister and I were convinced that Pop-Pop was there and had played a little prank on us!"


People using a Ouija board
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27.And finally, "My husband, myself, and our five kids were driving from Utah back to our home in Arizona through Las Vegas. We had just gotten gas back in Mesquite and weren’t planning on stopping until after the dam. Suddenly, I realized I had pulled off at an exit. My husband asked what I was doing, and he said I responded with, 'The Spirit told me to get off.' I don’t remember saying it. I do remember that, as he was asking me, a truck that had been driving next to us flipped and rolled over the car next to it, which would’ve been us had I not gotten off. We watched as the driver's body flew out of the truck. I realized I had watched her swerve to miss a tow truck that was parked in the emergency lane. She was driving so fast, wasn’t wearing her seat belt, and got ejected when she flipped."

"Months later, at a late night girls' night, we were talking about strange warnings we’d gotten from the spirit, and I shared that story. My friend started to cry. She said that was her best friend's little sister who had died. She said they never knew what had caused the accident, because none of the witnesses had seen exactly what happened. But we had, because of where we were parked on the elevated off-ramp. We survived that day, and we were able to bring peace to her family. What are the chances?"


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