27 Mistreated Dogs Rescued in Missouri

27 Mistreated Dogs Rescued in Missouri
27 Mistreated Dogs Rescued in Missouri

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We’re probably all familiar with the expression used by various animal lovers: “[One’s favorite animal species] are like potato chips – you can’t just have one!”. For many pet parents, this expression is true, and even beneficial.

Dogs in multi-dog households are often happier and more social than single dogs. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. When one takes on too many pets to care for, it can be detrimental to the pets’ (and your) health. Sadly, such cases are common; in Missouri, an animal shelter is currently overwhelmed with just one person’s neglected dogs.

Dogs Rescued From Neglectful Home

No Time to Spare Animal Rescue & Sanctuary took in almost thirty dogs in varying conditions. All dogs arrived from a home in Franklin County, Missouri. The rescue noted that donations are appreciated.

Many of the dogs rescued have various medical conditions that require treatment. None of the dogs are spayed and neutered. The dogs were living in ‘deplorable’ conditions; many have open wounds, and some are heartworm positive.

Helping Dogs in Need

Even if you don’t live near this shelter, there are things you can do to help. You can almost always make an online donation through a service like Paypal to rescues in need. Don’t have extra money to spare? That’s okay. Most shelters need fosters and volunteers, too. In many cases, foster pet parents are provided with any necessary supplies.

Many shelters also have itemized wishlists. You may not have cash to spare, but collars your dog has grown out of, unused puppy pads, or other household supplies can often be donated. There are things you can do to help without even leaving your home. Consider sharing your local shelter’s adoptable pets on social media. Others in your area who are able to adopt just might find a fur-ever friend because of you!

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