27 Gifts That Will Help Your Stressed Friend Chill All the Way Out

India Yaffe

We all have that one stress ball of a human being who we call a friend (and maybe you're that person). They're always worrying about something, and sometimes you just wish you could tell them to take a deep breath and chill the f*ck out. While that may be a bit harsh, a subtler way to do this is by gifting them with things that will help them calm down long enough to realize that most of the time, they're going to get through it. Here are 27 gifts for your stressed-out friends that you could maybe use after a long day, too.

What's at the top of our list? Well, we found crystal beauty tools, wellness planners, and even silk eye masks. There's also an essential oil diffuser for the car (we know), and a CBD bath soak. Doesn't that sound ideal? If you end up keeping a few of these gifts for yourself, we won't say a thing.

- Additional reporting by Hilary White


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