27 Delicious Ninja Creami Recipes, From Ice Cream to Smoothie Bowls

The Ninja Creami is a do-it-all ice cream, smoothie, gelato & sorbet maker.

If you've ever tried making your own ice cream or sorbet at home without an ice cream maker, you know it's not exactly easy to get it to be extremely creamy (without the ice particles). Even with an ice cream machine, it takes at least a few hours to get the ice cream ready—and to the consistency you want.

Enter the Ninja Creami, one of the latest gadgets in the Ninja family that's a do-it-all ice cream maker, smoothie master, sorbet crafter and gelato genius. Ninja is also the brand behind the Ninja Foodi that has literally become a household name.

The Creami is their latest gadget loved by busy families who want to create frozen treats at home but don't have hours to do so. And these 27 best Ninja Creami recipes will help you do just that.

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How does the Ninja Creami work?

The Ninja Creami transforms frozen solid bases into ice cream, sorbets, milkshakes and more, at the touch of a button. Ninja’s Creamify technology enables the Creami to break down a uniformly frozen block into an incredibly smooth, creamy texture in just 2-5 minutes. You'll have to prepare the base in advance, but this part is easy. Just take the ingredients of your favorite ice cream, sorbet or milkshake recipe, blend them and then freeze overnight to get the base.

How much does the Ninja Creami cost?

You can purchase the Ninja Creami for $229.99 on NinjaKitchen.com.

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What to make in the Ninja Creami

From fruity sorbets such as Easy Plum Amaretto Sorbet, Blueberry Lemon Sorbet to Cherry Sorbet and ice cream such as Limoncello Gelato, Coconut Lime Ice Cream and Roasted Blackberry Ice Cream, there are tons of easy frozen desserts you can make with your Creami!

How to clean the Ninja Creami

Before cleaning, make sure to remove the Creamerizer Paddle from the outer bowl lid by rinsing the lid and pressing the paddle latch. The containers, lids and paddle are all dishwasher safe (top rack only). Ensure the paddle, pint, outer bowl and lids are all separated before placing them in the dishwasher.

How long does Ninja Creami ice cream last?

Your Creami creation is best consumed within 2 weeks of creation.

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Best Ninja Creami Recipes

Here are 27 easy Ninja Creami recipes, from ice cream and smoothies, to sorbet and gelato. Browse through them, pin your favorites and see why making these creamy concoctions at home is so much better than buying them at the store.

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