26 Creative Guest Bathroom Ideas

Impress visitors with these clever guest bathroom ideas, including thoughtful amenities and clever storage hacks.

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

Guests should feel welcome the moment they step into your house, and that hospitality extends to the guest bedroom and the bathroom, where visitors should feel at ease and have everything they need within arm's reach. Whether designing a guest bathroom from scratch or layering on the finishing touches, consider these guest bathroom ideas when planning for overnight visitors.

Install Privacy Shades

<p>Julie Soefer</p>

Julie Soefer

Most everyone loves a bathroom with natural light, but guests will feel more comfortable when they can close the shades to change or shower. A simple pull-down shade is often the best bathroom window treatment option so guests aren't left wondering how to open and close them.

Corral Essentials on a Tray

<p>Brie Williams,</p>

Brie Williams,

To pack efficiently, travelers often bring the minimum, especially if they're flying via carry-on and must abide by the FAA's 3.5-ounce rule. If you have the counter space, fill a tray with everyday toiletries such as lotion, cotton swabs, and cleansing pads.

Add Easy-to-Reach Storage

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

A small bathroom can present some challenges when preparing for guests. One solution to limited storage is to add shelves above the toilet. In addition to creating more space, displaying items in the open, such as plush bath towels, makes it easier for guests to find things.

Layer in Little Luxuries

<p>Miki Duisterhof</p>

Miki Duisterhof

After a long trip (or even a short one), there's nothing like a hot shower or bath. Keep your shower stocked with all the bathing essentials, such as washcloths, razors, body and face scrubs, and more. If it's in the budget, splurge on a nice shampoo or conditioner.

Don't Forget the Toilet Paper

<p>Dana Gallagher</p>

Dana Gallagher

Nothing is worse than an empty toilet paper roll when visiting someone else's home. Don't keep guests wondering whether there's a roll in the vanity drawer or nearby linen closet. Displaying a basket out in the open and stocked with extra rolls will put guests at ease.

Make It Accessible

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

James Nathan Schroder

If your visitors include little ones, add a stool into the guest bathroom so they can reach the sink. If they're old enough to brush their teeth and wash their hands on their own, they won't have to call their parents in for a boost.

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Consider Open Shelving

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

James Nathan Schroder

Opening and closing cabinets over and over old gets old (and noisy). Designing a guest bathroom with open shelving keeps bathroom accessories in the open and easy to locate. Here, wicker baskets keep extra towels neat and at the ready on an open vanity shelf.

Add Greenery

<p>Stacey Brandford </p>

Stacey Brandford

There's no reason houseplants can't extend to the guest bathroom. If it's a space used only when guests are in town, or if the bathroom is windowless, consider an artificial plant instead.

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Fake a Medicine Cabinet

<p>Marty Baldwin</p>

Marty Baldwin

If you have a small bathroom sans a medicine cabinet, you can create storage by choosing a mirror with a built-in shelf. Make sure to add a cup to hold a toothbrush and toothpaste should guests want to store it there during their stay.

Punch It Up with Patterns

<p> Annie Schlechter</p>

Annie Schlechter

In the case of a small, windowless guest bathroom, don't fight a lack of natural light. Rather than trying to brighten it up, embrace it by leaning into darker colors. Complete the look with bold patterns to make the space feel special.

Add Fresh Flowers

<p>Werner Segarra</p>

Werner Segarra

A bouquet of flowers goes a long way to freshen up a bathroom and make guests feel welcome. Your floral arrangement doesn't have to be elaborate either. A few blooms and sprigs of foliage cut from the garden can be the perfect touch.

Put Hidden Storage in Plain Sight



Rolling carts double as functional vertical storage in lieu of a vanity or medicine cabinet. If a traditional utility cart isn't the right solution, try a slimmed-down version that can slide between the sink and the toilet. Before purchasing this slim bathroom storage unit, make sure it has enough space to fit all the essentials.

Add a Peg Rail

<p>JEFF HERR</p>


Hooks are a guest bathroom's best friend, and a peg rack is especially versatile and storage-friendly. Use one to hang fresh towels, bathrobes, or body brushes. You can even hang a basket for stashing smaller bathroom accessories.

Swap a Bath Mat for a Vintage Rug

<p>Werner Straube</p>

Werner Straube

A super-soft bath mat is ideal for stepping out of the shower but can accumulate a lot of dirt in a high-traffic bathroom. For everyday use, opt for a vintage rug instead. They are often incredibly durable, and if you choose one with a vibrant pattern, it will mask dirt and stains.

Incorporate Bathroom Hooks

<p>Stacy Zarin Goldberg</p>

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Incorporating hooks is an affordable and clever way to add open storage to a guest bathroom. Hooks are ideal for holding everything from towels to robes but also swimsuits, toiletry bags, nightgowns, and sweaters.

Install Bathroom Wallpaper

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

Wallpaper can make a guest bathroom feel particularly special. Help guests feel transported by outfitting a small guest bath with floral wallpaper. When choosing bathroom wallpaper, consider scaling the blooms to the size of the room.

Turn an Antique Dresser into a Vanity

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

Antique and vintage furnishings add warmth, character, and unmatched patina to a guest bathroom. Dressers can easily be transformed into beautiful, functional vanities. Guests will be impressed by your DIY skills and you'll have a one-of-a-kind furnishing.

Transform a Tiny Space



Don't let a small space deter you from finding clever storage solutions. Oftentimes, vertical bathroom storage is the best option, and even one or two shelves go a long way for storing a couple of towels and toilet paper. You can also carve out space on a shelf for an empty basket where guests can stash their toiletry and toothpaste during their stay.

Decorate with Candles

<p>Alisa Bovino</p>

Alisa Bovino

When creating a relaxing space, there's nothing like the flicker of a wam candle to add to the ambiance. Since everyone has a different tolerance for scents, have a couple of different options, such as unscented and floral, at the ready for guests. Don't forget to add a nice box of matches nearby so guests can light bathroom candles as they choose.

Hang a Statement Mirror

<p>Joseph Keller</p>

Joseph Keller

A whimsical mirror might not be practical for a primary bathroom, but in a guest bathroom, it can really make a statement. Choose a piece that balances fun and functional, like this organic coastal-inspired mirror.

Add Artwork



Don't discount artwork in a bathroom. Not only does it make a bathroom feel personal, but it also adds character. Just make sure to choose a durable piece that can withstand a humid environment.

Upgrade Your Tub

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

You don't have to fill it with water, soap, and bubbles the moment they arrive, but preparing a bath for guests is a nice way to help them relax after a long trip. Here are a few things to have ready: A tray for a book, bath salts, a bathrobe, and a stack of freshly laundered towels.

Utilize a Stool

<p>Stacey Brandford</p>

Stacey Brandford

When preparing a guest bathroom, keep in mind that guests range in age. A stool can come in handy for sitting down, reaching the sink, stacking towels, or placing next to a tub for a potted plant or a cup of coffee.

Make Storage Clear

<p>Edmund Barr</p>

Edmund Barr

Anything you can do to make it convenient for guests to find items is always a big plus. Consider open shelving but also lidless baskets, clear acrylic containers, glass jars, and plenty of wall hooks.

Double the Sink

<p>Read McKendree</p>

Read McKendree

When your guest bathroom needs to accommodate multiple people, a double sink can ensure there's always plenty of space for handwashing and teeth-brushing. A vintage-inspired trough-style sink adds a timeless look to a small guest bath.

Put in a Pocket Door



Small guest bathrooms often need to multitask. Adding a pocket door allows a guest bathroom to function separately as a toilet and a vanity area where people can brush their teeth, shave, apply makeup, and more.

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