250 Inspiring Bucket List Ideas To Accomplish in Your Lifetime

Must-see places and challenging experiences to try.

No matter your age, most of us have ideas of things we would love to do in our lifetime. Some of those things could be basic goals and others might be a little more adventuresome or challenging. Instead of letting those thoughts or goals just ramble around in our brains, it's a good idea to formalize the ideas into a bucket list. That way, whether you want to learn a different language or hope to witness a blood moon, writing those bucket list ideas down will help you to get them accomplished.

It's first important to understand what a bucket list really is and what types of things you put on it. You may have some preconceived ideas about this, however, you'll be happy to find out a bucket list can consist of much more than just heart-stopping thrills that stare death in the face. Something as simple as reading a classic could be a challenging and rewarding experience for you.

If you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper with no idea what to even consider as a goal, no worries! We have put together a whopping list of 250 bucket list ideas that you may want to consider for yourself.

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What Is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a list that is made up of a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. These will usually consist of things that someone has never done before but hopes to do before they die. It's a way of keeping track of what is most important to you and identifying the milestones and experiences you hope to have.

What a bucket list is not, is a list of tasks. A chore or to-do list is a totally separate list.

How Do You Make a Bucket List?

There is no hard and set rule for what goes on a bucket list. In fact, each person's bucket list will probably be totally different than another person's. Some people are way over the top with adventure-seeking. They may include "scary" things like tightrope walking, which might make another person nauseous just thinking about it.

Many people think that a bucket list needs to contain only very remarkable accomplishments. However, any new experience that is important to you should be included on your bucket list. If it is a goal that you have before you die, then it is absolutely a bucket list item.

What Is Number One On Most People's Bucket Lists?

According to a survey done by YouGov, the number one item on most people's bucket lists is "getting healthier." In fact, 41% of adults surveyed came up with that response. Here is the list of the three most common responses within all age groups.

  • Get healthier/lose weight - 41%

  • Travel to an exotic location - 35%

  • Achieve a wealth goal - 29%

There were some slight variations in the top three between Gen Z'ers and Baby Boomers. Gen Z'ers had achieving wealth as number one, followed by getting healthier and then a tie with owning a home and getting married. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, responded with getting healthier as number one, followed by traveling and then changing someone's life for the better.

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Challenging Bucket List Ideas

Everyone likes a challenge. Once the challenge is accomplished, it feels so worthwhile and rewarding. Think of anything that interests you, even if it feels intimidating, and write those things down.

  1. Run a marathon

  2. Drive a race car

  3. Hike the Appalachian Trail

  4. Write a book

  5. Learn to cook

  6. Learn to bake

  7. Try a DIY home project

  8. Make your own wine

  9. Brew your own beer

  10. Learn kickboxing

  11. Learn yoga

  12. Get physically fit

  13. Go ziplining

  14. Create a video that goes viral

  15. Try axe throwing

  16. Learn archery

  17. Learn to paddle board

  18. Climb a mountain

  19. Try ice climbing

  20. Visit all 50 states

  21. Get on a live tv show

  22. Scuba diving

  23. Ride a mechanical bull

  24. Go kite surfing

  25. Learn to rollerblade

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Thrilling Bucket List Ideas

If you love thrill and adventure, this section is full of ideas that will get your heart pumping.

  1. Ride a rollercoaster

  2. Go sky diving

  3. Go parasailing

  4. Go bungee jumping

  5. Go water skiing

  6. Go snow skiing

  7. White water rafting

  8. Take a hot air balloon ride

  9. Ride in a helicopter

  10. Go surfing

  11. Ride a motorcycle

  12. Drive a side by side

  13. Ride a dirt bike

  14. Go snowmobiling

  15. Ride a horse

  16. Explore a cave

  17. Bike down a volcano

  18. Visit the Grand Canyon

  19. Rent a dune buggy

  20. Swim in a hot spring

  21. Attend the Olympics

  22. Attend the Super Bowl

  23. Travel on a train

  24. Fly in a plane

  25. See a waterfall

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Sporting Bucket List Ideas

Some of you may be hunting or sports enthusiasts. In that case, you may have specific goals for each category. Each specific goal can be its own bucket list item.

  1. Moose hunting

  2. Deep sea fishing

  3. Deer hunting

  4. Bear hunting

  5. Duck hunting

  6. Turkey hunting

  7. Learn fly fishing

  8. Fish the Great Lakes

  9. Predator hunting

  10. Learn to golf

  11. Play a team sport

  12. Go rock climbing

  13. Take a float plane to a remote area

  14. Play a game of paintball

  15. Hunt for elk

  16. Hunt an animal from another country

  17. Play tennis

  18. Play racquetball

  19. Play pickleball

  20. Play padel

  21. Play volleyball

  22. Play softball

  23. Play baseball

  24. Play soccer

  25. Play football

Travel Bucket List Ideas

Most of us have some type of travel interest. There is no end to the travel goals that you might have. This section highlights some popular ideas that can lead to many more specifics or further destinations.

  1. Go on an African safari

  2. Go on an Alaskan cruise

  3. Visit another country

  4. Visit a tropical island

  5. Visit all seven continents

  6. Visit a rainforest

  7. Go to an aquarium

  8. Visit a science museum

  9. Go to Hawaii

  10. Stay on a yacht

  11. Stay in a luxury hotel

  12. Stay in a cabin

  13. Sleep in a tent

  14. Stay at a bed and breakfast

  15. Visit a castle

  16. Travel through the mountains

  17. Visit the East Coast

  18. Visit the West Coast

  19. Visit Yellowstone National Park

  20. Visit New York City

  21. Visit Los Angelas

  22. Travel in a riverboat

  23. Take a taxi

  24. Ride the Subway

  25. Take a friendcation

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Popular Bucket List Ideas

We tend to all start with some common goals in life such as going to college or getting married. This is a good place to start when coming up with your own list.

  1. Have fulfilling friendships

  2. Go to college

  3. Get married

  4. Buy a house

  5. Fall in love

  6. Have a fulfilling career

  7. Have kids

  8. Retire early

  9. Be your own boss

  10. Start a garden

  11. Find a church

  12. Build a dream home

  13. Buy a vacation home

  14. Send kids to college

  15. Volunteer somewhere

  16. Accomplish a goal

  17. Travel somewhere new

  18. Learn photography

  19. Attend a formal event

  20. Ride bike trails

  21. Meet a celebrity

  22. Master a video game

  23. Get paid to travel

  24. Order room service

  25. Play the stock market

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Fun Bucket List Ideas

Do you like to have fun? Here are some things that you might enjoy trying.

  1. Go sailing

  2. Go snorkeling

  3. Pan for gold

  4. Go beachcombing

  5. Go camping

  6. Go canoeing

  7. Go kayaking

  8. Go wine tasting

  9. Go boating

  10. Swim with sea turtles

  11. Swim with dolphins

  12. Learn to ice skate

  13. See the Northern Lights

  14. View a rocket take off

  15. Take an airboat to see alligators

  16. Go to a concert

  17. Go to symphony

  18. Go to a play

  19. Ride a skateboard

  20. Ride an electric scooter

  21. Ride in a limo

  22. Do a flip on a trampoline

  23. Bike down a volcano

  24. Attend a rodeo

  25. Ride in a horse and carriage

Bucket List Ideas For the Mind

Stay young with bucket list ideas that challenge your brain. Here is some food for thought to get you started.

  1. Read a classic

  2. Learn another language

  3. Take a class

  4. Learn an art

  5. Learn to play an instrument

  6. Play chess

  7. Learn a new card game

  8. Read the Bible in a year

  9. Learn how to code

  10. Learn how to drive a stick shift

  11. Take up a new hobby

  12. Learn to dance

  13. Play sudoku

  14. Put together a 1,000-piece puzzle

  15. Memorize scripture

  16. Learn to line dance

  17. Learn calligraphy

  18. Take singing lessons

  19. Go to an art gallery

  20. Read a biography

  21. Learn history

  22. Learn a new skill

  23. Put together your family tree

  24. See a ballet

  25. See an opera

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Bucket List Ideas for Health

Some of these ideas for health-related goals may seem like New Year's resolutions. However, they are great to add to a bucket list as they will enrich your life.

  1. Become physically fit

  2. Eat healthy

  3. Try intermittent fasting

  4. Meditate

  5. Reach your goal weight

  6. Conquer a fear

  7. Eat a new food

  8. Go oyster hunting

  9. Start an herb garden

  10. Chop firewood

  11. Join a book club

  12. Be a mentor

  13. Own a pet

  14. Do a charity walk

  15. Learn CPR

  16. Make a positive change in someone's life

  17. Start a charity

  18. Visit a beach

  19. Unplug for a week

  20. Teach a class

  21. Sponsor a child

  22. Vote in an election

  23. Write a poem

  24. Write a song

  25. Start a journal

Unique Bucket List Ideas

Have you ever thought of chasing a storm or sending a message in a bottle? Think outside the box a little as you are putting together your list.

  1. Chase a storm

  2. Own a piece of Tiffany's jewelry

  3. Own investment real estate

  4. Stay at an all-inclusive resort

  5. Partake in a progressive dinner

  6. Do the polar bear plunge

  7. Own an original piece of artwork

  8. Rope swing into the water

  9. Send a message in a bottle

  10. Start a blog

  11. Whistle with two fingers

  12. Bowl a strike

  13. Dive off a high diving board

  14. Fly a kite

  15. Go ice fishing

  16. Play badminton

  17. Dye hair

  18. Get a pedicure

  19. Get a manicure

  20. Take a mud bath

  21. Have a house cleaner

  22. Flip a house

  23. Attend a pig roast

  24. Drink expensive wine

  25. Participate in a parade

Creative Bucket List Ideas

Creating something can be a rewarding challenge for most people. If you have any interest at all, you can easily take a class to learn just about anything.

  1. Make a career out of a hobby

  2. Build a sand castle

  3. Learn pottery

  4. Paint something

  5. Make jewelry

  6. Learn to sew

  7. Learn to knit

  8. Learn to crochet

  9. Make stained glass

  10. Learn woodworking

  11. Start a collection

  12. Invent something

  13. Make a balloon animal

  14. Make a model car

  15. Act in a play

  16. Learn glass blowing

  17. Decoupage something

  18. Design a website

  19. Complete a cross-stitch piece

  20. Tie-dye a T-shirt

  21. Make a scrapbook

  22. Make a candle

  23. Learn origami

  24. Make soap

  25. Refinish a piece of furniture

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