25 Wellness Launches to Kickstart 2023

While the hustle and bustle of the holiday season may be in full swing, over the past few months brands have released an array of wellness-focused launches in advance of the new year. From supplements and suppositories to non-alcoholic beverages for Dry January, this roundup tackles all of the top new wellness products to kickstart 2023.

Fāth Bespoke New England Set

Ahead of the holidays, clean skin care brand Fāth partnered with Black-owned, New England-based, female-founded luxury jewelry brand We Dream in Colour to create a limited-edition gift set. The holiday gift features two botanical-inspired products: Fāth’s bestselling The Mage Oil and We Dream in Colour’s The Ophelia Earrings.

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Mojave Desert Skin Shield Skin Care Line

This November, wellness guru Patricia Vernhes reformulated, repackaged and officially relaunched her skin care line as a part of her brand Mojave Desert Skin Shield. This month, she launched the brand new Organic Oasis of Mara Hand Cream, formulated with apricot kernel, avocado oil and manuka oil meant to leave hands soft and hydrated. The brand will also launch at Le Bon Marché in February.

AvalonX Berberine 500

This December, wellness content creator Melanie Avalon launched a third supplement in her brand AvalonX. The new Berberine 500 supplement, which was produced in collaboration with MD Logic Health, is a natural plant alkaloid that is meant to help regulate blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Jupiter Daily Scalp Essential Supplement 

With scalp care booming, Jupiter responded with its first supplement: Daily Scalp Essential. The supplement is formulated with biotin, zinc and aminos aimed at promoting longer and stronger hair, as well as adaptogenic mushrooms meant to reduce the negative impact of stress on scalp health.

Bearaby Napigan

It’s no secret that weighted blankets can help reduce stress, but as people return to working in the office, it’s a little harder to snuggle up. So Bearaby released a weighted sweater, the Napigan, so consumers can take weighted comfort with them on-the-go.


Biotech wellness brand Eons launched this November with its Smart Mushroom Coffee, infused with functional mushrooms, vitamins and amino acids and aiming to provide jitter-free energy and focus. Now, the brand has expanded its functional mushroom offerings with its gummy supplements, including formulas for sleep and energy.

Eucerin Advanced Repair Scented Night Lotion and Eucerin Daily Hydration Gel Cream 

Eucerin’s new Advanced Repair Scented Night Lotion and Daily Hydration Gel Cream are formulated to address the impact of the upcoming winter months. Both formulas are infused with long-lasting moisturizing ingredients to provide all-day hydration and soothe irritated skin.

Vahdam Tea Collaborations

Over the past few months, Vahdam Tea has released several limited-edition collaborations, including one with former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, to provide a bit of self care in style. The wellness brand also released an “Emily in Paris” line to celebrate the hit Netflix show which dropped its third season this week.

O Positiv Retro Acne Capsules

With the supplement category continuing to boom, O Positiv has expanded its offerings to include the Retro Acne Capsules, focused on clearing and preventing breakouts. According to the brand, women saw a 94 percent reduction of acne after 12 weeks.

The Nue Co Water Therapy

The Nue Co’s latest functional scent Water Therapy uses olfactory technology to recreate the feeling of being around water to create an overall sense of calm and reduce stress. The fragrance includes notes of seaweed, salt, cardamom and rose.

Liquid I.V. Immunity Support Wild Berry Blend

Liquid I.V. is kickstarting the new year with its newest Wild Berry Blend flavor to support immunity. The mix is formulated with vitamin C, BetaVia and zinc meant to help people hydrate and maintain overall health.

ESW Plant-Based Milk Sheet Masks

Following its popular Raw Juice Line, ESW recently expanded with its new Plant-Based Milk Sheet Masks line. Housed in packaging inspired by classic milk cartons, each mask is infused with ultra-hydrating ingredients meant to nourish dry skin this winter.

Canopy Humidifier Plus

Canopy is known for being the dermatologist-backed skin care enhancing humidifier. To further expand their reach, the brand has released its new Humidifier Plus, which can hydrate rooms up to 1,000-square-feet. A well-hydrated room can not only help with sore throats and congestion, but it can also boost the skin’s moisture.

Native Deodorant Spray

Native’s newest deodorant and body spray provides the same benefits of the brand’s hero product without the stains. The product, which marks a brand new category for the brand, is aluminum and paraben-free just like the stick deodorant version and uses an ozone-friendly natural propellant spray. The new deodorant is now available in six of the brand’s best-selling scents including Coconut & Vanilla, Cucumber & Mint, Eucalyptus & Mint, Lilac & White Tea, Sea Salt & Cedar and Sweet Peach & Nectar.

Recess Zero-Proof “Margarita”

To gear up for Dry January, Recess recently released its zero-proof “margarita.” The lime and agave sparkling mocktail is infused with hemp and adaptogens to provide calm and balance.

Billie Ultimate Skin Solution

Billie’s Ultimate Skin Solution is packed with alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids to prevent and remove ingrown ingrown hairs and genty exfoliate the skin. The spray also includes aloe vera to soothe and hydrate the skin after and in between shaves.

Après Equinox by Equinox Hotels

To embrace the winter, Equinox Hotels has created the Après Equinox experience on the terrace and pool deck at the Equinox Hotels Hudson Yards location. The experience is inspired by Nordic spas and features barrel saunas, the heated pool, meditation classes and warm beverages. The winter experience is open to Equinox Destination members and Equinox Hotel guests.

Uma Santal Silk Rejuvenating Body Oil and Body Balm

Ayurvedic wellness brand Uma, founded by Shrankhla Holecek, has embraced the santal scent craze with its new Santal Silk scent, featured in the Rejuvenating Body Oil and Body Balm. While the scent is popular amongst fragrance connoisseurs now, it was traditionally used in ancient Indian aromatherapy to heal and cleanse. The ingredient also has several skin benefits, including toning, tightening and brightening, according to the brand.

Nina Westbrook Do Tell! Conversation Card Game 

Mindful activities, such as puzzles and conversational games, have been on the rise. This new game from Nina Westbrook ignites meaningful conversation through themed card decks, including Keep It Cool, Spice Things Up and One Good Deed.

JS Health Pure Matcha+ Green Tea Powder

JS Health’s new Pure Matcha+ uses 100 percent certified organic matcha grown and harvested in Grown and harvested in Uji Tawara, Kyoto, Japan. The new powder can be used to create hot or iced matcha-based beverages.

Vagitaminz by LaLa Milan

Actress, comedian and influencer LaLa Milan recently launched her boric-acid vaginal suppository brand Vagitaminz. The suppository is meant to support a healthy vaginal pH, ease discomfort and regulate vaginal yeast levels. “With Vagtiaminz, I love the fact that you don’t have to go to the doctor each time and get a pill or prescription and pay a doctor’s visit and all that extra stuff just to regulate your pH anymore,” Milan said.

Mental Best of Mental Health Awards 2022

This September, Amy Keller Laird, former editor in chief of Women’s Health, launched a new platform called Mental, which is a “first-of-its-kind mental health lifestyle brand that embraces the power of emotional and mental health…but also gets real about how to deal when you feel like you can’t,” as stated on its site. This December, the platform released its first ever Best of Mental Health Awards, which includes 64 winners divided into 10 different categories. Award winners were determined by a panel of 17 experts from varying fields, including psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, makeup artists and hairstylists. Winners included cry-proof mascaras, luxurious habit-blocking rings, cozy weighted blankets and picking-deterrent hydrocolloid patches.

Movita Organics

Movita Organics was first founded by Tonya Lewis Lee in 2015, as she aimed to create a clean and transparent women’s supplement line. The products were developed with a proprietary fermentation process aiming to make them easy to digest and absorb. This year, the brand reformulated and relaunched, making the supplements, which are made in the U.S., ICS-certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, meat-free and allergen-free from shellfish and nuts.

Dr. Smood Smart Meal 

Dr. Smood’s Smart Meal is the brand’s first ever meal replacement drink. The vanilla cinnamon-flavored beverage is chock full of plant-based nutrients, including vitamin D, magnesium, iron, zinc and many others.

Örlö’s DHA

Örlö’s recent DHA launch comprises 335 mg of DHA and 15 mg of EPA meant to promote longer and stronger hair, healthier skin and better sleep. The algae omega 3-based supplement is produced in the brand’s Icelandic aquaculture plant house.

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