I Collect Vaguely Cursed Photos For Fun, And These 25 Might Be Some Of The Most Unsettling I Have Ever Seen, TBH

Every month, I share a roundup of cursed photos and unsettling glitches in the matrix that, personally, I feel like I was never meant to see. From pictures that feel like they're from parallel universes to things that are just plain creepy, I decided to round up some of the very best from the last year. Let's get into them, shall we?

1.This matrix glitch that I can only imagine occurred because the guy whose job it is to paint the sky accidentally overslept that morning:

Someone is painting a building the same color as the current overcast sky, which makes the building seem like it's disappearing
u/-Jude / Reddit / Via reddit.com

2.This razor-thin building that you cannot convince me is not one dimensional:

a very narrow building
u/lord_of_the_nazgul / Reddit / Via reddit.com

3.This person who parked their car (OUTSIDE, to be clear) and looked out the rearview window to see...the inside of a kid's bedroom???

Rearview mirror showing a patio
u/SUPERDRAGONDELUX / Reddit / Via reddit.com

4.This pot of water boiling with bubbles in perfect rows that is undoubtedly giving ✨we live in a simulation✨ vibes:

Water boiling

5.This person who was just trying to take a cute picture of their cat watching TV with them...and accidentally caught a glitch in the matrix in the mirror:

a mirror showing something different on the TV than what the person is seeing
u/AvivaSappir / Reddit / Via reddit.com

6.This person's actual view from their airplane seat, which makes me think the pilot flew just a taaaaad too high and — oops — ended up in space:

Ice on an airplane window

7.This person who — by either sheer luck or actual witchcraft — drew their curtains juuust right, turning their window into a pinhole camera that projected the street outside onto their bedroom walls:

Images of outside projected on someone's walls
u/bsiaste / Reddit

8.This actual portal to hell someone made by putting a bunch of gloves in the dryer:

gloves in a dark dryer, facing forward and looking like hands reaching out of the void
u/ExpressPuddle328 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

9.This neon green spider that looks like it's seconds away from creating an IRL Spider-Man in our timeline:

A green spider

10.These seemingly pixelated pumpkin shavings that feel like something straight out of a cooking video game:

pixelated shavings
u/Alternative_Order378 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

11.This drying rack, which proves that someone can be both a masked murderer and stay on top of the dishes, I guess!

weird face face in the drying rack
u/Alaric_Darconville / Reddit / Via reddit.com

12.This classic glitch-in-the-matrix-y picture that would make me exit the bus to touch some grass, TBH:

A bunch of blonde women on a bus
u/mystic_mayhemx / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13.These positively horrifying poached eggs that are doing things I didn't even know it was possible for eggs to do:

a plate of poached eggs with long, thin strands coming off of them, all with a dark brown tint due to the vinegar

14.This airplane cabin filled with fog that — as someone with airplane anxiety™️ — would have me wondering why I didn't pack a parachute in my carry-on:

a foggy plane
u/_ShaveTheWhales_ / Reddit / Via reddit.com

15.These robot delivery vehicles that surely look like they're foreshadowing a robot invasion:

A row of robot delivery vehicles
u/Crusty_laptop / Reddit / Via reddit.com

16.Something about a "don't care" button feels illegal, but now that I know it exists, I think it should be on every keyboard, TBH:

A button saying "Don't Care"
u/ElectricTC3 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

17.This absolutely horrifying, Slenderman-y figure seemingly watching this poor person's home that, personally, would have me walking right back inside my house and never leaving again:

shadow in the steet looks like a tall slender man staring ahead
u/Chriscuits / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.Poor Lilly's gravestone, which claims that she was a "victim of the beast 666." BRB, grabbing a Ouija board to ask Lilly what exactly happened because I need to know what that means in full detail 👀:

Lilly's gravestone
u/Quick_Presentation11 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

19.This building that's being built from the top down?? Like, is that allowed???? It does not sit right with me:

A building being built from the top down
u/numbersaremygameyall / Reddit / Via reddit.com

20.This cat who — according to OP — is supposedly hanging out on top of the closet, but my brain simply cannot process how that is physically happening from this image. Like, that's just a friendly, boop-able floating head!!!

A cat peaking from the top of a closet

21.This sign that looks like it's calling out for help before this giant tree monster consumes it once and for all:

a tree that is engulfing a sign, with only the word "help" visible
u/HysminaiUchiha / Reddit / Via reddit.com

22.This person, who accidentally ended up in an alternate universe where they have Roach-Man instead of Batman:

A giant bug in a light
u/RealJakeyPooV / Reddit / Via reddit.com

23.This artichoke that looks like a cooked, IRL version of those killer plants in the Super Mario games:

it looks like it has teeth in the center
u/kadavids23 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

24.These two, pale blue fingers sticking out of this tree that are actually a kind of fungi, but like, they have to be a cruel joke from the universe, right? Like an IRL jump scare for anyone who listens to a littttttle too much true crime:

blue fungi that look like fingers

25.And finally, this never-before-seen satellite image from NASA...that's actually just a rainy window with the glare from a streetlight:

Stars in the sky

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