25 Things Millennials And Gen Z'ers Do That Are Actually Very "Toxic"

It's no secret that Gen Z'ers and millennials have roasted each other online for quite some time now — and TBH, it can get pretty messy. So, here are just 25 times Gen Z'ers and millennials called each other out for being "toxic":

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1.According to millennials, Gen Z'ers are wayyy too gullible online:

2.But according to Gen Z'ers, millennials can't take a joke:

3.Millennials think Gen Z'ers overuse the word "toxic":

4.Gen Z'ers think millennials believe they're ~experts~ on everything:

5.According to millennials, Gen Z'ers are wayyy too preoccupied with them:

6.But, like, millennials are "annoyingly" obsessed with Gen Z:

7.Apparently, Gen Z'ers just steal things from other people:

8.Millennials think everything needs to be a "side hustle":

9.Gen Z'ers romanticize everything:

10.Millennials complain about everything:

11.Gen Z'ers have been called out for taking AAVE (African American Vernacular English) and calling it "Gen Z slang":

12.And millennials have been called out for repeating toxic cycles from previous generations:

13.Gen Z'ers date like this:

14.And millennials date like this:

15.Gen Z'ers forget that millennials have invented a lot of their favorite things:

16.And millennials love acting like they're v important:

17.Gen Z'ers advocate for mental health but...:

18.And millennials can also be hypocritical:

19.Gen Z'ers are always on their phones:

20.And millennials are always starting podcasts:

21.Gen Z'ers think everyone is old:

22.And millennials can act like boomers:

23.Gen Z'ers are always aggressive:

24.And millennials make a ~personality trait~ out of everything:

25.And last but not least, Gen Z'ers come up with some trends that mayyybe don't need to exist:

YIKES. Well, if there's anything Gen Z'ers and millennials have in common, they love a good roast.


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