25 People Who Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Be Asked To Host Thanksgiving Again

1.This turkey who would love Greta Gerwig's Barbie:

A raw turkey in a pot, and the turkey is bright pink

2.This Thanksgiving meat baby:

A terrifying-looking clump of raw meat made to look like a baby, with several strips of bacon used as a diaper

3.This majestic work of art:

A plate of noodles with chicken drumsticks placed in them upside down, and googly eyes drawn on the drumsticks

4.This horrifying face:

A ham or turkey has been placed on a pan, with walnuts placed on it to resemble eyes; a gash in the meat makes it resemble a face that is bleeding from the mouth

5.This pickle pumpkin pie that I'd probably try once, TBH:

A normal pumpkin pie has been covered in sliced pickles

6.This truly tragic turkey:

A turkey has collapsed inward on itself, making it look almost skeletal, and it's oozing gross-looking liquid

7.This horror movie monster that will certainly give me nightmares:

turkey covered with bacon, stuffed with octopus and sitting on top of large crab legs; the tentacles of the octopus are coming out of the turkey, making it look like a monster

8.This cranberry sauce that's totally homemade and not at all from a can:

The sauce is a perfectly cylindrical mass with ridges, clearly having been dropped directly out of a can onto a plate

9.This expressive turkey:

a cooked turkey with a long bone coming up from between the legs

10.This pie with a slight char:

A badly burned pie with a caption that says "Gordon Ramsay who?"

11.This mac 'n' cheese turkey mess:

cheese-covered turkey on top of a pan of mac n cheese; the discoloration from the cheese makes the turkey look rotten

12.This turkey dessert that just looks wrong in so many ways:

turkey made of icing that can either look like poop or a penis

13.This perky turkey:

turkey that looks like it has human breasts

14.This turkey that was cooked well-done:

A turkey that has been so badly burned it looks like leather

Just a little crispy.

u/BilesOMrian / Via reddit.com

15.This raw turkey that was served:

This turkey has been placed on the table looking severely undercooked

16.This peculiar dessert design:

another icing turkey that looks like a penis

17.This turkey that looks like an actual crime scene:

turkey with random pieces taken out of it sitting in a crockpot of juices

Aww buddy, what happened here?

u/Particular_Swing_860 / Via reddit.com

18.This toasty turkey:

incredibly burnt turkey

It must take skills to screw up this badly.

u/SkullGamingTR / Via reddit.com

19.This Instant Pot turkey:

unappetizing turkey that looks old

What a fun color!

u/BarvoDelancy / Via reddit.com

20.This demon from the underworld:

turkey stuffed with large octopus

21.This quirky turkey:

turkey dressed up as a snow person with garnishes to have a hat and face

My, my! What a busty lady!

u/Msknowbody / Via reddit.com

22.This turkey made from Spam:

raw spam formed into a turkey

It looks like a Sphynx cat.

u/PufFyy / Via reddit.com

23.This Flamin' Hot Cheeto turkey:

hot cheeto dust on a turkey

I'm calling the police.

u/matchboxtw20ty / Via reddit.com

24.This stuffed turkey:

turkey stuffed with what looks like mac n cheese and beef

Is that...pasta in there?

u/planetmingus / Via reddit.com

25.And finally, whatever the heck happened here:

A turkey that looks like it exploded outward

Happy holiday's, y'all.

u/DonkeyToucher / Via reddit.com

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving that's worthy of r/thanksgiving and doesn't end up on r/funny or r/shittyfoodporn!