25 "Midnight Mass" Behind-The-Scenes Photos That'll Take You To Church

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Mike Flanagan has come with blessings once again, but this time, it’s not another installation of the Haunting series — he’s taking us to church with Midnight Mass, Netflix’s latest horror hit. While the series itself gets pretty bleak and macabre (with an angel vampire and all), the cast sure looked like it had fun while filming it!

Mike Flanagan
Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

But you don’t have to take our word for it: If you’re like Dr. Sarah Gunning and need the hard evidence, here are some behind-the-scenes photos for proof!

Dr. Sarah Gunning
Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

1.Speaking of Sarah Gunning, here's her and her onscreen mother!

Alex Essoe and Annabeth Gish
Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

2.Here's a very cozy, not-at-all murderous cast family.

3.Samantha Sloyan is a sweetheart, allegedly, even if Bev Keane is the personification of evil!

4.Kate Siegel also confirms that she is indeed a sweetheart.

5.Michael Trucco says that Bev is a nice person once you meet her.

6.She smiles IRL!

Trevor Macy and Samantha Sloyan
Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

7.They're very much not taking selfies and throwing peace signs while collecting dead cats on Crockett Island.

8.It's Kate Siegel and Zach Gilford hanging out on set!

Kate Siegel and Zach Gilford
Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

9.What happened to Riley?!

Riley on set

Watch the show to find out.

Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

10.Just two Crocket Islanders chillin'...before confronting the villain(s).

11.TBH, this is so cute! It almost makes us forget about all the horrifying sh*t that goes down at St. Patrick's!

12.Here's a very potent thirst trap from Kohli.

13.Just angel vampire-induced X marks — nothing to see here.

14.Masks and shields on!

15.And here's Hamish Linklater thirst-trapping with an auspicious four-leaf clover he found while shooting Midnight Mass.

16.Here's Linklater hard at work.

Linklater on floor
Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

17.Indeed, there was a mess at the Midnight Mass!

18.Look at this cute family portrait!

19.They're all friends!

20.The kids are alright!

Kids from Midnight Mass
Eike Schroter/Netflix / Via netflix.com

21.This is it. This is how they survived the Midnight Mass.

22.In lieu of communion wafers and wine, here's what's happening at craft services.

23.Swipe to see Father Paul texting.

24.Just in time for Halloween, to be honest!

25.Yeah, Sturge is a total angel!

Long story short, Midnight Mass was probably a super-fun shoot, just like how that angel was probably a vampire demon! So the incredible cast chemistry definitely translates onto the small screen, right? Let us know how you're feeling about the show below!