25 Times People Sent Reeeaally Awkward Texts, Like I Would Literally Crumble From Embarrassment

1. This car salesperson who accidentally revealed they're scamming a customer:

2. This person who sent a screenshot to the wrong person:

3. This very surprising hospital visit...with a clifhanger:

4. This mom's use of emojis after sharing sad news:

5. This coworker who, um, sent their manager this text:

6. This person whose autocorrect made them call their S.O. the wrong name:

7.This person's very embarrassing text to their psychiatrist:

text reply to the psychiatrist says peepee poopoo
u/BSKD13 / Via reddit.com

8.This spouse who *thought* they were texting their wife:

"there's a torn up magpie in the front yard wonder what did it"
u/Aus_Scott / Via reddit.com

9. This mom who mistook this 👃 for the praying hands emoji:

10. This long apology:

11. This hilarious text-to-speech disaster:

12. This texter who hasn't gotten the hint:

13. This person who probably regrets their reply:

14. This person who thought their friend was just being thoughtful:

15. This person who sent this text to someone's late husband:

16. This friend who doesn't actually want to hang out:

17. This apologizer who sent this at an awkward time:

18. This guy who should've stopped texting a long time ago:

person giving a play by play of their day
u/FarmerChicken / Via reddit.com
person continuing by saying they peed, it felt good, they're waiting for a shuttle, they almost got a bloody nose
u/FarmerChicken / Via reddit.com
person replies to stop texting them because it's annoying and the other responds by calling them a bitch but thought they would like to know everything happening since they are their best friend
u/FarmerChicken / Via reddit.com

19. This person whose texts are just not being reciprocated:

20. This April Fools'...joke?:

21. This person who accidentally sent this text to her date:

22. This person who asked for *pics* — but actually texted their ex:

23. This classmate's message that was meant for his S.O. 😬:

24. This texter who miiiiight just regret shooting their shot with the person who delivered their pizza:

25. And finally, this employee who accidentally insulted his manager:

Well, do you have any accidental, embarrassing, or hilarious text exchanges? Feel free to share them in the comments below!