25 Easy Updos for Long Hair That You Should Pin Immediately

The word "updo" connotes either hours spent at the salon or hours watching YouTube videos trying to master exactly how to tease your hair in a way that adds volume but doesn't make you look like you just walked out of a hair-metal music video. The struggle, as they say, is real—especially if you have long hair. When you have long hair, there's so much of it to work with.

So we scoured the interweb to find the prettiest easy updos for long hair. They can be done sans salon appointment and will work for a variety of formal—and not-so-formal—occasions. Here, see 25 easy updos for long hair (aka the only inspo you need).

An elegant, versatile option that's literally fit for a duchess.

A simple, sleek topknot gets an upgrade with gilded hair accessories.

This is perfect because you literally only have to make one section of your hair curl perfectly—the rest you just pull back into a messy bun.

A severe middle part adds polish to an otherwise simple topknot.

A high, curly ponytail looks totally put together and takes minutes to create.

The key to this effortless-looking hairstyle is the texture and face-framing pieces.

Add extra flair to a simple bun with a metallic accent piece wrapped around the base.

Add volume at the crown of your head to elevate a basic ponytail.

The perfect way to showcase a statement lip.

Because two is better than one (and basically just as easy to create).

Fact: You can never go wrong with a wavy ponytail.

A polished look that works for any formal occasion.

This twisted updo looks harder to create than it actually is.

Loosely pin sections of hair away from your face to create a similar look.

A super-high ponytail with a little bend is a flirty look.

A side ponytail with metallic accents makes for a quirky look.

To create this look, Dutch-braid a high ponytail, and then use dry shampoo to add texture.

French-braid your hair in sections away from your face before pulling it all into a high ponytail.

The messier the braid, the better.

Pull your box braids into a low, twisted bun à la Zoë Kravitz.

Who knew that two low buns could look so chic? The key is to cover the hair ties by wrapping them with a piece of your hair.

We love the way this style makes a slinky metallic dress feel very rock 'n' roll.

These sleek, futuristic buns are surprisingly versatile.

Create a high bun, but leave a thick strand of hair out and use it to cover your hair tie (and, as a bonus, add volume).

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