24 Tweets About Part 1 Of The "Vanderpump Rules" Reunion That Have Me Laughing, Screaming, Crying, And Throwing Up

Part 1 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion aired last night, and it was quite literally the reality TV Super Bowl. At long last, we FINALLY got to see Tom Sandoval get his comeuppance for cheating on Ariana and completely blowing up his life. I can't stop thinking about it. You can read our full recap here!


Naturally, Twitter had LOTS to say about the TV event of the year, so here are some of the best tweets to help you process the smackdown that happened last night (and laugh a little, of course):

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Sandoval and Schwartz getting booed is my favorite part. #PumpRules

— Vanderpump Rules (@sur_rules) May 25, 2023



Tom Sandoval walking into the bathroom of Schwartz & Sandy’s every night #pumprules pic.twitter.com/aac8Ga8NJ9

— Sophie Ross (@SophRossss) May 25, 2023

@SophRossss/Cross Creek Pictures


James Kennedy just came to Katie Maloney’s defense. We’ve come so far #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/GWvQP0Q6uW

— jen (@falcarringtons) May 25, 2023



the entire group as soon as sandoval started his fake crying #PumpRules #PumpRulesReunion pic.twitter.com/EWbqQSLC3a

— kathleen (@kathleen_hanley) May 25, 2023



Me and my work bestie debriefing after a company meeting #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/hhhY6TjQNR

— 𝐤𝐚𝐲𝐲𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 (@kayyorkcity) May 25, 2023



Putting her in a trailer in the parking lot exactly 100 yards away is pure comedy #PumpRules https://t.co/COOcpDGOm2

— Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) May 25, 2023



sandoval: “I-”james and lala: #PumpRules #PumpRulesReunion pic.twitter.com/iVKWQONtyG

— kathleen (@kathleen_hanley) May 25, 2023



Sandoval's life flashed before his eyes when Schwartz said he found out in "late August," and he realized that he had just told Andy that he had told him in "mid January." #PumpRules

— Gibson Johns (@gibsonoma) May 25, 2023



Sandoval when Schwartz said he found out in “late august” #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/o6PfCPgyVa

— The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick (@munstershoes) May 25, 2023



Sandoval: “I just wanna say—“ Literally everybody: #PumpRules #PumpRulesReunion pic.twitter.com/9nkq0X3Zdw

— Alfred. AJ. Whatever. (@willjames93) May 25, 2023



Smiling like this…in this situation…when you had an affair with your best friend’s man of 10 years is absolutely disgusting #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/CfQ9ASfvie

— Erin Roby (@erin_roby) May 25, 2023



I love how her name is forever just Miami Girl. Does she have a brother named Miami Boy and a mom named Miami Woman? I wonder if she’s ever not wearing a statement necklace. to this day #pumprules pic.twitter.com/jKBmwXf1wl

— Sophie Ross (@SophRossss) May 25, 2023



S*ndoval: *tries to squeeze out a tear*Everyone:#pumprulesreunion #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/aJf9en9ZQh

— Everyone's Business (But Mine) Podcast (@EBBMpodcast) May 25, 2023



never thought i'd be tweeting this but damn if it aint the truth #pumprulesreunion #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/QalHPJkthQ

— ec hall (@emmaclarehall) May 25, 2023



Vanderpump's reaction to Schwartz saying he's not an idiot 🤣 #pumprules pic.twitter.com/I9dKCN0HZc

— ᓚᘏᗢ (@suttonsroller) May 25, 2023



Lisa: "You have my opinion."Lala: "Well, that's great. I reject it."Good for Lala for standing her ground against Lisa, who is being way too sympathetic to Sandoval already. #PumpRules

— Gibson Johns (@gibsonoma) May 25, 2023



THE TOMS FACES FINDING OUT HOW MUCH THE GIRLS MADE ON THEIR MERCH 😭 #VanderpumpRules #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/iu1sQ66BlC

— natalie (@natpinkerman) May 25, 2023



#VanderpumpRules #pumprulesreunion #PumpRules “We got together in august and then got back together at life is beautiful” Life is beautiful was sept 16th-18th so you took 2 weeks off??? pic.twitter.com/JyE75sXrTf

— Ariana Venti (@Mediocritea_) May 25, 2023



Andy treating James Kennedy like a full-blown toddler is sending me. #PumpRules #pumprulesreunion pic.twitter.com/NgiAqgiGBk

— 〰️ (@misspettylamarr) May 25, 2023



When you hear that your "boyfriend" had been f*cking his girlfriend. #pumprulesreunion #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/rCNbFn10sP

— Susikm (@Susikm1) May 25, 2023



Andy unsure if James called him or Sandoval an ugly f*ck: #pumprules pic.twitter.com/MTC2276N2I

— Jesse Thee Slade 🥂 (@Jesse_bslade) May 25, 2023



Vanderpump Rules Reunion recap #pumprules pic.twitter.com/FF3FSWDqqk

— not cory (@IAmNotCory) May 25, 2023



I’m not sure if can recover from what I just witnessed. They wasted no time and absolutely annihilated Sandoval. It was perfection, reality tv at its finest. This is how you do a REUNION #PumpRules #pumprulesreunion pic.twitter.com/IrqYUz3BuJ

— heebejeebes era (@bruh16110500) May 25, 2023


Now all we have to do is wait for Part 2! In the meantime, you can stream Part 1 — and the rest of Vanderpump Rules — on Peacock.