24 Screenshots Of Outrageously Entitled Kids Who Need To Learn Some Manners

1.This kid who should have to pay his parents back:

a trombone the parents purchased on which the kid scratched, "Band sucks balls"
u/Paradigmfusion / Via reddit.com

2.This kid who got the worst present ever, ugh:

a lime green sports car and the kid's comment, "I wanted yellow :( parents suck"
u/efucc / Via reddit.com

3.This kid who is gonna get a harsh reality check one day:

a kid complaining that the only got a brand-new phone and no AirPods for their birthday
u/creedthebluefox / Via reddit.com

4.This demon who despises Disney:

a kid complaining in their Instagram story that their parents are forcing them to go to Disneyland but won't take them to the mall
u/polypolypolydia / Via reddit.com

5.This MacBook menace:

a kid complaining that their dad bought them a rose-gold MacBook instead of a space gray one
u/brolome / Via reddit.com

6.This kid who was too arrogant for his AirPods:

a picture of AirPods with a kid's comment saying, "Omg I hate my mom I wanted airpods pro"
u/SunBlue / Via reddit.com

7.This scammer:

a scammer sending a paypal account after not sending someone the logo and banner they said they'd make
u/BraydenSlayer / Via reddit.com

8.This kid who didn't understand money or priorities:

a message that says, "The fuck? My mom can by a $11398 car but can't even buy me a flagship that costs $1600 or even an iPhone"
u/snowmanfrigs / Via reddit.com

9.This kid who tried to dredge up the past:

kid saying they think it's rude to charge Americans more than in the UK and someone explaining the exchange rate to them
u/Darkhawk245 / Via reddit.com

10.This birthday beggar:

the comment, "It's my birthday soon so I will not be accepting gifts in the next couple of weeks — $50 minimum or I don't want it"
u/bloodydickens / Via reddit.com

11.This ungrateful gamer:

five TVs with cracked screen that someone's kid broke will playing Fortnite
u/Paradignfusion / Via reddit.com

12.This sinister son:

news story with headline: "'Arrogant' Son Pushes BMW Given to Him into River Because He Wanted a Jaguar"
u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

13.This devastated deviant:

Comment: "I really got an iphone 11 pro max? when the 12 is out? God I hate my fuckin family so much"

14.This kid with his own schedule:

a kid asking his parent to come back in 20 minutes after asking them for a ride
u/SleepsLikeACat / Via reddit.com

15.This entitled kid who comes from entitled parents:

a kid demanding $20 from a bunch of people online
u/KetoMyLastHope / Via reddit.com

16.This kid who demanded a new car:

a fundraiser for a $25,000 car for someone's kid's birthday
u/lewwyt / Via reddit.com

17.This kid who doesn't understand how buying things works:

A one-star review and the note: "I dont like this game anymore but it wont let me get a refund"
u/sub-2-RSLASH-yt / Via reddit.com

18.This revenge-seeker:

a person saying they hate their dad because he won't by them a PS5 and asking for help in making a meme out of a photo of him
u/MrRajput701 / Via reddit.com

19.This poor, poor child:

a Reddit Am I the Asshole question: Am I the asshole for demanding money from my parents to buy new clothes?"
u/MissBarker93 / Via reddit.com

20.This lazy kid looking for a legal way out:

a Reddit question: Can I sue my parents for making me do chores? It's illegal under the 13th Amendment because it counts as free labor"
u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

21.This selfish brat:

a kid saying that their dad who was diagnosed with cancer is wasting his money on a college education and cruise when it could go toward the kid's inheritance
u/666ithink / Via reddit.com

22.This frantic Facebooker with a demanding daughter:

a person asking if anyone has a new Chrysler for sale because his daughter turned down a $3,000 car
u/TheFartingKid_56 / Via reddit.com

23.This stubborn little snot:

a kid complaining about a pregnant woman that asked him to move so she could sit on a bus and the kid told her "next time fuck someone with a car"
u/ThatMonoOne / Via reddit.com

24.Finally, this disheartened kid who was forced to eat pizza:

a kid complaining that even though "for once" there's a homecooked meal it's all stuff he doesn't like so he's forced to eat leftover Little Caesars
u/LumpyLionezz / Via reddit.com

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