24 of the Most Random but Useful Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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In our humble opinion, the best gifts are not only surprising but far more useful than the fancy kitchen gadget you’ll only use once or those toe-pinching heeled booties you had to have. So, we rounded up 24 of the most random but useful presents to give everyone on your list—from moms-to-be to runners and yes, even the dog. Scroll down and prepare to add everything to cart.

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1. Zevro Double Cereal Dispenser

For the Cereal Lover

If your husband is essentially still a nine-year-old-boy (aren’t they all?), then he’ll especially appreciate this cereal dispenser for his sugary, definitely-not-healthy morning vice.

Buy It ($42)

2. Baby Shusher: The Sleep Miracle

For the New Parent

A soft "shhh" sound reminds your baby of being in the womb, making it immensely comforting. If you have a new parent in your life who struggles to get their baby down, this gift may be just what they need.

Buy It ($35)

3. Impala Roller Skates

For the Active Friend

Rollerblading is becoming increasingly popular again, and if it's a hobby you know your friend is interested in, you should gift her a pair of skates that are super adorable. This pastel multi-shade pair is great for beginners and requires no breaking in before use.

Buy It ($150)

4. PureWine Wand Purifier

For the Wine Lover

Have a wine lover in your life? They're gonna love this. Swirl this little wand in a glass of vino to get rid of histamines and sulfites to eliminate wine allergies and headaches. Yes, it is a game-changer.

$12 at Amazon

5. The Nori Press

For the Friend on the Go

Don't be fooled: This little guy isn't a straightener, it's an iron. Pulling out the iron and ironing board at a hotel can be a hassle (and it takes forever to heat up), so this compact gadget is the way to go, especially for anyone who travels frequently.

Buy It ($120)

6. Yana Sleep Pillow

For the Mom-to-Be

Spoil the soon-to-be mama in your life with a pillow she'll rave about long after her little one arrives.

Buy It ($199)

7. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager

Best Self-Care Gift

OK, you may not be able to gift your hardworking friend 24/7 access to a masseuse (as much as she deserves it), but this foot massager is the next best thing. It helps relieve pain and hits pressure points to help relax muscles in the feet.

$25; $18 at Amazon

8. lululemon Mirror

For the Fitness Guru

From one-on-one training sessions to live classes, this Mirror (yes, it's actually a mirror) reflects workouts while allowing you to keep an eye on your form.

Buy It ($1,495)

9. Slick Hair Slick Stick

For the Friend on the Go

When you're constantly on the go, odds are your hair may get a little out of place. This mascara-like wand will control those baby hair flyaways in one swipe. Formulated with jojoba oil, camellia, evening primrose and other common ingredients, it won't leave the hair crunchy or oily looking.

Buy It ($18)

10. UGG Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slingback Sandals

The Best Overall Gift

You’re going to want to give this to your perpetually cold bestie who’s always lamenting about the thermostat wars in her house. These slippers have been a bestseller for months, probably because they're incredibly comfortable. Plus, you can wear them indoors and outdoors.

Buy It ($100; $60)

11. Brookstone Sleep Sound Mixer

For the Friend Who Never Sleeps

Whether you know someone who’s always had trouble sleeping, or it’s a new pandemic-related annoyance, this sleep sound mixer will help them doze off in mere minutes. Turn the dials to create a customized blend of eight nature and relaxation sounds that melt stress and provide an optimal snoozing environment.

Buy It ($149)

12. hum by Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush

For the Tech Genius

This toothbrush connects to an app on your phone and shows you how well you brushed, turning the twice-daily chore of brushing into a game that your eight-year-old might even enjoy.

Buy It ($70)

13. Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Oil Candle Santal No. 2

For the Candle Connoisseur

It’s a candle and a nourishing massage oil, all in one. When the wax melts, pour it onto dry winter hands or take it to the bedroom for some, ahem, fun. Your candle-loving partner will appreciate every use.

Buy It ($75)

14. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

For the Clean Freak

There are few things your mother loves more than a sparkling clean microwave. OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but everyone in the family knows she really enjoys it. So she’ll love filling this kitschy little steamer with vinegar and water, popping it in the microwave for a few minutes and watching as it releases steam to unstick all the dried tomato sauce from the inside. Then, all she'll have to do is wipe the walls down with a cloth. *Heaven.*

Buy It ($10)

15. Nite Ize Yellow SlapLit LED Band

For the Runner

Now that it gets dark at 4 p.m., your marathon-running friend will be just a bit safer when he puts this LED wristband to good use while logging miles after sundown.

Buy It ($12)

16. 16' eTAPE16 Digital Tape Measure

For the DIYer

This digital tape measure will prevent so many headaches while remodeling thanks to its locking feature, which holds the tape and displays measurements on a large screen. It even stores or recalls up to three measurements, so you don’t have to measure anything more than once. The best part? It quickly converts numbers from fractions to decimals, or inches to centimeters so there’s no mental math involved.

Buy It ($25)

17. Fi Series 2 Smart Dog Collar

For the Dog Mom

Ever wonder how many steps Fido takes just by following you around all day? This smart collar will tell you it’s more than you think. Not only does it track your pup’s steps and activity, but it’s also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible to track his whereabouts, including a lost dog feature that can be turned on if he gets out of the yard. It even has a color-changing LED light that makes it easier to see him after dark and it’s completely waterproof, so he can wear it while chasing sticks into the ocean.

Buy It ($149)

18. Zadro Towel Warmer

For the Friend Who's Always Cold

If you and your sister used to wrap yourselves in blankets still warm from the dyer (there truly is no better feeling), this towel warmer will bring back all those cozy vibes. It can hold up to two towels and features a temperature control and automatic shut-off. Just convince her to keep it in the guest bathroom so you can reap the benefits while visiting over the holidays.

Buy It ($160; $145)

19. Kikkerland Wood Hammer Multi-Tool

For the Handy Person

Think of this tool as the Swiss Army Knife of hammers. It’s exactly what your handy uncle needs to keep in his truck for emergency fix-it situations.

Buy It ($20)

20. Hotsnapz Reusable Hand Warmers

For the Kiddos' Stockings

These little guys heat up quickly and stay warm for up to an hour. Have your kids give them a couple squeezes to ignite the internal heating for a little extra warmth in their coat pockets while they wait for the bus. These make the perfect stocking stuffer for yours or a family member's kids.

Buy It ($30; 22)

21. Sunpak Portable Vlogging Kit for Smartphones

For the Influencer

We always assumed that ring lights would be a novelty for non-influencers. But now that we spend so much time on screens, they’re essential. This kit features an expandable tripod complete with a cell phone clip, so you no longer have to hold your phone while Facetiming your BFF.

Buy It ($40)

22. Our Place Spruce Steamer

For the Self-Proclaimed Master Chef

If your brother has never made his own pork and scallion dumplings (despite his well-known love for the combo), now is his chance. This spruce steamer basket nests perfectly into the Always Pan and makes a mean dumpling, tamales and even fish, adding yet another function to the multi-use kitchen essential.

Buy It ($30)

23. Simplehuman Touchless Sensor Soap/Sanitizer Pump

For Mom's Kitchen

Soap and hand sanitizer dispensers have been touchless for years, so it’s about time to bring the same concept into your mom’s home—in a style that matches her taste. Just fill, place your hands underneath and rub together.

Buy It ($70)

24. Sharper Image BodyScan Seat Topper

For the Workaholic

Turn any seat into a massage chair with this pad. It accurately targets pressure points to deliver a custom massage whenever you need it most—including at 3 p.m. on a workday.

Buy It ($200; $150)

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