28 Home Splurges You Should've Bought Years Ago

India Yaffe

Luxury gifts don't have to be impractical. In fact, investing upfront for quality pieces that can be enjoyed every day for years is the smartest way to splurge. These home gifts make everyday life easier, cozier, and so much more beautiful. Whether you're shopping for a big-ticket item for someone special or want to treat yourself to something you should have bought years ago, this guide is for you!

What's at the top of our list? Well, we'd like a cozy blanket, a giant candle, and kitchen appliances that will make cooking dinners so much easier. Plus, we found tech gadgets that will make your home the most advanced on the block, and decor accessories that will add a little something extra to your space. These 28 products are the perfect gift for you or a loved one; just keep reading to shop our picks.

- Additional reporting by Angela Elias


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