Here Are 24 Celeb First Tweets That Are As Funny As They Are Wholesome

·4 min read

After 15 years of being on the internet, Twitter has truly become the place to be. So let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Here are first tweets from your favorite celebs:

1.My love language is Lady Gaga calling me a "filthy, fabulous, dirty rich, fame lover" in less than 140 characters.

2.The hold Britney Spears had on me that I had no idea what a "Womanizer" was, yet I was still belting this song out.

3.Twitter can be a scary place, Aubrey.

4.Thanks Demi Lovato for the uh...historical insight.

5.Imagine if Katy Perry tweeted this at 12:34.

6.It honestly makes me feel better that even Kim K needs motivation sometimes to go to the gym.

7.Selena Gomez and her Kelly Clarkson stan account.

8.I wish I was as excited for interviews as much as Ariana Grande.

9.A historic day for the Barbz.

10.When you finally convince Jimmy Brooks to get on Twitter.

11.No Oprah, thank YOU for blessing us with your presence in the Twitterverse.

12.Justin Bieber as a baby pop star heading to the Big Apple.

13.Did Diddy ever holla at you DJ Khaled?

14.Zooey really wanted us to see The Cove.

15.Weren't we all at some point, Issa?

16.Ah yes, Rated R. What an iconic album. Totally wish there was a new one coming out...

17.If Niall Horan isn't an example of the power of manifestation, who is?

18.It seems like it was just yesterday when Zendaya graced our TV screens on Shake It Up.


20.SZA, what were you laughing at?

21.If only 17-year-old Posty knew how big he was about to be.

22.What was in Wales, Tom Holland? Answer the question.

23.The fact that 13-year-old Olivia Rodrigo was so formal in her tweets is too precious.

24.And poor Brie who missed the memo.