"He Wrote Our Conversation Into 'Breaking Bad'" And 22 Other Positive Stories People Shared About Meeting Celebs

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Recently, I wrote about the most memorable celebrity encounters non-famous people had — both the good and the bad. At the end, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their worst memories of meeting celebs, but most of the commenters decided to share their best ones instead.

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So, without further ado, here are 23 of the most positive interactions people remember having with celebrities:

Disclaimer: These stories have not been verified. The users are supposedly speaking from their own experiences. 

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

1."Working in a restaurant/lounge in downtown NYC, I met A LOT of celebrities. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner would come in occasionally, whether in a group or alone. They were very friendly and would dance like no one was watching!"

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner at an event
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"Joe came in with a guy friend one time for St. Patrick’s Day, and they took a whiskey shot with me!"

Joe Jonas being interviewed
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2."I met Jack Harlow at a restaurant in his hometown [Louisville, Kentucky]. He came in with his group and ate, and no one bothered them. As he was leaving, he stopped to chat with the people and take pictures. He was such a nice and down-to-earth guy who loves his hometown."

Jack Harlow performing
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"Also, I was kinda drunk and fangirled hard and only told him, 'Merry Christmas.' I still cringe thinking about that."

Jack Harlow pointing in the air and smiling
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3."I met Paul Walker twice. The first time was outside a grocery store in Santa Barbara. I was talking to a friend, and he recognized her as the host from his favorite breakfast spot. He called her 'sunshine' — a nickname he had for her — and gave her a hug. She introduced us, and he gave me a hug as well before leaving with his daughter."

closeup of Paul Walker
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"The second time, I was working at a restaurant in San Francisco (a breakfast spot as well) when he came in with a large group of his guy friends. Afterward he went in the back to the kitchen and shook all the chefs' hands and posed for pictures."

Paul Walker smiling and holding a mic
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"This was just before he passed away."


4."I met Samuel L. Jackson at a charity event and cracked a joke that I call him my TV dad because he and my dad look alike. He asked to take a pic with me so I could show my dad I was hanging with my TV dad."

Samuel L Jackson smiling and holding a mic
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5."I bartended a party for Roger Davies. He was the manager for Olivia Newton-John and Tina Turner, who were both in attendance. Both were lovely people."

closeup of Olivia Newton-John smiling
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"Tina sang and danced to 'Proud Mary' (which was playing over the sound system), and Olivia was the sweetest human EVER! Great memory!"

closeup of Tina Turner
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6."I met Anne Hathaway and her costars after Shakespeare in the Park years ago. She was so down-to-earth and nice, as were the others. They could’ve just ignored us and gone home. Amazing performance!"

Anne Hathaway at an event
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7."I was at dinner with my friends at a restaurant that sat on the roof of a building. There was a charity event happening on the other side of the top floor as well. When we were leaving, Brooke Shields got in our elevator."

Brooke Shields smiling
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"She gave us all soft smiles while she chatted about good books she’d read lately with a friend. As we were leaving the building, she made it a point to hold the door open for all of us. We said thank you and goodnight, and she slipped into into a black car."

closeup of Brooke Shields
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"She's a genuinely kind woman who seemed very down-to-earth."


8."In the late '80s, I was with my mom at Polo Ralph Lauren on Rodeo Dr. As we were walking in, a limo pulled up, and someone quickly got out. We didn't pay attention. Inside, we noticed Elton John was there shopping."

Elton John onstage
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"I walked up to him. His bodyguard was gonna say something, but Sir Elton motioned for him to stand down. I asked for his autograph (I barely spoke a word of English then), and he gave me one, asked where I was from, etc. Great guy."

Elton John performing at the piano
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9."I met President Obama when he was running for Senate in 2004. I was at a dinner in Springfield with the College Democrats from my university. Obama was incredibly kind and generous. He talked to all of us and joked about not wearing a tie (it was a more casual dinner event)."

Obama smiling
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"I have a photo of us all, and I'm standing right next to Obama. It's one of my most treasured moments."

closeup of Obama smiling
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10."Sean Astin is a runner, and he was big on the RunDisney scene. He was the nicest man. I chatted with him the day before the 5K at a special event, and he was so sweet while I talked about my nephew."

Sean Astin holding a mic
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"The next day, I was at the finish line with my nephew while we cheered (he was too young to run), and Sean finished his race then doubled back to talk to us because he recognized me."

closeup of Sean Astin smiling
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"He went on and on with my nephew about Special Agent Oso and (I think) the Ninja Turtles. I truly could not believe how kind he was!"


11."I was at a bar in Nashville in 2010, and Kelly Clarkson was there. It was a hole-in-the-wall place. Maybe 20 people were in there."

closeup of Kelly Clarkson
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"She was singing with whoever wanted to sing with her, just hanging out. It was incredible."

Kelly Clarkson singing
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12."I had a really good encounter with Bono about four years ago. I was waiting in line to meet him outside a hotel, and we were told there was no time for selfies because he was behind schedule. It'd be a 'hello' and he'd have to move on. When he got to me, I got overwhelmed and felt a panic attack coming on."

Bono waving
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"He gently pulled me into a hug (giving me the opportunity to back out if I wanted to), shielded me from all the camera phones, and let me cry on his shoulder for a solid minute."

closeup of Bono
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"He then made conversation with me about my life. I told him I was a student nurse, and he said I was an actual, real-life hero. Then he asked my name before he moved on. He is genuinely a nice human being and cares about people."


13."I met Josh Hartnett when he was filming Penny Dreadful in Ireland. The show was using the community center I worked in as space for cast and crew. We stayed out of the way for the most part, but when I did get a chance to ask him for a pic ('cause I figured I would never have the chance again), he was so lovely."

closeup of Josh Hartnett
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"He chatted away to us and then even suggested we stand in a different part of the room so the light was better for the photo."

Josh Hartnett laughing
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14."Dana Carvey from Saturday Night Live is just so sweet. When I was in high school, I was in the audience for the background of the scene in Little Nicky when they’re playing basketball. I thought he was actually an old dude, so when he fake tripped between takes, I looked super concerned and half got up."

Dana Carvey as a ref
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"He found it hilarious and moved around to show me he was fine. I remember he even made me laugh, but I can’t remember what he did, LOL. Super nice guy."

Dana Carvey onstage
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15."Back in 2004, I met Muhammad Ali. He and one of his kids came in for lunch at a fast-food restaurant where I worked. He was very quiet and chill, gave all of us a little autographed card, and levitated in the doorway on the way out."

Muhammad Ali at an event
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16."I have a ton of celebrity stories from living and working near the Tampa Airport. I've had more good experiences than bad. Vince Gilligan [who created Breaking Bad] was my favorite. I sang the Gilligan's Island theme song to him when I saw his last name on his card (I didn't recognize him nor had I seen Breaking Bad)."

closeup of Vince Gilligan
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"He asked who my favorite character was on the show. I dove into this drawn-out explanation of how I thought Mary Ann was way better than Ginger, and Mary Ann never got any love but was far superior. He wound up giving me his business card (I still had no clue who he was)."

Vince Gilligan at an event
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"The best part? Vince actually put that conversation — nearly verbatim — about Mary Ann into an episode of Breaking Bad when Skinny and Badger are smoking and theorizing! So cool."

closeup of Vince Gilligan
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17."Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club is genuinely nice! I had the pleasure of doing a table read with him a few years ago. We chatted a bit after it was over, and I got to watch him ride away on his motorcycle…a Gen X'er’s dream come true!"

Judd Nelson on a motorcycle
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18."I met Alice Cooper a few years ago while he was shopping at our local mall. He was the nicest and most down-to-earth guy ever. My son, who was 5 at the time, was with me, and Alice asked how old he was and then talked about his granddaughter who was the same age."

Alice Cooper singing
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"I told my son to show Alice his 'metal face' (which was throwing up the horns and scowling), and Alice did it right back to him! Then he let me take a picture with him and shook my hand, and we went on our way. Such a great guy!"

closeup of Alice Cooper
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19."I met Brendan Fraser once, and he was the sweetest, most lovely guy. When I told him he was my favorite actor, he thanked me and put his hands on mine for a second. TBH, I'm still not over it."

closeup of Brendan Fraser
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20."I met Glenn Howerton when I was a PA at NBC. It was so jarring how nice he was since his character on It's Always Sunny is a dick. He was humble and genuine, and I got to take a picture with him."

Glenn Howerton laughing
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21."I met Jason Segel outside the Bleacher Bar in Boston right around the premiere of I Love You, Man. As I passed him on my way in, I said I was a huge fan. He smiled, shook my hand, introduced himself, and asked my name."

Jason Segel at a premiere
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"Very short interaction, but he was really warm and genuine."

closeup of Jason Segel
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22."I brought my cousin to meet David Ramsey (John Diggle on Arrow) a few years back at a convention. She had made a drawing for him that she desperately needed to give him, and he was SO sweet about it."

David Ramsey
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"He picked her up in the biggest hug, posed for photos with her on his (very buff) arm, and just genuinely was the nicest person."

closeup of David Ramsey
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23.And finally: "Nine years ago, I met two of the guys from Imagine Dragons. They were super sweet and very funny. I'm still good friends with one of them, and we hang out everytime we're in the same country."

Imagine Dragons
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"He is one of the kindest and most supportive people I know and is always there for me when I struggle mentally. Also, I always get free tickets."

closeup of Imagine Dragons
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