23 Knockoff Versions Of Popular Brands That Are Sooo Bad, They're Actually Better Than The Original

·2 min read

1. First, there was Nutella. Then there was...Nut Master™:

2. This "Pikachu" toy that's juuuuust off enough:

3. This extremely fashionable sentiment:

4. This supr......ise 😏:


6. This truly iconic off-brand double whammy!!!!!!!

7. Tomato Condiment™:

8. This Unusual Events merch, of course!!!!!!!!!

9. Picture this: You're strolling through a village, and you come across a 7 EVELYN. What do you do?!

10. This North Face knockoff that didn't even try, honestly:

11. Mike™:

12. I see your Game Boy and I raise you the gender neutral Game Child 😌:

13. Hmmmmm:

14. This really, uh...NICE bag:

15. This absolute STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. This slightly questionable butter substitute that just doesn't sound so confident, IDK:

17. *squints*:

18. I mean.....why have a Kit Kat when Kat Kots exist?!??!

19. Meats by Dr. Dre.........MEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. This costume that is entirely truthful:

21. These off-brand Dorys that are most likely sleep paralysis demons:


23. And lastly, this counterfeit $10 bill that's......kinda hot...?

H/T: r/CrappyOffBrands