26 Feel-Good Movies to Stream With Your Kids on Your Next Family Movie Night

What could be better than a cozy family movie night in with the kiddos? After a long week of work, nestling into the couch with your loved ones to laugh, gasp, and/or cry at one or two feel-good movies sounds like a dream. Once you've got the essential snacks, the fuzzy blankets, and the company, the only thing left to do is decide on a movie. Except, that's no easy feat. There are so many good kids movies that it can be hard to unanimously land on just one. With the overabundance of family movies to stream on any of the multitude of streaming services that exist nowadays - from HBO Max and Netflix to Hulu and Disney+ - you risk wasting hours of your night flipping through and debating between the best kids movies. Should you go for a classic, such as "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" or "The Parent Trap"? Or stream a newer hit Disney sing-a-long like "Encanto" or "Frozen"? These are tough decisions. That's why we rounded up a shortlist of the best family movies to stream, along with a quick description of what you'll get and what ages each movie is best for. No matter what viewing mood you and your family are in, you'll be sure to find a fit in this list of 26 feel-good movies.

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