22 Quiet Vibrators to Have Silent Self-Sex (or to Enjoy with a Partner)

You, me, your roommates—we're all hopefully sex-positive. But as of yet, we're not as open about using our sex toys as we are, say, our electric toothbrush. (Come to think of it, who really wants to think of their roommate using their electric toothbrush, even?) So, until the time (never, we hope) that we are all completely uninhibited and unabashed about all things sexual, we're all for keeping our use of vibrators as -hibited and -bashed as possible—we're talking way discreet, quiet vibrators. While a completely silent vibrator is an oxymoron, we've rounded up the best, next-to-silent tools out there. They're all available for discreet online purchase, and the list includes something for everyone (yes, you too, romping couples). So, for all the trips to stay with your parents, house guest invites and even just taking care of business after your S.O. is already asleep, check out our favorite quiet vibrators.

Best Quiet Vibrators at a Glance

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1. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Best Quiet Bullet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Multi-speed, carry case

Discretion and power are the buzzwords (!) for this bullet vibrator that has 17 patterns of vibration and three intensities. Our favorite thoughtful little extra: The carry case has an opening to fit the power cord through, so you can leave this discreetly charging on your bedside table without housekeeping being any the wise.

Buy It ($70)

2. Pipedream Le Reve Mini Bullet

Smallest Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: One-touch control, 2.5 inch length

It comes in six shiny colors and is no bigger than a lipstick, but this little vibrator has lots of power (thanks to the three AG 13 cell batteries included) but isn't too loud. Bonus: Many users prefer the one-button controls as more intuitive than more complicated vibrators.

Buy It ($41; $27)

3. Smile Makers The Artist

Best Quiet Rabbit Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Adjustable positioning, dual motors

Two powerful motors—one for the internal arm and the other for the external—and still so quiet! That's the verdict on this rabbit-style vibrator that can also be used for simultaneous clitoral and anal play. Plus, a genius design innovation allows users to switch vibration intensities by just squeezing the handle.

Buy It ($129)

4. Fun Factory Stronic Drei Rechargeable Powerful Thrusting Vibrator

Most Powerful Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Realistic thrusting motion, tapered design

This USB-rechargeable vibrator silently thrusts forward in your choice of ten speeds for a unique vibrator experience. And since the base right by the handle is thicker, you'll get external stimulation at the same time. Win-win.

Buy It ($190)

5. Better Love Rose Vibrator

Best Quiet Suction Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Mimics oral sex, waterproof

This viral TikTok toy has seven sucking modes, so there's an intensity for your (almost) every mood. Our reviewer saw this on social media and said it was powerful enough to make your toes curl yet innocuous-looking enough to leave out on a bedside table.

Buy It ($50)

6. We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

Best Quiet Remote Control Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Remote control option, wearable

This high-tech vibrator can be turned on remotely via the app, which allows the controller to manipulate its dual vibration motors through ten speeds. But it's not just for long-distance couples play—a remote control lets you put the device in place and then turn on whichever motor and speed you like, during solo or couples play. As for its noise level? Users report wearing it in public (dinner, the movies) and not being detected.

Buy It ($200)

7. Dame Products Eva 2

Best Quiet Hands-Free Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Clitoral stimulation, adjustable fit

This little gadget has wings that spring out, nestling under the outer labia to rest between partners during penetrative vaginal sex. Or it can be fit around the outer labia—whatever the user or users want, in order to leave the device in place without having to hold it.

Buy It ($155; $135)

8. Maude Vibe

Most Minimalist Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Simple to operate, elegant design

This waterproof, 4.8-inch vibrator has three speeds that are easy to operate with a touch button at the base. It's designed for external and internal use, and comes with a discreet little canvas bag for travel and storage.

Buy It ($49)

9. G Vibe 3 Dual Vibrator

Best Couples Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Multi-point massaging, travel lock

The two pliable wings and handle allow simultaneous stimulation of the G‑spot and the opposite wall of vagina and the entrance of vagina or the man's prostate. And since the wings fold together, there's no stretching to insert this vibrator (a rarity among G-spot-specific devices).

Buy It ($90)

10. Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Best Beginner’s Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Tapered end, 10 motor modes

The tapered end is great for steady external pressure, and the one-button controls are unintimidating for newbies. Plus, it's all waterproof, making this great to really rocket tub time to the next dimension in relaxation, but quietly.

Buy It ($50)

11. Crave Bullet

Best Metal Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Micro-size, USB charging

It's metallic, but waterproof. This stylish 2.5-inch long vibe comes in gold and silver, and it looks more like jewelry than a vibrator. But for external stimulation, it does the trick, and quietly.

Buy It ($99)

12. Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

Best Quiet Clitoral Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Low-frequency vibrations, hugs the clitoris

At less than four inches long, this design combines the best of the bullet vibrator with the pizzazz of a rabbit model (dual clitoral stimuli). Je Joue's low-frequency rumbling is quiet, but seems to penetrate more deeply than buzzy bullets, to produce deeper climaxes.

$59 at Amazon

13. Unbound Bean Vibrator

Best Quiet Palm Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Soft silicone, 6 vibration patterns

For a broad-surface vibration, nothing beats a palm vibrator. This body-safe silicone model is easy to operate, lightweight and whisper quiet.

Buy It ($28)

14. Vibrator Vibrating Rubber Ducky Massager

Best Waterproof Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Discreet appearance, surprising effectiveness

In the "What a time to be alive" department: Push down on the back of this waterproof rubber duck to move between the three vibrations speeds, which are intense in the head and the tail. And no worries about recharging: a pair of AA batteries, and you're good.

$13 at Amazon

15. Lovehoney Silencer Vibrator

Best Textured Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Wavy shaft, 3 speeds and 4 patterns

The single push-button on this purring vibrator makes it easy to operate and the seven-inch insertable length means it's going to work for a wide range of users. And the rippled shaft? A game-changer from the usual slick texture of most vibrators.

Buy It ($25)

16. Desire Luxury Clitoral Vibrator

Best Multi-Speed Quiet Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Eight vibration modes, each with 12 speeds

The tapered tip of this vibrator lets you position its four-inch length with precision, and the many pulsing and throbbing patterns and speeds mean you can find the one that's juuuust right. But even with all that, users report it as being extra quiet.

Buy It ($90)

17. Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

Best Quiet Wand-Style Vibrator

• Why We Love It: XXL size, 50 vibration style

Its round head and powerful rumblings are mighty enough to use as a muscle massager, but the wide range of lower settings means you can choose a pulsing patter and intensity that works for intimate moments, too. Wand styles are classics since they're so easy to hold and manipulate, and this waterproof model does just that.

Buy It ($60)

18. Geron Anal Vibrator

Best Quiet Anal Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Curved for p-spot stimulation, USB rechargeable

The ergonomic design keeps this gizmo from slipping out once it's in place, as well as maximizing prostate stimulation. Ten speeds mean there's an intensity for every stage of sex play, up to 90 minutes on one charge.

Buy It ($32)

19. California Dreaming Laguna Beach Lover

Best Quiet Tongue-Type Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Flicking action, travel lock

Three speeds of flicking action of the tapered flexible end of this vibrator mimic the action (and with textured silicone, feel) of a tongue. The charging port closes to make this waterproof, and the whole operation hums, not roars.

Buy It ($100)

20. Lora DiCarlo Sway

Best Quiet Warming Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Dual motor, 104° warming

The ergonomic design of this double-ended vibrator is enough to win you over (each has its own head shape for hitting your G-spot). Add to that, the Sway has a warming design that gently and evenly heats up, without hot spots, plus seven intensity settings and no big noisy operation.

Buy It ($170)

21. IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

Best Quiet C-Ring Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Penis ring/vibrator combo design, textured surface

Slip the stretchy bands of this penis ring around the penis to delay ejaculation for men, while their partner can press against the vibrations coming from the just-under four-inch vibrator. And it's also useful as a handheld nipple stimulator—at no louder than a quiet rainfall.

$26 at Amazon

22. Organic Loven Leaf Spirit Plus

Best Quiet Panty Vibrator

• Why We Love It: Thin design, flexible

A wireless remote controls this through seven speeds of whispery rumbling that can be slipped inside underwear and worn in public, with no one knowing. It's waterproof, too.

Buy It ($74)

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