Man, I Truly Feel Sorry For These 22 People Who Had A Really, Really, Really, Really Bad Week

If you're having a rough day and it feels like the whole world is out to get you, just remember...

1.The person who Hulked their dang door straight off:

The frame of a car door disconnected from the inner part
u/olga4994 / Via

2.The person whose grilled cheese is literally about to explode:

Cheese on a slice of toast all puffed up
u/martyjoh204 / Via

3.The person who gets the honor of playing a little "tickle, tickle" later in the flight:

A bare foot jutting from the side of an airplane seat
u/leavethisearth / Via

4.The person whose delivery order may have gotten juuuust a bit smooshed:

A delivery package under a car tire
u/bars2021 / Via

5.The person whose cologne bottle exploded in a way heretofore unseen by human eyes:

Pieces of glass all over a bathroom counter and the tiled floor
u/logical_yak_224 / Via

6.The person whose hard-earned money went to some crisp, cool air:

An opened envelope with just thick plastic cushioning and nothing inside
u/EcstaticBoysenberry / Via

7.The person whose steak was cooked to unfathomable levels of doneness:

A burnt piece of thin meat alongside cheese on toast and bacon bits
u/NeoshadowXC / Via

8.The person who, uh, had THIS happen to them:

A sofa that ended up getting stuck in a tree as it was being hauled in a truck

No explanation needed.

McHenry County Sheriff's Office / Via

9.The person who was lucky enough to get a little extra protein in their bag of peas:

An insect amid frozen peas
u/ice_wait_6493 / Via

10.The person whose chocolate egg became a pile of chocolate goop:

A melted chocolate egg in a box left in the sun
u/giagus / Via

11.The person who, like King Arthur himself, must now pull the sacred tuna from the sink:

The top of a tuna can perfectly stuck in a sink drain
u/catl2333 / Via

12.The person who has probably one of the worst seat neighbors you could ever have:

A person sitting on a plane with their legs scrunched together as a guy has his spread legs extending into their space
u/EmilyKauai / Via

13.The person whose book made SURE there wouldn't be any spoilers for them:

An open book with pages that jump from 702 to 767
u/divineswine_ / Via

14.The person who miiight have wanted to measure those stairs one last time before putting them in:

Person standing on a step with their head extending above the ceiling
u/vincesamios / Via

15.The person who is currently in the splash zone for 1.5 pounds of pure, unadulterated BBQ goodness:

A Styrofoam container with a large piece of meat and gravy/blood extending over the sides and onto the plane's seat tray
u/manly_walker / Via

16.The person whose cookies are lookin' absolutely, positively scrumptious:

A pancakey-looking blob on a cookie tray
u/evaura / Via

17.The person who now must forever watch ads on YouTube:

A YouTube screen with the notification "Ad 1 of 2 — 11:41:41"
u/thingsthatcometomind / Via

18.The person whose defroster de-betrayed them:

The shattered back window of a car
u/killjoy2408 / Via

19.The person who's eatin' good on their cross-continental flight:

A large open roll with one thin slice of bacon and some butter
u/mike_oc23 / Via

20.The person whose thumb tattoo seems to be drawn on with street chalk:

A thumb with just the white outline of a nail drawn on it
u/TheSouthernMudd / Via

21.The person who was lucky enough to find out they had a few extra friends living with them:

Arrow pointing to what appear to be large roaches in a crevice between the floor and the wall
u/elbebemacho / Via

22.The person whose Good Samaritan power lines saved the day:

A fallen tree held up only by two power lines

Shoutout to power lines. Always keeping us going.

u/cerart939 / Via