22-Year-Old Dog Who Unexpectedly Lost His Mom Is Hoping for a Miracle

Get ready to fall in love with this absolutely adorable 22-year-old dog that @Youngatheartpets is caring for! Cooper is just everything! The way he eats from a spoon! His little tongue derp as he's sleeping! Whoever adopts this old baby is just going to have the best TV watching buddy ever.

We love him! We want him! Just check out how adorable he is!

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The video description reads, "Hi, I’m Cooper, and yes - I’m 22 years old! I ended up at Young at Heart after my mom passed away unexpectedly. Everyone is really nice here, but an old boy like me sure would love a quiet forever home and loving family to spoil me silly for the rest of my days." Awwwww!

TikTok users have fallen absolutely in love with Cooper, and @Helena comments, "Omg 22?? That’s incredible! I didn’t even think it’s possible for a dog to live that long  and he’s so spunky! He deserves the best home." He really does! @Alexis adds, "What a healthy and happy senior! I hope he finds a home quick, he deserves that for his golden years." @Kyle replies, "Wow, he looks so healthy and happy. So sad he lost his owner, but I’m sure he can find someone loving to spend the rest of his days with."

The video description explains, If you live within 150 miles of Woodstock, IL, fill out an adoption application and come meet me! If you are interested in Cooper, or any other adoptable senior dog, you can fill out an application here.

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