22 Barn Door Ideas for Every Room of Your Home

Add charm and character while saving space with a sliding barn door.

<p>Justin Coit</p>

Justin Coit

A sliding barn door is a beautiful way to add character, charm, and an extra layer of architectural detail to your home. It's also an excellent space-saving solution for a tight area such as a hallway or pantry, where you need a door but there isn't enough clearance for a traditional one. Barn doors are typically associated with farmhouse style or rustic ranch homes, and they are often constructed from reclaimed wood and hung on a black steel track, emphasizing their utilitarian design origins.

However, as you'll see from this collection of inspiring barn door ideas for every room in your home, the design possibilities are endless—paint the door a bold color to make an unexpected decorative statement, create a chevron pattern for a modern take on the sliding door, or go with a classic panel design for an elegant look. Browse through our favorite barn door ideas that add style and function all in one!

Add Color Contrast

<p>John Bessler</p>

John Bessler

A charcoal gray barn door adds color contrast in this modern family room. Paired with a painted brick wall and patterned wallpaper, the door's deep color, streamlined design, and mixed metal hardware create a contemporary aesthetic that's warmed up with light hardwood floors and a cozy textured jute area rug.

Blue Barn Doors

<p>Kritsada Panichgul</p>

Kritsada Panichgul

A set of blue barn doors with matte black hardware ushers in a playful finishing touch to this closet-turned-homework-nook. Painting your barn doors a fun color is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to customize them. Here, the blue paint color ties in a whimsical wallpaper behind the built-in desk and pops against the room's crisp white walls.

Choose Reclaimed Wood

<p>Jeff Herr</p>

Jeff Herr

Give your home instant historic charm and character with a barn door made from reclaimed wood. The aged patina, organic pattern of the wood grain, and natural warmth of the material look stunning when set against elegant white walls and classic wainscoting, infusing the space with an inviting coziness.

Pantry Barn Door

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

A rustic wood barn door with a glass window panel is a practical and charming pantry door option. It saves space because it doesn't require clearance to open, the glass allows you to peek inside, and the richly stained wood ties in the home's beautiful hardwood floors and wood shelving inside the pantry.

Create a Chevron Pattern

<p>Brie Williams</p>

Brie Williams

Switch things up and instead of a reclaimed wood barn door, use the rustic material on the walls and go modern with your barn door design. A fresh coat of semi-gloss gray paint creates a sleek backdrop for a chevron pattern and minimalist black hardware. The mid-tone gray picks up the cool tones in the wood accent wall and creates a beautiful layered mix of warm and cool neutrals.

Save Space

<p>Jim Franco </p>

Jim Franco

A barn door is an excellent space-saving solution for small rooms, tight nooks, and narrow hallways. Warm white walls and light colored stone tile keep this hallway light and bright, while a pair of aqua blue sliding barn doors add a refreshing spa-like serenity.

Raised X Design

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

Customize your barn door with interesting details such as a raised X design, a deep blue paint color, and an oversized handle. Leading into the mudroom, this door makes a bold statement and stands out against the light finishes in the space.

Oversized Barn Door

<p>Justin Coit</p>

Justin Coit

A set of oversized barn doors infuse this living space with bold energy and maintain its clean and contemporary aesthetic. Barn doors provide the perfect opportunity to get playful with color and they offer versatility for open floor plans such as this one—keep them open for a light and airy feel or close them to control noise levels, hide messes, and create privacy.

Primary Suite Barn Door

<p>Brie Williams</p>

Brie Williams

Install a barn door in your primary suite to separate the bedroom and bathroom in a stylish way. Here, a white barn door seamlessly blends in with the warm white walls, and along with elegant crown molding, it adds an extra layer of architectural detail to dress up the room. Simple touches such as switching out a regular door for a barn door and installing decorative trim work instantly elevate a space and give it a custom look.

Mix Wood Tones

<p>Ryann Ford</p>

Ryann Ford

To create a room that is layered and feels like it has been lovingly built over time, mix various wood tones. The dark stain on this large barn door stands out against the lighter tones used throughout the open space, but the common material creates continuity. Paired with a driftwood table base, light oak counter stools, and wood floors and ceiling beams, the rich mahogany stain brings in depth and balance that transforms the whole space.

Modern Rustic Retreat

<p>Nathan Schroder</p>

Nathan Schroder

This modern rustic bedroom exudes warmth and cozy comfort. Exposed beams, a vaulted wood-planked ceiling, and a sliding barn door fill the space with so much inviting charm, while white shiplap walls, a distressed area rug, and soft bedding give it a touch of quintessential farmhouse style.

Double Barn Doors

<p>Nathan Schroder</p>

Nathan Schroder

If you're working with a large door opening, consider using double barn doors. Make sure that the wall on either side of the opening is as wide as the door, since the panels will have to slide outward to open. In this home, a set of white double doors opens up to visually frame a beautiful freestanding tub highlighted by a glass pendant light for ultimate elegance.

Take It Outside

<p>Dominique Vorillon</p>

Dominique Vorillon

Since barn doors were originally meant for outdoor spaces, it only makes sense to use one in your backyard! This slatted wood barn door is a modern take on the exterior classic and its straight lines echo the linear design of the pavers on the ground, achieving a clean minimalist aesthetic.

Farmhouse-Style Barn Door

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

James Nathan Schroder

This all-white dining room is the epitome of farmhouse style. Distressed wood floors, shiplap walls, and a rustic table set the scene for a beautiful white barn door that completes the space. The four glass panels add a delicate feature that softens the barn door's appearance, which typically tends to be more rustic and utilitarian. It also adds some vintage-inspired flair that's perfectly fitting with this light-filled room's aesthetic.

Go Rustic

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Jay Wilde

A sliding barn door was made for rustic spaces such as this open concept living and dining room. Two barn doors flank a painted brick fireplace and their dark stain matches the wood ceiling beams, floating mantel shelf, and farmhouse-style dining table, distributing the color and natural material evenly throughout the space for visual balance.

Keep It Neutral

<p>Robert Brinson</p>

Robert Brinson

A pair of gray-toned double barn doors add visual interest and maintain this upstairs hallway's neutral color scheme. Forgo a busy gallery wall and keep things simple with shiplap walls, one large piece of art, and a statement barn door such as this one. Its vertical wood panels contrast the horizontal wall design, while the materials tie in the stately banister and minimalist stair railing.

Pop of Color

<p>Greg Scheidemann</p>

Greg Scheidemann

Instead of painting the walls a bold color, why not have fun with a bold splash of paint on your barn door. From a visual perspective, this green door injects a dose of energy and fills the gray kitchen with a playful vibe, and practically speaking, it provides a quick way to hide any pantry clutter.

Consider the Setting

<p>Greg Scheidemann</p>

Greg Scheidemann

There are endless options when it comes to barn door design, from a rustic raised X pattern to a more traditional door-style panel design. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the style, size, and color scheme of the space where your barn door will hang. This will ensure that it's integrated into the room and is in proportion and stylistic harmony with the rest of the space.

Laundry Room Barn Doors

<p>Werner Straube</p>

Werner Straube

Give your laundry room a stylish makeover and you may just start enjoying laundry day chores! These farmhouse-style wood barn doors visually frame the room and warm up the cool-toned charcoal gray floor tile and white shiplap walls, while balancing the brightness of the yellow cabinetry. Plus, if the laundry piles up, simply slide the doors shut and hide the mess!

Elegant 10-Panel Barn Door

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

James Nathan Schroder

Not all barn doors have to be rustic in their style, as this elegant 10-panel barn door proves. Its classic panel design, solid white color, and polished chrome hardware are a sophisticated take on the door style.

Dining Room Barn Doors

<p>Stacy Zarin Goldberg </p>

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Although barn doors can be a great option for tight areas, their statement-worthy size and design also works well in large rooms and gathering spaces. Here, they add subtle contrast to a horizontal shiplap wall and visually help fill the double-height dining room. A stained wood frame highlights the doors, creates contrast, and ties in other darker, rustic room elements.

Matte Black Track

<p>James Nathan Schroder</p>

James Nathan Schroder

The tracks on which barn doors slide open and shut come in various materials and designs, but matte black metal is the most common choice. Its industrial look emphasizes the door's utilitarian origins and the exposed mechanism adds an additional decorative layer.

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