Help!! I Physically Cannot Stop Laughing At These 21 Hysterical Viral Tweets By Women

The Writers Guild of America went on strike this week, and I hope you'll join me in publicly voicing your support! Everyone deserves to be paid a fair and livable wage.

Writer’s Assistant, Showrunner Assistant and Script Coordinators all got let go this week from their rooms when we called the strike so if you want to support, maybe consider supporting them. Donate to the Entertainment Community Funds.

— Caroline “WGA Captain” Renard (@carolinerenard_) May 4, 2023

Twitter: @carolinerenard_

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5yo; “Mommy, I think when I grow up, I might change my name to a grownup name because my name is a little kid’s name. Maybe I’ll use my middle name. My name is such a baby name! I want a grown up name when I’m a grown up.” Reader, his name is HARVEY.

— Stephanie Insley Hershinow (@S_Insley_H) May 3, 2023

Twitter: @S_Insley_H


i’ve had sex with one british guy and he went “ooo that’s lovely” the whole fuckin time

— multitude container (@bartleby_era) May 4, 2023

Twitter: @kissmeriver


I just accidentally uploaded this instead of my invoice on a company's invoicing portal and I can't delete it

— Amelia Tait (@ameliargh) May 5, 2023

Photo: 20th Television Animation / Twitter: @ameliargh


My dad left me what I thought was a ring in his will. It was kinda small and as I was trying to get it on my finger he goes "Oh. It's not a ring, it's your circumcision foreskin. We had it bronzed".

— Brandy Bryant🏳️‍⚧️ (@InkMasterbator) May 5, 2023

Twitter: @InkMasterbator


fighting with airport security about whether or not my jar of spaghetti counts as a liquid (yes I know sauce is liquid but I think the cooked spaghetti cancels it out. It’s not like it’s SOUP). guess I’m just gonna have to eat it while my TSA agent watches

— meredith (@dietz_meredith) May 4, 2023

Twitter: @dietz_meredith


Sorry but in what context did my phone think I was going to say “Butthole” here??

— Kristen Mulrooney (@missmulrooney) May 5, 2023

Text message: "You don't need to, but"

iPhone suggestions: "but, butthole, butter"

Twitter: @missmulrooney


i wish all old men that wanted to hit on me did it like this italian man who played the piano in this cafe beautifully for an hour and then came up to me afterwards to say "i played only for you" and shake my hand

— irα!! (is in tiranë apr 24 - mar 14) (@solarsystern) May 4, 2023

Twitter: @solarsystern


I just need to tell you that someone on riverdale just drank a milkshake out of the holy grail

— Bec Shaw (@Brocklesnitch) May 3, 2023

Twitter: @Brocklesnitch


Oh Buddy. You’ve done more than make them think about it. You’ve bonded them forever in a group text where one of them will share a wedding photo or promotion news and one of the others will say “i don’t know, SMELLS LIKE FAILURE.” And then they’ll all die laughing.

— Jessica Ellis (@baddestmamajama) May 5, 2023

Screenshot of tweet by @ericmetexas: "Today on my run up through Central Park in Harlem I saw four teenagers smoking weed. As I passed them I shouted in a firm but friendly voice: 'Smells like failure!' and kept going. I said it as an act of love, honestly. I hope that at some point one of them might think about it."

Twitter: @baddestmamajama


love when a girl named Catherine goes by Cat. like you made the best of a bad situation

— ely kreimendahl (@ElyKreimendahl) May 4, 2023

Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


imagine beefing with NPR like it's just just a collective of the most gentle rumpled nerds named Maureen and Alfonse they are no threat to you they just want to record ambient sounds on your farm and tell stories

— Lyz Lenz (@lyzl) May 3, 2023

Twitter: @lyzl


It’s going to be a long night. 🧚‍♀️

— Lindsay Hameroff (@HameroffLindsay) May 4, 2023

"Dear tooth fairy, I am ready to give my tooth to you. but I have some questens for you. how big are your wings? What do you look like? how many of you are there? And what do you do with the teeth? Sorry if I asked to many questens. hope to see you soon. Love, Jordana"

Twitter: @HameroffLindsay


thinking again about how the woman who did my hair and makeup for my wedding was also a spirit medium, and when i asked her if there were any spirits stuck to me she said "i'm sensing some anxious energy?" and i was like "that's just me, sorry"

— cait (@punished_cait) May 2, 2023

Twitter: @HameroffLindsay


thinking about this

— han (@hannaweeny) May 1, 2023

Person 1: "I'm pretty OCD. I don't think ODC is intrustive though, you just want everything done right 😜"

Person 1, a day later: "So I've just read your blog. And I take that back, I'm so sorry"

Twitter: @hannaweeny


The funniest thing about meds is when you stop taking them out of curiosity for a while to see if you are actually crazy and for a while you feel great and then one day you are like why does everyone in this grocery store HATE me

— Ash 🌙 (@H1TWOM4N) April 30, 2023

Twitter: @H1TWOM4N


the best part of starting a new job is all 4 of your grandparents are alive again.

— stoned cold fox (@roastmalone_) April 30, 2023

Twitter: @roastmalone_


My daughter left a full glass of milk on the stairs and in a ~shocking twist~ the milk got kicked over and there is milk everywhere and she is crying because she was still drinking that. Gotta feel bad for her, there's no way anyone could have predicted that outcome.

— Kristen Mulrooney (@missmulrooney) May 4, 2023

Twitter: @missmulrooney


nobody is wearing necklaces to this years met gala because of what happened to HER

— Rachael (@markruffaloTD) May 1, 2023

Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures / Twitter: @markruffaloTD


The most feminist thing a guy can do before a break up is be kind of a dick so that the girl has time to detach and feel more relieved than sad when it officially ends

— abby govindan (@abbygov) April 28, 2023

Twitter: @abbygov


drama in the school whatsapp chat! the PTA invited us all to a coronation party and one of the dads (who's a professor of colonial history) said eat my dick

— Emma Szewczak (@EmmaSzewczak) May 3, 2023

Twitter: @EmmaSzewczak


my friend once went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and he came back to our dorm the next morning still drunk bragging about how he got the nurses number. so we all called bullshit and asked him to show us and he pulled up her contact and the number was just "8"

— Callista 🏳️‍⚧️🔆 (@WIFEMODER) May 4, 2023


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