21 Movies That Need Horror Adaptations That Aren't "Winnie The Pooh"

After hitting the public domain, the storybook character Winnie the Pooh will get a new horror retelling in the film Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.

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If Pooh can be spooky, then everything is fair game! Here are 21 films I would like to (eventually) see adapted into horror movies:


Aladdin reaches for a golden lamp

Beloved Disney songs aside, there's a lot of potential in Arabian jinns for horror. There have been a couple of horror movies dealing with jinns, but a horror film based on the story of "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" could really creep out viewers.

Be careful what you wish for.

My horror movie description: A destitute young man finds a magic lamp only to discover his wishes shape his life into a living nightmare.

The closest movie comparison: The Djinn

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Warner Bros. Pictures

The formula worked for Freddy Krueger, so why not take the stunning visuals from Inception and switch the film's genre into a terrifying psychological horror? Possibilities are endless, especially keeping a focus on free will and toxic/intrusive tactics people use to manipulate others.

My horror movie description: A woman discovers a group of men is trying to plant an idea inside her mind by entering her dreams, and they won't leave until they get what they want.

The closest film comparison: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

3.It's a Wonderful Life

RKO Radio Pictures

The original is a Christmas classic, but this horror adaptation would focus on the elements at the movie's end when George Bailey wishes he was never born. There's an opportunity for a thought-provoking thriller with dark and supernatural elements. Imagine Clarence as a dark angel instead of George's guardian angel.

My horror movie description: A man's life falls into chaos after an angel makes it so he was never born.

The closest film comparison: The Forgotten

4.Toy Story

Walt Disney Pictures

Obviously, the story would revolve around Sid's hybrid toys. The ones in Toy Story are friendly and helpful, but an adaption would offer a less friendly bunch of mutated toys.

My horror movie description: A troubled boy is convinced his much-abused toys are alive and trying to harm him.

The closest film comparison: Child's Play or Puppet Master.

5.The Truman Show

Truman looks into a mirror, confused

The feeling of being watched is one of the most used tropes in horror, so to make that the focus for an entire horror flick would make for an intense and gripping ride. My only major change: We never see the people behind the camera. Everything being implied, shown but never told, would be chilling.

My horror movie description: A man slowly starts to realize his life in a perfect town plays out like a television show, and no one will let him leave.

The closest film comparison: The Cabin in the Woods

Paramount Pictures

6.Back to the Future

Doc Brown wakes up wide-eyed

Great Scott!

There are only a few horror movies that deal with time travel, but it would be cool to see the greatest time travel film get a horror makeover. It'd be interesting to place Marty's parents in danger by his presence interrupting the space-time continuum. Whatever horror trope is added to endanger Marty's family would really up the stakes of finding a way home.

My horror movie description: A teen boy accidentally travels to the past and disrupts events that puts his parents lives in jeopardy...and his own.

The closest film comparison: The Last Night in Soho

Universal Pictures

7.The Wizard of Oz


There were rumors back in 2017 about a horror adaptation by New Line Cinema. No new updates recently, but I would love to see a thematically dark retelling, while still using colorful sets that pop on the screen. Instead of a beat-for-beat remake, get weird with it!

My horror movie description: A girl and her dog find themselves in a distant world full of terrifying monsters controlled by a wicked witch.

The closest film comparison: Return to Oz


A mother and a daughter hide on a boat

As someone that thinks living on open water sounds like a nightmare, the premise of Waterworld has MASSIVE horror potential. A lawless world where anything goes, and there is nowhere to run or hide.

My horror movie description: In a dystopian water-covered world, a mother must protect her daughter from a sadistic gang.

The closest film comparison: The Purge

Universal Pictures

9.Miss Congeniality

A Miss America winner cries

I feel like a majority of movies dealing with detective work can be spun into a psychological horror film. A horror adaptation of Miss Congeniality can keep or scrap the "bomb" element of the original, but the important pivot is to keep it as a grounded slasher flick.

My horror movie description: A member of the Miss United States beauty pageant is taking out the competition...literally.

The closest film comparison: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Warner Bros. Pictures

10.Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Paramount Pictures

There are many layers to the creepiness of the Roald Dahl classic, but I think making Wonka a more sinister character would be a must for a horror adaptation. Think of him as a more sadistic Walt Disney. A chocolatier turned chocolate-killer!

"There is no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going."

My horror movie description: Children win a tour of a chocolate factory only to learn that their golden ticket is more than they bargained for because the factory owner isn't who they had expected.

The closest film comparison: No comparison.

11.Pretty Woman

Richard Gere smiles at Julia Roberts

File this under the horror sub-genre: "dudes being creeps." There are plenty of ways they can go with a horror version of this film. Full balls-to-the-wall serial killer or more subtle red flags that the leading businessman is a stalker.

My horror movie description: A sex worker develops a relationship with a businessman only to learn about his terrifying hidden life.

The closest film comparison: American Psycho

Touchstone Pictures

12.Van Helsing

Universal Pictures

A hard horror remake (not an action blockbuster) of Van Helsing could be like the Avengers of creature features.

Universal refuses to give audiences straight-up horror remakes of their classic monster movies. The only example I can think of is Invisible Man, and they hit a grand slam.

My horror movie description: A college student accompanies an older man tracking something sinister in the night.

The closest comparison: Van Helsing (TV series) or Troll Hunter

13.Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

There is a very cool and original hybrid story of "undead pirates" and a "werewolf-like curse" present in the original that goes together like peanut butter and fluff. The element of being trapped on a ship with these undead souls only ups the stakes.

My horror movie description: A woman lost at sea finds herself onboard a ship crewed by pirates that carry a dark secret once they step underneath the moonlight.

The closest film comparison: Zombie Pirates

14.How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Universal Pictures

The jolly green prowler is back at it again, and he wants blood! Okay, maybe that's a little too far, but I could easily see the Grinch headlining as a creature feature star. I'm worried that, despite all the garlic in his soul, we're stepping too close to Krampus terror-tory.

My horror movie description: An outsider that lives on a mountaintop terrorizes a small town on Christmas Eve.

The closest film comparison: Krampus

15.Meet the Parents

Robert De Niro peers out a window

This horror adaptation can go two ways: the father being the antagonist or the person meeting the family. I feel like this movie would have more creepy vibes than slasher. Possibilities are endless with the simple trope of meeting a loved one's parents.

My horror movie description: A man meets his partner's parents only to discover the father has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

The closest film comparison: Get Out

Universal Pictures


Warner Bros. Pictures

When I heard DC was working on a standalone Joker film, I seriously had my fingers crossed for a horror film. People are obsessed with the Joker being presented as "cool/likable" for some reason, but I'd like to see an adaption of the Clown Prince that would give Batman nightmares. This would have to be very grounded to avoid Pennywise comparisons.

My horror movie description: A mother protects her daughter from a neighbor on their apartment floor who dresses like a clown.

The closest film comparison: Rear Window

17.Chicken Run

A claymation chicken looks terrified

Now, hear me out: Chicken Run, but with humans. I imagine A24 would cook up something wild. Picture yourself locked in a den, waiting to become someone's supper.

My horror movie description: People find themselves trapped on a farm that processes humans like chickens.

The closest film comparison: Saw

DreamWorks Pictures

18.Bring it On

A cheerleader appears annoyed

I think Bring it On would make for a terrific teen scream. It doesn't have to be a slasher, but def a horror thriller. I imagine vibes like Jennifer's Body (without the supernatural elements) where the movie does not take itself too seriously. The poster could just be blood dripping off of spirit fingers.

My horror movie description: A cheer team catches an obsessed rival squad stealing their routine, which leads to the rivals terrorizing them.

The closest film comparison: All Cheerleaders Die

Universal Pictures

19.Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller screams in fear

Being alone anywhere at night is creepy. Now, imagine being a watchman inside of a museum full of creepy wax figures. When you take the jokes out of the original family flick, the concept is actually pretty scary.

My horror movie description: A night watchman is convinced the wax figures inside a museum are trying to kill him.

The closest film comparison: House of Wax

20th Century Fox

20.Mary Poppins

Buena Vista Distribution Company, Inc.

I think any movie with supernatural elements can be flipped into a horror film. Mary Poppins as a horror is an idea people on the internet have teased before, and I'm people on the internet.

My horror movie description: Two children are convinced their nanny has supernatural powers and the desire to punish them if they step out of line.

The closest film comparison: The Turning

21.A Christmas Carol

Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge

I want a disturbing, horrifying, and gruesome A Christmas Carol retelling. I want to retain the redemption story but do it in a way that isn't necessarily a happy ending for Scrooge. I would love for Blumhouse to take a stab at this. And if they need help, my DMs are always open.

My horror movie description: Spirits haunt a greedy businessman and show him the horrors of his past, present, and future.

The closest film comparison: A Christmas Carol (2018 miniseries)

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

What movies would you like to see adapted into horror flicks? Comment below!