21 Shocking And Upsettling Pictures Of Things That Shouldn't Exist

Buckle up, folks — it's time to look at some weird and anxiety-inducing pics of things that absolutely shouldn't exist!!!

1.This mutant chick:

chick that looks fake, has one eye in the center, small beak, and no feathers on the head
u/TheBirchKing / Via reddit.com

2.This nutty mascot:

mascot is a large ball sack with a face complete with pubic hair
u/Aggressive_Station59 / Via reddit.com

3.The worst condiment in existence:

clear tomato ketchup
u/fishbethany / Via reddit.com

4.This thing that needs to be put back where it came from (or so help me):

a large doll that is supposed to be Boo from Monsters Inc but it just looks frightening because the facial features are off
u/Supersonic_Sandwich / Via reddit.com

5.This display that I wouldn't want to face in real life:

rocks on a hiking trail looks like faces
u/b-dizl / Via reddit.com

6.This Sim positively begging for death:

sim baby with a long neck
u/MaintenanceStrong584 / Via reddit.com

7.This nightmare cake:

creepy face drawn onto a cake
u/XZ88XZ / Via reddit.com

8.These despicable minion hay bales:

hay bails painted as the minion characters
u/_maryk8_14 / Via reddit.com

9.This printer jam that looks like an awfully hairy situation:

there's a bundle of hair in the printer
u/Ok_Act_8573 / Via reddit.com

10.This futuristic drone toilet:

toilet in a pod with glass on two sides and drones on top
u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Via reddit.com

11.This icicle creature that looks like a Goosebumps creation:

tall and dirty ice formation looks like a shadow of a person
u/Lepke2011 / Via reddit.com

12.This strange toaster truck:

van made out to look like a toater with bread coming out top
u/nightwolf777 / Via reddit.com

13.Do you want to build a horrifying snowman costume? It doesn't have to be a horrifying snowman costume:

snowman costume someone is wearing to greet people at the door is a little creepy
u/ThanosIrwin / Via reddit.com

14.This entirely too expressive mannequin:

mannequin with a mouth opened very wide
u/Imakedumbcomments69 / Via reddit.com

15.This DIY convertible:

volkswagon buggy with an no doors or exterior around the front half
u/Trying2GetBye / Via reddit.com

16.This genuinely baffling sticker:

i love the sound when you make shut up
u/TBOHB / Via reddit.com

17.This science museum exhibit/zombie awakening:

outline of kids
u/crookedtoons_ / Via reddit.com

18.These Halloween decorations that look just a bit too real:

bloody hanging bodies on a tree
u/Azeaafizak / Via reddit.com

19.This nightmarish statue:

jewelry over gauze that's on a skeleton
u/awksaw / Via reddit.com

20.This foot stool suffering from an identity crisis:

this is not a fool stool or chair please do not place your feet here
@ambernoelle / Via Twitter: @ambernoelle

21.And finally, this statue that just so happens to be my sleep paralysis demon:

paper mache of a person on all fours with a beak for a mouth
@epppyyy / Via Twitter: @epppyyy

H/T r/hmmm, r/ATBGE, r/Cursed_Images, and r/CrappyDesign

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