30 LGBTQ+ Pride Tattoos to Celebrate Love and Resilience

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Everyone should be able to love freely. Pride tattoos, thoughtfully designed and often bursting with a beautiful array of colors, can give off a comforting visual reminder to those who identify as LGBTQ+ that they are loved and not alone as we continue to fight for the community’s access to equal rights, support, and safety. Pride Month may be here, but we’re tuning in to some of our favorite queer romance films and making sure to support LGBTQ+-owned brands year-round. 

There’s a plethora of Pride tattoo ideas that can creatively display the joy of who you are. Animals in Technicolor, flowers, and symbols can all be representative of LGBTQ+ pride. Rainbow colors can be added to objects, or tattooed in a geometric design of your choosing. There’s always the option of wordplay; a stack of pancakes in the pansexual colors or an Ace card with the colors of the asexual flag come to mind. Prefer something more discreet? Try some tiny tattoos. Want a bit more artistic flair? Watercolor tattoos are perfect. 

Tattoos can be a permanent celebration of who you are, delightfully and beautifully queer in June and beyond. For those who want to show their pride on their sleeve (or ear, in the form of a delicately drawn cuff), here are some of our favorite Pride tattoos to look to for inspiration. And remember, although there are some amazing tattoos to inspire you here, get permission from the artist before you go forward with the design. 

1. Rainbow spaceship

This spaceship leaving behind a trail of rainbow dust is as cute as it is hopeful for the future. 

2. Abstract rainbow

For the art lovers, this abstract take on the rainbow is incredibly chic and would look great on the wrist or ankle.

3. Infinity heart

Love wins forever, and this heart intertwined with the infinity sign is the perfect tattoo to celebrate that.

4. Rainbow wristband

A rainbow wristband is a bold statement piece that is timeless. It’s a bracelet you never have to worry about losing during the joyful chaos of a Pride parade.

5. Rainbow lightning

A fun take on the rainbow is this colorful lightning bolt that pops on the leg or the upper arm.

6. Heart sketch

This cute heart sketch has a playful quality that looks adorable as a mini tattoo.

7. Rainbow semicolon

The semicolon indicates that a sentence will continue, and this beautiful piece is a priceless reminder that no matter what difficulties you’ve faced, there is more to come in life.

8. Floral wreath

Proud and feminist, this work of art is a force of a nature.

9. Rainbow stem

This rainbow stem is a minimalist take on the rainbow floral piece and complements a black-and-white tattoo very well.

10. Mini heart

Another cute little rainbow heart because we can never have enough. Who says you have to stop at just one?

11. Rainbow rose

Rainbows and rose silhouettes make a striking combination that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off. To make it even more striking, try outlining it in a jet black that will be impossible to miss.

12. Spectrum

This simple spectrum block is incredibly eye-catching despite its size. This tiny tattoo can go anywhere on your body, especially if you’re looking for a more subtle style.

13. Linear rainbow

An elongated take on the above, for those who could go for a sleeve. 

14. Rainbow cuff

We adorn our bodies with tattoos as if they’re jewelry, so this rainbow ear cuff tattoo is a no-brainer when it comes to accessorizing our ears. Cover just the tip of the ear or the whole thing—if you’re unsure, you can always add more bands later.

15. Classic rainbow

You can never go wrong with a classic rainbow. Best part is that it works anywhere!

16. Rainbow outline

This rainbow outline has a delicateness to it that is so dreamy. This tattoo can also work as a mini or larger piece, but we think the midsize is just right.

17. Brushstroke

A brushstroke is the symbol of an artist, and there is no greater work of art than your body. This is a tattoo you’ll want to show off all day, every day.

18. Rainbow Pride

Sometimes you have to spell it out—when you do, why not opt for color and a groovy font?

19. Technicolor dots

This brightly colored dotted band is pretty and classic. It’s a design that works well with layering if you decide one simply isn’t enough.

20. Rainbow calling

Birds and rainbows never fail when combined together. Because this piece requires a bit of space, the thigh is worth considering for placement.

21. Rainbow lady

We’ve got love on the brain and it’s written all over our face with this lovely rainbow lady. This tattoo works great on the arm, leg, or even back if you want to go really big.

22. Rainbow wine glass 

Pride is all about celebration, so once you’ve planned some nights out, mark the occasion with this cute tattoo of a rainbow-colored wine. The arm is great placement (especially if you want the cute bartender to notice). If wine’s not your drink of choice, you can easily swap this for a highball glass, a martini glass, or even a glass soda bottle. 

23. Pride paint swatch

Just as your body can be a kind of canvas, it’s fitting to have a Pride paint swatch for your tattoo inspiration! This design does best with some space, so consider thigh, stomach, or back for placement. Though solidarity is the tattooed “paint color” in this image, feel free to use any of the Pride traits to name your swatch.

24. Rainbow flower frog 

When looking for gay tattoo ideas, you have to consider this adorable frog with a rainbow flower. Queerness is magical, and sometimes you just need a cute creature to convey that. Consider your back or stomach to give this little frog room to play.  

25. Rainbow flag frog 

Yes, we know that’s two frog ideas in a row. Can you blame us? Plus, you can swap the flag colors out to represent different orientations, so these frogs with flags can be lesbian tattoos, nonbinary tattoos, pansexual tattoos, and many others! Not a frog person? Swap it for the animal of your choice. 

26. Trans crystals 

Some of the fun in LGBTQ+ tattoos is the creativity in displaying flag colors. This crystal with colors of the transgender flag would be perfect on the arm or leg. This tattoo is perfect for the legs, adding a little extra magic to each step. 

27. Rainbow couple silhouette 

This silhouette of a couple kissing in rainbow line art is a celebration of queer love. Facial features can be adjusted, so this could work for several orientations. Be sure to find an artist experienced in fine line work to achieve this delicate look. 

28. Bi jellyfish 

Looking for some bisexual tattoo ideas? Colored creatures can make for subtle bi tattoos, like this gorgeous bi jellyfish. (I would personally go for a bi-onfish, but you do you.)

29. The Lovers tarot card

If you’re a fan of the metaphysical, this queer take on The Lovers tarot card is perfect. Stick with black line art or ask your artist for some color to bring the scene to life. You can even change the figures to look like you and your partner in order to turn this into a couples’ tattoo.

30. Pride TV

If your idea of celebrating Pride is celebrating some of the best queer representation TV has to offer, this might be the right tattoo for you. Mix pop-culture tattoos with gay tattoos in this unique twist on the rainbow television test patterns.

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