21 World Maps That Put A Looooot Of Things Into Perspective... Like, A Lot

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1. First up, here's this lil' ✨linguistics✨ map of what people across America call the night before Halloween:

2. This map shows how much of the world is actually documented by Google Street View:

3. Here's a map of circumcised male percentiles!

4. These are which states are actually considered "Southern," according to, well...self-proclaimed "Southerners":

5. Here are all the most popular alcoholic beverages across Europe:

6. Here's all the land that the US owns across the world:

7. This map shows where there are US fast-food chains across Europe:

8. These are all the most popular houseplants in North America:

9. These are all the US counties — yup, *COUNTIES* — that have greater populations than the *ENTIRE* state of Wyoming!!!!!!!!

10. Here's a comprehensive map of the great butter vs. olive oil debate across Europe:

11. These are the most popular sports by country:

12. This is every last country mentioned in the Bible:

13. These are all the countries with a higher life expectancy than the US:

14. This map shows what percent of people have passports in each of the 50 states:

15. This comprehensive map has all the ✨mythological beasts✨ rumored to roam the US:

16. Here are some of the most-harmless-yet-divisive questions across Europe:

17. Here are the most popular languages learned on Duolingo around the world:

18. This map has all the birthplaces of the world's speediest runners, which is kinda...*suspicious*, right?!

19. Here's the world in slivers, showing how populated each sliver is!!!

20. This map shows where in the world weed is legal (as of July 2021):

21. And lastly, these are all the different names for gasoline, apparently!!!

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